Snowshoe to Silcox Hut

2.7 Miles Round Trip - 1000 ft gain - Loop Trail

Mountaineer Trail #798 - Search Nearby - Added by Jodi Gaylord

A short exhilarating trip that will make you feel like you are on top of the world. Fresh air, breathtaking views and a piece of history.

Starting out at 6,000 feet elevation at Timberline lodge and climb approximately 1 mile with 1,000 foot elevation gain or you can take the mountaineering trail for a round trip of approximately 2.7 miles. For the out and back trail go behind the lodge and follow the Otto Lang trail which may be easiest to spot by the snow plow trail that seems to stay pretty fresh, but you may have to move over several times on your trip for the plow. 

This is a glorious trip. We started out mid morning with clear skies. Clouds started coming in from the North and we climbed above them. It was slightly windy but the wind picked up more at the top.  The view is breathtaking both directions.  We went up in December before the magic mile lift was open and we followed the mountaineering trail starting out by the lodge then towards the Stormin Norman trail.  Go past Stormin Norman and then past Kruser/Coffels run  keeping the lift in sight but staying off of groomed paths or just following the chairlift up if the area isn’t open.  At the top of Coffels run safely cut across and head towards Silcox Hut it is the furthest building over. Then take the  Otto Lang trail down or for the shorter trip take Otto Lang both directions.  If it’s windy the Otto Lang trail has a bit more wind protection as it is below a ridge. Be mindful that this trail is shared with snow boarders, skiiers and the snow plow.

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2.7 Miles
1000 ft elevation gain
Loop Trail

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