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Gorgeous falls especially after rain!

Don't let the easiness of this hike make you stray away looking for something more secluded. This is one of my favorite waterfalls to photograph because of it's easy access and if you time it right you can be the only one there! Such a peaceful place

Wow! An amazing hidden treasure!

I finally made the trip to see this incredible hidden gem after first finding out about it through the Outbound. Wow, was I speechless. This hidden jewel in the southeast (Alabama, of all places) is a must see for any adventure photographer. But I hope that this wonderful place will continue to stay hidden and preserved for years to come so that it won't be over run by tourist. The people who work with you in getting the permit to explore this site were extremely helpful. The best advice I received is the best light is at 11:00 AM. Believe me, they weren't lying. Wow!

Takes your breath away!

That moment you hit the water for the first time....wow. It literally takes your breath away. Be prepared for a very cool plunge, but its well worth the ride!

Being repaired sometime...

This is a great little park in the Lexington area, especially for families and picnics. I've enjoyed kayaking on the pond and taking photos. However from the historic SC flooding in 2015, the pond is more of a river stream currently. Hopefully plans will be in effect to rebuild this beautiful pond soon.

South Carolina's National Park

South Carolina's National Park is often forgotten, but it is a hidden gem in the small state. Some of the largest and oldest bald cypress and loblolly pine trees in the United States are found in this big park. There is also a variety of wildlife as I've seen many snakes, wild hogs, deer, lizards, and barred owl. However, if you go during the heat of the humid SC summers, be sure to check the mosquito meter through the ranger station before visiting or be sure to bring a lot of insect repellent! You won't be sorry!


What more can be said about this amazing place? I'm so thankful for being able to visit this place and photographing it. Now whenever people see my photographs, they're left in awe and want to know more about it and where it is. Most of their reactions can't believe that it's right here in our United States! Spectacular place to visit and top of the bucket list for any photographer!

Bucket List for any photographer!

This is one of the most amazing places I've had the privilege to photograph. Make sure to bring a wide angle lens for this vast landscape to capture it all! Also a sunset here is breathtaking and guarantees to give that "wow factor" to your audience you share your photos with!