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Scott Kaiser

This was a great snowshoeing trail. Terrain was a little challenging in sections but the extra effort made the views from White Rocks and summit sweeter. Navigation on the trail was tricky. It appears sections of the trail have recently moved. The combination of new and old blazes were confusing. Some old blazes were painted over in sections where there was clearly a trail and new blazes were too infrequent to clearly indicate you are on the correct trail. This was primarily the issue along the section of trail following the creek before the steepest climbs on the hike. The rest of the trail was well marked. There are multiple false summits and you actually lose a little elevation after the clearing just past the White Rocks overlook. Some maps identify this section as "Bear Wallow." You will make a steep but relatively short climb out of Bear Wallow to the West Ridge Trail and the summit. Overall this was a really great trail and highly recommend it during the winter. If you are unfamiliar with the area and terrain, I strongly recommend bringing a high resolution topo map to help navigate the trickier sections (particularly when trail is snow covered).

A great little hike when short on time. Great views from the lookout make the climb worth it.