Camp Out in the Human Nest

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This spot is the perfect weekend getaway. Once you get there, it has everything you need.

Located about 40 miles south of the entrance to Big Sur, Treebones Resort has everything you need for that weekend away from the screens we look at everyday. To get there, drive south on HWY 1 from Carmel. It takes about 1 hour, but the drive is exquisite the whole way down. If you watch the water below, you'll likely see humpback whale spouts not far from the cliff you are driving on.

When you arrive at Treebones Resort, you'll see a large central building which includes a restaurant, a cafe, a gift shop and some comfy big chairs to sit next to the fireplace. All of this is within an open layout building with beautifully large windows displaying the unobscured views of the ocean below. Beside this building is a gated pool and hot tub. After checking in, you can be driven down to the human nest in one of the resort golf carts. The staff will offer to stop by your car first and grab all your supplies for your stay. It only takes about 1 -2 minutes in a golf cart, while winding down the little paths littered with campers in yurts, to get to the nest.

At the base of the human nest, all there is is a picnic table and a metal bear locker for your food. The nest is about 50 feet up a small hill, which overlooks the mountain below, which drops straight into the Pacific. The view is amazing. This is where you can set up your camping chairs and make a hot cup of tea to enjoy the picturesque backdrop.

The Nest itself is quite literally a "Nest". The interior is about 4.5 feet tall, and about 5-6 feet wide. All created by bent sticks that create the shell of the nest. The bottom seemed to be as simple as a futon mattress, which was actually quite comfortable to lay and sleep on. Remember to bring your sleeping bags and comfy blankets, because this nest is completely open. And on a cold night, there's nothing really to protect you from the wind. If it rains, its suggested you bring a back up tent, because water would go right through the sticks.

Beside the nest, there's plenty to explore within a few miles. There are hiking trails everywhere. There are beaches with great surf spots speckled up and down the coast line. Many people fish and spear dive at areas within a mile drive north or south. There's also some hot springs which you'll have to research how to get to. Other than that, this spot is just a time to relax and spend with your significant other, or just nature itself. If you don't want to make your own food, the restaurant has great food and wine.


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