Peter van der Ziel

Great Single Track Not Too Far Away

For those of us in North Texas finding a bit of solitude in a bike ride isn’t the easiest thing. This trail is well maintained by DORBA and they have added a few miles in the past couple of years. Great single track in most areas and a variety of skill levels throughout.

Coolest And Tense Drive In The Northeast!!

This drive was incredible. A little scary for some in the car but awesome if you love mountain drives and views. A bit sketchy around some turns and very narrow. Make sure to follow their advice on driving and cooling your brakes. Saw a few drivers having difficulty awesome views of the mountains all around.

Another One If Mother Nature’s Marvels

Very cool short hike to the well. Amazing how cold the water is coming out of this spring fed well, even in the summer. Great drives and hikes all around this part of Texas hill country. Make sure to check in to advanced bookings for swimming permits. You cannot just show up and swim during the summer.

Great Beach With Great Views

One of the best beaches around! West view is awesome from many spots for sunset and sunrises are not too bad either!