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Sarah Seads

I love to play in the woods and climb to the top of things! Living wild on #vanisle. Let's go on an adventure!

Awesome spot to experience pristine island back country! Great for new adventurers, families and those looking to explore further into the Park

Wow! Just ran the CPR route thanks to your trip report and loved it. I had no idea such a fantastic forest route connected Cameron Lake to Cokley and was blown away by the beauty of his trail-right off the highway. Waterfalls, Coastal rainforest and of course an epic summit for those who persevere to the top. I'll be back many times I'm sure. Thanks for the report Rumon! SS

Great summary of this magical journey to the peak of Van Isle, Rumon. I also had the gift of travelling this same path on a 3-day solo walk about last September. I just ran back up to Phillips Ridge yesterday to get another view of Mr. Hinde! Such a looker;). Snow is nearly melted out of the SE gully as we speak. My tale from the trail: http://elmhealth.blogspot.ca/2014/09/hinde-sight.html Happy Trails SS