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Peru Tinki, Peru

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Duration: 5 day trek. Always above 15,000 ft of elevation. Reach passes above 17,000 ft. See the Willkanuta mountain range in the Andes.

Day one of the Ausangate trek begins in Tinki and ends in Upis. The gradual, uphill trail passes through small villages of adobe houses, surrounded by golden hills dotted with alpacas. The campsite at Upis provides an incredible view of the snow capped Ausangate range, as well as a natural hot spring.

Day two travels to Pucacocha. The trail ramps up in difficulty, and you'll traverse the first of four passes on this trek, early on. The glacial lakes and mountain peaks along the way make for spectacular views at every turn.

Day three will take you to Jampa, and passes the second the passes. As the elevation continues to increase, the temperature continues to drop, and it can become quite snowy. The descent is spectacular, taking switchbacks across red and brown painted hills until reaching the yellow valley floor, below, to camp.

Day four ends at Pacchanta, starting with a monster climb to the highest pass of the trek – the pass is above 17,000 feet, with cold winds and lots of snow. Keep an eye out for vicuna, which can be seen grazing nearby. The descent passes by beautiful blue and green glacial lakes, and is a great chance to see alpacas.

Day five is a very relaxing, as you head downhill back to the town of Tinki, with Ausangate at your back.

Be sure to book with a local guide before heading out on your adventure. Here is one we would recommend and they can give you more specific instructions about where to begin in Tinki.

Pack List

  • Backpacking essentials
  • Warm clothes
  • Camera
  • Food and water
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag
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How to Get There

12 months ago

Ausangate without Guide

Ausangate was outstanding and one of the most difficult backpacking trips I've taken. This trip may be additionally difficult without Spanish and without a hiking partner. My friend and I caught a bus from Cuscoo to Tinqui. We hiked 5 days but could've extended it to stay in the hot springs and to go to rainbow mountain. Something we did not read by others were the fees that some locals demand. We're not sure if we really needed to pay the 20 soles or not. It's not a significant fee, but carry small bills and change. The terrain is at a high elevation, it's cold, but absolutely stunning sites of Ausangate, lakes, locals, and wildlife. Would highly recommend! We used and a topo map to follow others routes. You can hire a guide and mules in Tinqui if desired.

12 months ago

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