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I am an avid traveler, adventurer, dog owner, chapstick user, professional photographer, teacher and author based out of New England. I love to meet new people, so please, reach out to say hi!

Also, a perfect spot for landscape/cascade waterfall photos when the water levels are high.

The trails here have minimal elevation gain. They run through both pine forest, and along some water. Lovely spot for a dog walk or a snowshoe.

I was on a long weekend in Colorado, coming from sea level, so I didn't have time to acclimate to the altitude. This hike was perfect. I was able to stretch my legs in nature without suffering from altitude sickness! Beautiful views of the red rocks and wildlife.

Sleeping Giant is one of the best hiking areas in the state. The tower trail is a nice winter trail, or introductory trail to this park. The trail is loaded with switchbacks so it's never too steep, great for bringing the family or a nice relatively easy day hike.

It's a relatively easy mile...a little steep in places, but I took a friend who recently had a baby and she had no problems as long as we went slow. The view was very nice, and I liked the memorial at the top. :-)

I've been going to Bash Bish since I was young, and it never disappoints! The hike is short ... A little steep at times...but definitely manageable and the falls are worth the effort. :-)

We did the trail yesterday, and it's a great easy hike for an awesome payout. The actual cavern and waterfall are really cool to see. Not a difficult hike by an means, but definitely worth the effort to get there. Glad I found your write up here!