The Best Snowshoeing in Oregon

Snowshoe the Rim at Crater Lake NP

Oregon / Rim Village Visitor Center, Crater Lake NP

Why Go? Avoid the crowds in summer and have the entire 33 mile long rim and 21 square miles of beautiful Crater Lake to yourself.

1259 Saves

Hike to the Boca Cave & Triangulation Peak

Oregon / Triangulation Peak/Boca Cave

Triangulation Peak, Spire Rock and Boca Cave TH #3372 The trail starts on level ground where you travel east along the top of the ridge.

550 Saves

Hiking to Chush Falls

Oregon / Chush Falls

Just outside of Sisters, Oregon, near Bend, is a beautiful hike to a picturesque waterfall.

513 Saves

Climb Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

Oregon / Mirror Lake Trailhead

Looking to score those iconic photos of Mt. Hood? Climb the well-graded trail to Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, one of the most accessible summit hikes to Portlanders, and see where they were all taken.

473 Saves

Basecamp at Green Lakes

Oregon / Broken Top Trailhead, OR

This 8.5 mile roundtrip hike to Green Lakes basecamp gains elevation gradually as it meanders along beautiful Fall Creek with numerous small cascades.

403 Saves

Hike to Larch Mountain's Summit

Oregon / Multnomah Falls Parking Lot

Done as a loop or one way shuttle (in summer/fall), the full Larch Mountain experience starts at the large (but still always full) Multnomah Falls parking lot.

402 Saves

Hike Tomlike Mountain

Oregon / Wahtum Lake Trailhead

Beginning at the Wahtum Lake trailhead, follow the Wahtum Lake Express trail down to the shore and head east (right) around the lake.

312 Saves

Climb the Mt. Hood Summit

Oregon / Timberline Lodge

Starting at 6,000 ft of elevation at Timberline Lodge, start your climb up the south side of Mt. Hood.

302 Saves

Summit Mt. Thielsen

Oregon / Mt Thielsen Trailhead

It may look quite intimidating from the base and surrounding areas but this hike/climb to the summit is quite straightforward and the standard route is non-technical.

265 Saves

Hike or Snowshoe to Tumalo Mountain

Oregon / Tumalo Peak Trailhead

There is an official trail to the summit that begins just North of the Dutchman Flat Sno-Park parking area. The trail is signed and states 1.5 miles to the summit.

236 Saves

Sunrise Hike at Tumalo Mountain

Oregon / Tumalo Peak Trailhead

Start by parking at Dutchman Flat Sno-Park, which is located just opposite to the base area at Mt. Bachelor.

211 Saves

Summit Black Crater

Oregon / Black Crater Trail

The Black Crater Trailhead parking lot is accessed off the McKenzie Pass (Hwy 242). The trailhead starting elevation is 5,040ft. (using the iPhone app "Topo Maps". Great app) with a 3.

210 Saves

Snowshoe to the Tilly Jane A-Frame

Oregon / Tilly Jane Sno-Park

Built in the 1930's, the Tilly Jane A-Frame sits on the North side of Mount Hood at around 6,000ft.

184 Saves

Hike and Climb Pilot Rock

Oregon / Pilot Rock Trailhead

Pilot Rock is one of the most prominent features in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and is visible from over 40 miles away in the Shasta Valley of northern California and the Rogue Valley of S.

170 Saves

Backpack the Mark. O Hatfield Wilderness Via Eagle Creek

Oregon / Eagle Creek Trailhead

This is a somewhat incomplete report because we did not venture too far into the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness.

166 Saves

Camp at Big Lake

Oregon / Big Lake Campground

The crystal clear waters of Big Lake sit at an elevation of 4,600 ft. in the Willamette National Forest, on the western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range. The Big Lake Campground (N 44 22.

165 Saves

Hike Grizzly Peak

Oregon / Pamelia Lake Trailhead

After leaving your car at the Pamelia Lake trailhead, hike 2.3 miles along the trail following Pamelia Creek.

