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Seth Whelden

Director of Photography.


 Born on the small island of Nantucket 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, it was always easy for me to appreciate the beauty of this world. Moving to Portland 7 years ago has only enhanced my desire to capture the stunning scenery around me, and driven me to go further in search of the perfect shot.


 By day I'm a freelance director of photography working out of Portland as my home base. I also co-own a stock footage company (The Stacks) with my wife Kelly.


 My mission is to bring my passion for light, color, tone, depth and framing to the brands that define Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.


 Visit my website: sethwhelden.com

This spot is dope! So dope, in fact, that I proposed to my wife here a few years back. My suggestion, don't stop at Ponytail, keep going along the trail, all the way over the Oneonta Gorge and back down to the road. There is plenty more beauty to be seen along this trail, and by the time you've gotten up to Ponytail, the hard part is already over, so you might as well reward yourself with a couple more miles of awesome hiking!

This hike is a classic, and as such can get really busy. As with most gorge hikes, weekdays in the spring or winter are the way to go. If you're up for a serious challenge, park one car at Wahtum Lake and the other at the Eagle Creek trailhead and hike from one to the other. It's around 20 miles so you might want to leave yourself some camping gear on the other side so you can pass out upon arrival!

This one is great if you don't have a lot of time, or are trying to hit up as many falls as possible in the gorge with folks from out of town. I agree with the previous reviews that the wetter months make this falls a lot more of a sight!

For another great spot go across the bridge and head south about a quarter mile or so. There is a small parking lot with trail access to Forest Park, but directly across Highway 30 is a great view of the bridge where the trees open. Gives another, and totally different, perspective of the bridge!

Just got back from this hike during spring runoff and it's an entirely different beast! Bring some good water shoes/sandals and expect to get very wet if you brave the climb to the top. One of the most downright fun short waterfall hikes I've done in a while. And yes, weekdays are where it's at!