Richelle Mendiaz

The waiting game

I hiked this a couple of days ago and it was gorgeous!!! There was A LOT of fog when I started the hike and when I got to the top but I waiting up there for about 30 mins and it cleared up so I could see the view. There were also TONS of chipmunks up at the top that were super friendly :)


For some reason, the directions on here were not helpful for me and my family. It took us way out of the way and took us an hour to find it. We just went this past weekend (summer) and we were a little disappointed because there were not any falls at all. The “falls” were just a bunch of rapids. It was beautiful but I was very misled into thinking there was a larger water fall. Also, my family and I got ATTACKED by mosquitos (15 bites just on 1 leg). If you go, bug spray is a must!