Sean Carroll

Cool little place to go to and relax. I've crossed the river in the spring time and it wasn't that bad, I do recommend wearing river sandals though when crossing. On the first crossing there are downed trees you can use as a bridge and on the last crossing into the camp ground there's a rope for balance. I recommend when you get to the last river turn left and walk down river, it's towards the hotsprings and good camp grounds. If I remember correctly there are 4 tubs. Please hike out what you hiked in! Every time I go there I hike out a couple bags of trash people leave behind 😭

Unfortunately there are signs that state no trespassing at all the entrances to the trails. there are two ways down now, I went to the opposite end of the parking lot (just before the falls) at the end of the fence and hopped the guard rail and fallowed the spine down. There are ropes there to help you and the vines hanging down from the tree are strong enough to hold a grown mans weight. This way is the less muddy way. The other way down is hop the guard rail and go left and you'll find the trail which also has ropes on it. You're out of view from people up top until you get into the water. The water isn't cold at all and is very refreshing. I would bring bug spray though for the hike down, we got eaten alive!!

Awesome place to watch the sunrise from. Parking however is tight and often requires a little wait. You could always park a mile or two up the road at the gold course and walk down. Trail is always muddy and I recommend sandals (not flip flops) and stash a bunch of water in the care to since your feet. I also recommend not taking to much down as you will need your hand to balance and possibly break your fall if you slip. There is no other less muddy way down unfortunately. If you go past queens bath there is another awesome tide pool that less people are at. We saw sea turtles when we were there as well!

If you stick to the left of the dirt road there is more privacy. I recommend a jeep or truck for this road but I made it in a ford torus, it was just slow going and bumpy. These beach is nice and a great place to watch the sunrise from and so so to watch the sunset from. Great each to spend a day at or hang a hammock up and relax and read. The surf wasn't good enough to surf or anything else besides swimming. There is no life guard here so swim at your own risk and watch out for those rip currents.

Very tough hike, it starts out to be easy but muddy but quickly begins a steep ascent to the first peak. The trail head is on the grounds of the royal golf club which is private property. You have to park on Maunawili Rd. which is off of the 61 and Auloa Rd then walk about 10-15 minutes through the front gate of the golf course (this is allowed). The trail head is on the side and clearly marked by an old white sign. I recommend you bring a bag to keep your shoes in after the hike as the trail is red dirt which stains everything. When I was there August 23rd 2016 there was a bee hive at the top of peak 1 so watch your hand placement and move slowly. Peak 2 and 3 are pretty sketchy but worth it, just take your time.