161 Saves

Hike to Upper McCord Creek Falls

Oregon / John B. Yeon Trailhead

Starting at the John B Yeon Trailhead parking lot, begin to walk into the forest.

152 Saves

Snowshoe to Umbrella Falls

Oregon / Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort

Just 66 miles east of Portland, and 35 miles south of Hood River the infamous Mt Hood breaks through the clouds for all to see.

151 Saves

Snowshoe to Tamanawas Falls

Oregon / Tamanawas Falls Trail

Starting at the Sherwood Trailhead, follow the sign towards Tamanwas Falls. You will walk through the woods towards the river, and cross it on the log bridge.

146 Saves

Snowshoe to Todd Lake

Oregon / Nordic Lodge

It’s so peaceful to be out snowshoeing through the Cascade Mountains. There are views of Mt. Bachelor, the South Sister and Broken Top on a clear day.

122 Saves

Snowshoe or Cross-Country Ski to Trillium Lake

Oregon / Trillium Lake Winter Pull-Off

Starting at the parking lot for Trillium Lake located right off of Highway 26, go past the locked gate and begin walking downhill. After about a mile, you will see a fork in the road.

110 Saves

Hike to the Summit of Fuji Mountain

Oregon / Fuji Mountain Trailhead

Fuji Mountain has been known by mountain bikers for years, since it sits just off the circuit of popular biking routes around Waldo Lake and makes for a notoriously difficult climb on a bike.

103 Saves

Snowshoe Mt. Hood's White River

Oregon / White River West Sno-Park

The White River West Sno-Park is a hub of winter activities at Mt. Hood. At 4200', this area is easily accessed directly off of Route 35.

96 Saves

Snowshoe or XC Ski to Watchman Overlook

Oregon / Rim Village Visitor Center, Crater Lake NP

Starting at the Rim Village parking area, this snowshoe/cross-country ski trip (whichever you choose) heads out on snow-covered West Rim Drive, bound for the saddle between Hillman Peak and The Watch.

82 Saves

Winter Backpack to Diamond View Lake

Oregon / Trapper Creek Trailhead

Diamond View Lake is relatively unknown compared to many of the other lakes in the Oregon Cascades, yet the views it delivers of Diamond Peak are top-notch.

78 Saves

Climb to Mt. Hood's Illumination Rock

Oregon / Timberline Lodge

The Pacific Northwest has an abundance of beautiful, technical and fun Alpine ascents.

78 Saves

Snowshoe to the Mountain View Shelter

Oregon / Maxwell Sno Park

A short hike from the sno-park, the snow shelter is within an hour's reach of the trailhead.

64 Saves

Snowshoe to the top of Mount Hood's Palmer Ski Lift

Oregon / Timberline Lodge

Ending just a few thousand feet shy of the mountain top, Palmer Lift doesn't start operating until most ski resorts are nearing their close.

61 Saves

Snowshoe or XC Ski to Tumalo Falls

Oregon / Tumalo Falls

If you are looking to Hike to Tumalo Falls in any season other than winter, click here!In the summer, Tumalo Falls can be a great destination to drive up and hang out due to the fact that you can par.

59 Saves

Ski or Snowshoe to Fuji Shelter

Oregon / Salt Creek Sno-Park

This is a great and relatively easy winter overnight trip for cross-country skiiers and snowshoers alike into the crest of the Oregon Cascades.

58 Saves

Winter Camp on Cache Mountain

Oregon / Cache Mountain

Cache Mountain offers amazing views of Mt Jefferson, 3 Fingered Jack, Mt Washington and the North and Middle Sisters.

56 Saves

Snowshoe Tom, Dick, and Harry

Oregon / Skibowl

Your day of adventure will start at the Skibowl West parking lot. Unfortunately, due to snowplowing, the roadside parking to the Mirror Lake trailhead is covered in snow.

43 Saves

Ski or Snowshoe to Midnight Lake

Oregon / Gold Lake Sno-Park

The trip to Midnight Lake is a great way to spend a winter day and explore an otherwise overlooked lake in the central Oregon Cascades.

20 Saves