How I Captured the Perfect Moment on the Great Salt Lake

Every once in a while, things come together just right.

I've been visiting the Great Salt Lake, particularly Antelope Island for years now - it's an incredible place that at times can look like Iceland's landscape when spring conditions are right. What ever the conditions, Antelope Island is a special place for hiking, observing wildlife ( a large buffalo herd, owls, coyotes and yes, antelope) and unique photography conditions. 

Antelope Island is accessed via a scenic 7-mile causeway. To one side of the Causeway, the Great Salt Lake takes in a large amount of fresh water from the local Jordan River, and when conditions are just right in winter, this layer of fresh water will freeze and form great ice sheets. When conditions are even more right (thats terrible English, but you get the idea) a strong wind will come in and push these sheets onto the shore. This happened to be the case just a week ago. A deep freeze, combined with strong winds made for incredible and rare conditions that I knew I had to shoot. 

Living only 10 minutes away from the Island has its perks - as I headed home from work, I had a feeling sunset was going to be "all-time" as the cool kids say, and made the drive out. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. 

Published: December 29, 2016

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Phill Monson