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Rebecca Thomas

Such a fascinating place and definitely offers many photographic opportunities, especially for starry night skies. Beautiful place to visit!

Such a beautiful place to visit! The little cabins at the Convict Lake Resort were such a treat and reasonably priced during a slightly off-season. We enjoyed an amazing meal at the restaurant...the luxury of fine dining in the the casualness of dirty hiking pants! The campground is a very nice stay, as well. Mt. Morrison is a great hike, though cross-country and requires a little planning and navigation skills. We definitely look forward to a return trip :)

The Pinnacles really do offer some fantastic photo opportunities! Such a fascinating landscape and easily accessible.

Well worth the rough road to visit this remote and fascinating area of the park.

Backpacking to Glacier point in late fall or winter ensures utter solitude and an amazing sunrise view!

Beautiful area, amazing scenery, great climb. Definitely need to revisit one day!

Beautiful hike! A perfect trail and lake destination for beginning Sierra season backpacking.