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Sarah Levant

Adventure is life. ABQ is my home base.

I've been traveling the country for over a year and this hike is at the top of the list. If traveling from Grand Junction make sure to plan accordingly, you will drive up 5,000' so it is much cooler at this trailhead. We stopped at Hot Tomato in Fruita for pizza and beer on our way home. Beautiful drive and hike, highly recommended.

After traveling across the US and hiking in nearly every destination we stopped in, this hike is easily one of our favorite hikes we have ever been on. The length, remoteness and views are unbeatable. We hiked in July and were happy to have hiking poles for a few snow bank crossings. Enjoy!

Wonderful trail in July. Make sure to hike the loop as described. Returning along the Long Gulch Trail (less traveled) was one of our favorite parts of this hike!

We have been traveling the US for 10 months and this is easily in our top 10 hikes! Incredible summit hike with breathtaking 360 degree views. The top can get windy but an absolute must do if you are traveling in Yellowstone NP.

One of our favorite hikes in the park! The biked the first half of this trek which was nice in the summer time as most of the Meadows section is very sun exposed. Imperial Geyser is fantastic, budget time to stay a while!

We have been traveling the country for 10 months and this trek is easily in our top 10! Some folks will stop at the fork within Cascade Canyon but make sure to tack on the extra miles and make it to Lake Solitude. Trust me, there is no other way that you would rather spend your day. The entire trek is incredible, enjoy!

As mentioned, the entire trail is open for atv's and the first 3 mikes or so are surrounded by forest. The last mile opens up and the last .25 mile offers breathtaking views in every direction!

Beautiful lakes! The first 3.5 miles are strictly in the trees (you will however pass a 30' waterfall) and then the trail completely opens up. The views and solidarity are stunning.

We loved this trek. A bit crowded but for good reason. Take trail #9 up and trail #4 back down. Trail #4 is a bit longer and will take you through some incredible spires. Enjoy!

This is a must do when exploring downtown Chat. Also check out Nightfall in Miller Plaza for a free concert series from May through August.

We did a half day trip from horseshoe bend (9 miles back to shop) and we finished in about two hours (barley paddling). Floating or fishing might be a better way to take in the gorgeous scenery on this part of the river.

The trail needs some work which might make this trek less enjoyable for most. If you are looking for solidarity this is a good choice. Trail is in the woods the entire time until the last climb which leads to a road and parking lot at the top. I wouldn't choose to hike this one again.

Take the time to explore this State Park. It is absolutely beautiful and a great way to stretch your legs between switchbacks along the road to Hana.

Great, long day hike! Set out early and take your time. Also recommend checking the expected weather info for the top of the mountain before summiting. Temps and visibility are worth preparing for. Enjoy!

Due to a park fire late last year, this trail is temporarily closed. Check nps website for most up to date info. Another great hike nearby is Charlie's Bunion (make sure to take the extra jut out to "The Jump Off" for spectacular views).

This will add less than a mile to your trek but the views are almost better than those from Charlies Bunion. Look for the sign to "The Jump Off" about 3 miles into this hike (or check it out on the way back from Charlie's Bunion).

Park near the Lodge (across the street from the visitors center) and start your hike on the Iliahi trail. From the back of the lodge turn right to find the trailhead and begin walking down into the forest. You will come across three trail forks, keep left at all of them until you meet up with the Kilauea trail loop. Follow the loop (make sure to stop at the lava tubes) and continue on back on the Crater Rim trail which will take you to the lodge. This will add about 2.5mi to the 4 mi loop. Enjoy!

We sailed with Captain Andy's sailing co and it was superb. Sale, whale watch, snorkel and unbelievable views of the Na Pali coastline. Expensive but worth it.

This is a very steep walk down to the base of the falls. Note that you can also view the falls from the top of the road. If you want to venture down, make sure to use ropes to help you maneuver and wear good footwear. The bottom of the falls is majestic.

The hike is over 3 miles RT and offers wonderful canyon views on a clear day. As mentioned previously, you unfortunately will not have a full views of the falls but the mountain views make this a worthwhile trip!

Expect crowds on a nice day. The earlier you can get on the trail the better. The rock formation at the top are pretty neat, take time to chill and snack. The views are decent. We were traveling through, home basing in Winston so this was a nice park to dive into some nature with options for decent hiking.

We didn't love these falls but we did happen to catch a wedding at one of them which brought in few extra people. We did this quick hike after hanging rock. Not a must but if you are up for more mileage after hanging rock, go for it!

We traveled to the park from Charlotte hoping to hike to the knob however trails were closed due to fire damage so we opted for this waterfall hike. Blessing in disguise. This was one of the most impressive falls we have seen on our cross country trip. We were lucky to visit on a week day and right after it had been raining in the area for several days. The falls were three times their normal flow!

Beautiful canyon wall colors around this arch at sunset. Make sure to bring a flashlight for the hike back!