Scott Hunt

Great View But No Dogs

There's no question the view is epic, but we were disappointed to discover the no pet policy. We're living out of our Sprinter van for the summer and were looking forward to staying here. We arrived just before sunset on a Sunday and fortunately for us the ticket booth was closed, saving us what would have been a wasted entrance fee. The dry camping for RV's was adequate but we were hoping for something a little more than a gravel parking lot with a great view. When we were told that our pets had to stay inside the Sprinter except to pee, that turned out to be the deal breaker, especially on a hot July evening.

My Old Stomping Grounds

One of my favorite places in this part of the country. I've been hiking, climbing an camping in the Wichitas for nearly forty years and it never gets old. Doris Campground does the trick. Limited backcountry permits are available and can be reserved thirty days out.