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Park Ranger currently working for the Desert NWRC. Restless by nature, Josh has traveled across the American west in search of new adventures. When not out exploring new trails or sleeping under the stars, you can find him in your local brewery.

I recently completed this hike in the middle of monsoon season. It's entirely counter intuitive to think that August in the high desert would be 75 degrees, cloudy, and breezy. The hike was a reward around each switchback, and an experience I will never forget. In terms of water, I would recommend a minimum of 3 liters for the way down, and slightly less for back up. We left Phantom Ranch at 3am, hiking beneath the Milky Way almost all the way to Indian Garden. This is a must-do for any adventurer.

A great spot to explore, especially during huckleberry season! Be sure to stop by the Trinidad Eatery for some amazing food, and the Humboldt State Marine Laboratory to visit their displays and touch tanks.

Most people assume they can see this in an hour. It's better to budget 3-4, because the drive to the trailhead alone takes an hour. It is an absolutely beautiful hike, albeit steep in sections. Bring a picnic but leave the dog at home - this is bear and mountain lion country. Dispersed camping is allowed along the gravel bars a mile downstream from the grove for those looking to extend their visit.

Just a reminder to those folks who enjoy camping with their dogs: this is not a dog friendly site, nor is the beach below it. This part of the park is most active for mountain lions, so take care when moving about around dawn or dusk. The coastal trail connects from this spot, and after a brutal climb connects to a beautiful section and the now decommissioned section of Hwy 101.

Visit during the shoulder season for no fee. This is a great stop for anyone travelling along I-84. A wide angle lens helps to get the full shot.

This is a fun trail if you're looking for some great coastal hiking. In the fall, you can munch on blackberry most of the way. This trail connects to Hidden Beach, a somewhat secret cove in Klamath if continued down the coastal trail. Also a quick note: this trail is NOT dog friendly.

If you're looking for a quiet mountain lake escape, there's no better choice than Jenny Lake. Even though a crowded parking lot and marina are nearby, it's not difficult to find a secluded section of beach for an afternoon picnic. Pick up sandwiches at Dornan's, pack your swimsuit and towel, and have a relaxing time.

Firstly, your photography is excellent. Just a couple of notes: an alternate route for this is a 16 mile out and back along Redwood Creek to Tall Trees Grove. There is plenty of dispersed camping available. Lastly, please do not encourage people to just go "find a camp site." A lot of that land is privately owned, and for the parts that aren't, there is a reason you can't camp there, be it nesting snowy plovers or threat of tsunami. Rangers ticket people because they want to concentrate resource impact to a few key locations. Aside from that, excellent adventure!

Check out the Brown Creek Trail on the east side of the park. It's a hidden gem.