Camp at Hosmer Grove

Hosmer Grove is the closest drive-up campground to the Haleakalā summit. Camping at 7,000 feet you should be prepared chill, fog, and rain during the evening and morning.

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The Top 5 Highways And Byways Of Southern Utah

Southern Utah is home to some of the most incredible scenery in the Southwest: Arches, Zion, and the Grand Staircase just to name a few.

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Scramble Mount Pugh

Not for the faint of heart - or those with a fear of heights - Mount Pugh offers some of the most rewarding summit views in the Cascades.

208 Saves

Climb Del Campo Peak, WA

Begin by parking at Barlow Pass and following the Gothic Basin Trail to Foggy Lake.

127 Saves

Backpack to Vesper Peak

This hike is very strenuous, but nothing unconquerable! The views at sunset were once in a lifetime and something I will remember for the rest of my life.

288 Saves

Photographing Scripp's Pier

Parking is easy, there are tons of random street you can park on just a little walk away. Be sure to arrive on scene at least an hour before sunset.

615 Saves

Backpack the Alderson-Carthew Trail

Take the Akamina Parkway in Wateron Lakes National Park to its terminus at Cameron Lake. Your hike will start from here.

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My Kit: Overnight Backpacking with Scott Kranz

Whether you’re an avid hiker and backpacker, a newbie looking to get outdoors more, or a straight-up gearhead, what gear makes it into your pack can make or break a trip.

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Hike to Guillemont Cove Stump House

Have you ever been inside a stump house? This is your chance! Just outside of Seabeck, Washington lies a hobbit stump house tucked into a mossy forest on the shores of Guillemont Cove.

1031 Saves

Hike to Waipo'o Falls

People have accessed the falls directly from the Canyon Trail, which begins between mile marker 14 & 15. You'll follow a dirt road for a bit, leading to a 3.2 mile hike (not my recommendation).

330 Saves

Backpack to Saddleback Lakes

The adventure starts taking a boat shuttle over between the north and south ends of Redfish Lake. The cost is $7.50 per person each way and is payable at the marina.

371 Saves

Take in Iconic McWay Falls

McWay Falls is one of the most iconic waterfalls in BIg Sur and can be seen from Highway 1. The trail to the falls is located in Julia Pfeiffer.

2177 Saves

Backpack to Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Reservation

The Havasupai Reservation is a remote area just outside Grand Canyon National Park, full of blue-green water and dramatic waterfalls.

2505 Saves

Gorton Creek Falls Hike

The Gorton Creek Falls hike provides an excellent challenge for those who are searching for a bit of adventure.

702 Saves

Hike Lazy Bear Falls

To get to Lazy Bear Falls, take Bacon Creek Road off the North Cascade Highway for 5 miles. At the 3-way fork, take the left road, which will lead you down and over a bridge crossing Bacon Creek.

183 Saves

Camp at Glacier Point

Everyone that knows Yosemite, knows Glacier Point. An overlook that attracts thousands of people per day that drive up via Glacier Point Road is rarely vacant of the hustle and bustle of people.

684 Saves

Hike to the Goat Peak Lookout

With fall coming quickly, that means larch fever.

206 Saves

Hike to Evergreen Mountain Lookout

This is a relatively short hike, at only 2.6 miles round trip, that takes you up to the nearly 5600 foot summit. The hike may be short but it is extremely steep, gaining 1300ft in the 1.

642 Saves

Hiking Patterson Mountain

The Patterson Mountain loop is the perfect way for a beginner to intermediate hiker to get acquainted with the arid eastern slope of the North Cascades. This 3.

78 Saves

Camp at Lost Lake

When the temperature starts to creep up in the summer, Lost Lake is the perfect escape.

605 Saves

Hike to Panther Creek Falls

This hidden beauty is just north of Carson, Washington. Watch for Panther Creek campground signs and follow the twisting road about 7 miles to a rock quarry and park there.

645 Saves

Camp at Takhlakh Lake

Takhlakh Lake is located 7 miles NW of Mt Adams with a 53 site campground on the west side of the lake as well as a day use picnic area.

332 Saves

Hiking the Lyman Lakes

Start out on the Phelps Creek Trail and hike in 6.5 miles to reach the head of Spider Meadows.

177 Saves

Sauk Mountain Summit 5,541'

Even from the Trailhead, the views overlooking the Skagit River valley, all the way out toward Mount Vernon, are outstanding.

210 Saves