Cliff Jumping at High Rocks

Oregon Cross Park

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Cliff jumping at a popular Portland swimming holeA great place to soak up the sun on a nice dayDifferent height rocks for young and old

In the town of Gladstone, just before the Clackamas converges with the Willamette, you’ll find one of Portland’s most popular swimming holes. This idyllic little stretch of river is deep, slow, and provides ample space to spread out. The banks of the river are lined with rocks of various heights that make it the ideal location for some fun cliff jumping.

It’s typically pretty crowded on sunny summer weekends, but if you’re looking to have a little fun jumping off of rocks and soaking up some sun, it’s definitely worth checking out.

As always, be safe, know your limits, and plan to go with a friend.

When you're done having fun, swing by Roake's and try their Coney Island hot dog. You won't regret it.

Pack List

  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Picnic supplies
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How to Get There

about 1 year ago


Usually crowded with unsavory drunks during the summer. Swimming here could get you killed as there are underwater currents. I don't recommend this to anyone, but you can go to the real high rocks up the Clackamas River, past Estacada

about 1 year ago

about 1 year ago

Not A Safe Place

Someone drowns a couple times a week just swimming here during the summer please be very cautious. The depth of this river changes very quickly due to the dam being a few miles up river.

about 1 year ago

over 1 year ago

A decent spot with easy access, but don't underestimate the river, the water is cold and the current is strong. Lots of trash litters the area as well.

over 1 year ago

almost 2 years ago

Be careful of underwater currents, lots of drunks and rocks in the water below the surface. Fun spot to swim and hang out but respect the river and know your limits. A few people die here every year.

almost 2 years ago

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