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Sasha Smirens

This is a long journey so make sure to have lots of water and snacks! We brought a camel back and lunch for the trip and spent some time relaxing and playing in the water at upper north falls. We came here Mid August 2015 and found out how winter falls received its name.... turns out it isn't an active waterfall in the summer, or at least it wasn't while we were there. All the water falls seemed to be lower than usual as it is summer and also Oregon is currently in a drought, however the hike was still worth it to see 9 (instead of 10) breathtaking waterfalls! I also wanted to mention that while the camp area is clean, the showers are free, and water spigots are at every site... the campsites are pretty squished together so good luck if you have noisy neighbors who have toddlers running through your campsite....

Lots of little places along the trail to the lookout where you can climb down and get closer views of rapids and smaller water falls before the main attraction. If you're planning do climb down below the falls, bring sturdy shoes and a sense of adventure... and make sure you have plenty of time for the journey down and back up... Also be warned there are a lot of stairs to and from the lookout of the falls!

Came here mid August after coming from Crater Lake while heading over to Silver Falls SP. Besides a few people leaving as we showed up, and a few people walking up as we left, this place was empty. That was just one of the many advantages of this place. It was quiet and peaceful so that you could spend time getting extremely close to the falls without feeling in the way of someone taking a photo of listening to anyone chattering away. This fall was on par with (if not even better than) the waterfalls along the Columbia Gorge, but luckily it had less traffic, parking struggles, human noise, and overall clutter. The trail up and down is beautiful and follows the water that crashes down from the falls to become a creek. The falls are pretty cold as you get up to them so you might want to bring a sweater or waterproof jacket!

Came here on a weekend in Mid-August and the place was crowded. Toddlers and dogs among many other people were tumbling over logs and each other to get over the log jam. Beware that if you have small children with you this may not be the hike for you.... However if you do you wish to stumble and test you balancing and climbing skills over the pile of logs, the challenge is well worth it! Portions of the walk to the falls are through the creek/river and it can get about chest deep during the time we went. (However it could often be deeper since we went during the summer in a drought) Also make sure to bring a swimsuit so you can swim under the falls at the very end!

One of the best falls along the historic highway, beware that on summer weekends parking is a nightmare!

Just like all the other falls along the historic highway, this place was gorgeous! We didn't get a chance to spend to much time here to hike all the trails around it, but we did notice that there is a way for you to hike all the way up to the top if you have time! Bonus about the falls: It's much less busy than multnomah and some of the others along the falls and just as beautiful, come check out this one if you'd like a chance to get super close to the falls without having to fight for space for a good photo.

Not a single picture or description can do this place any justice. Crater lake was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen: the water is this extreme shade of blue and yet its nearly see-through at the shallow portions along the rim. I came here in mid august and yes the fires and smoke are easily visible from the western rim and the northern entrance, however it was perfectly clear over the lake for great photos. We did a drive through trip going through only a portion of the rim and taking photos but I would recommend planning to spend at least a night here as there is so much to explore, and after seeing the lake you will definitely want to find one of the trails to go down and even swim in it!

wear long pants and or long sleeves for the unmaintained portion of the trail since there is lots of poison oak reaching out. Other then constantly worrying about that, the trail was fun and the payoff with the end was amazing.

Easy hike with a great view of the bridge while on the beach.