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Ten days of freedom

This was one of the best backpacking trips I have been on and will be an experience that I will never forget. Me and a friend of mine started this trip early August at the Longmire trailhead going in a clockwise direction with our first campsite being only a short five miles away at Devils Dream. This location is well known for being very mosquito heavy so be prepared if you plan to spend any amount of time at this site. In anticipation I brought along my bug net and a long sleeve shirt which were not needed thanks to the Thermacell that my buddy brought along. As we continued on with our trek we stopped at Klapatche Park, Golden Lakes, Mowich, Dick Creek, Sunrise, Summerland, Indian Bar and Maple Creek. Everyone one of these backcountry camps were clean with plenty of space between sites but if you plan on staying at Mowich be prepared for neighbors as it is a popular spot for day hikers. Sunrise is a great location for one simple reason, real food! If you don't mind a short mile and a half trek you can get yourself a bite to eat and a cold drink (or two) at the restaurant located on top of the hill. This is also a good opportunity to check out the weather report and ask any questions you may have at the WIC nearby. If at all possible try to secure a campsite at Summerland. This was by far my favorite spot on the trail and the most beautiful. Depending on the time of year, this area offers tons of wildflowers as well as awesome sunsets and sunrises. Also recommended is Indian Bar which is nestled in the bottom of a beautiful canyon just a short distance away from the very picture worthy Panhandle Gap. If you wish to take on this trail keep in mind that it is permit only and the chances of getting your desired itinerary are fairly low. Put your name in for the lottery as soon as possible or if time and distance isn't an issue shoot for a walk up permit at one of the WICs and hope for the best. This is certainly a bucket list item and if you get the chance to take on this trail in its entirety don't pass it up.

Awesome views

If you pay for the trip up the mountain on the tram this is a hike that I highly recommend. The trip up to the East Peak summit is short and offers a truly incredible view of the surrounding area. The trail is well maintained with very few hikers compared to the main trails surrounding the tram and restaurant. I headed up in mid-July and the weather was perfect with little to no wind at the summit.

Beautiful hike

This hike is definitely a must for anyone wanting to hike in the Eagle Cap. I hit the trail on a Thursday morning in mid July and only ran into a couple other hikers on their way back down and one trail runner who passed me about halfway up. The trail passes beautiful waterfalls along the way and offers plenty of views of the surrounding peaks. Ice lake is peaceful, has great sunrises and is close to the Matterhorn for those who wish to head for the summit. Only three other hikers had set up camp so space and privacy was not an issue. You could certainly make this a one day, out and back trip but I highly recommend relaxing at the lake with your feet in the cool water, take in the view and wonder back down the next morning or head for the Matterhorn. Highly recommend.

Great campground

Made a detour and spent the night here before I made my way to the Wallowa lake trail head. This is a great campground, although space is limited and is first come first serve. If you are planning on hiking the Hurricane creek trail this is a great spot to spend the night before hitting the trail the next morning. There is no running water but you have quick access to Hurricane creek.