The Best Outdoor Activities in Oregon

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Hike Oneonta Gorge

Oregon / Oneonta Gorge

This hike is very short (1 mile roundtrip) but does take some time to do. The trail leads down from the road into a stream bed. You follow the stream bed upstream through a narrow gorge.

Michael Matti
1965 Saves

Explore Latourell Falls

Oregon / Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls is a beautiful and unique waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. This amazing waterfall is just a few hundred yards from the road and parking lot.

Michael Matti
1794 Saves

Explore Multnomah Falls

Oregon / Multnomah Falls

Anytime you're visiting the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon it is worth making a quick stop at Multnomah Falls. The parking lot is right by the road and the waterfall is right by the parking lot.

Michael Matti
1606 Saves

Snowshoe the Rim at Crater Lake NP

Oregon / Rim Village Visitor Center, Crater Lake NP

Why Go? Avoid the crowds in summer and have the entire 33 mile long rim and 21 square miles of beautiful Crater Lake to yourself.

Dan Loch
1188 Saves

Hike to Metlako & Punchbowl Falls

Oregon / Eagle Creek Trailhead

This is a fairly short hike. 2 miles in to Punchbowl Falls (past Metlako Falls) and then 2 miles out.

Vic Garcia
1162 Saves

Hike to Bagby Hot Springs

Oregon / Bagby Hot Springs

Bagby Hot Springs is actually a set of amazing bathhouses nestled in the forest outside of Estacada. They are one of Oregon’s most poplar hot springs, and for good reason.

Visit Bridal Veil Falls

Oregon / Upper Bridal Veil Falls Pull-Off

The trailhead for this short hike is right off of the Columbia River Highway just west of Multnomah Falls.

Michael Matti
1078 Saves

Short Hike to Abiqua Falls

Oregon / Abiqua Falls

This trail is unmarked and a little rough and rugged. The land is privately owned by Mount Angel Abbey, but they don't appear to have problems with courteous hikers.

Whitney Whitehouse
969 Saves

Hike to Ponytail Falls

Oregon / Ponytail Falls

Ponytail Falls is an easy 0.8 mile hike located in the gorge that begins at Horsetail Falls. After hiking up mild switchbacks, continue to your right at the first trailhead intersection.

Talia Touboul
947 Saves

Hike to Fairy Falls

Oregon / Wahkeena Trailhead

Fairy Falls sits in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, not much more than a mile from the Wahkeena Trailhead.

Seth Whelden
936 Saves

Hike the Wildwood Trail

Oregon / Wildwood Trailhead

Take the train to Washington Park and hike through the arboretum. This will bypass a few miles of Wildwood Trail, but you won't miss much.

Spud Groshong
913 Saves

Hike to the Opal Creek Pools

Oregon / Opal Creek Trail

The Opal Creek pools are a wonderful place to visit year-round, but they’re a true oasis on a hot summer day.

Michael Graw
887 Saves

Hike the Trail of Ten Falls Loop

Oregon / Trail of Ten Falls Loop

The unique feature of South Falls, Lower South Falls, and Middle North Falls are the paths that pass behind the falls providing an amazing visual and auditory experience; however, be sure to have a g.

Jhamil Bader
873 Saves

Hike to the Vista of Angel's Rest

Oregon / Angel's Rest Trailhead

The Columbia River Gorge is absolutely full of incredible hikes - that said, this is one of the best and requires less time and energy than some of the others.

Ted S
848 Saves

Hike to Toketee Falls

Oregon / Toketee Falls

Toketee Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in all of Oregon, renowned for the graceful columnar basalt formation framing the two-stepped falls.

Eric Johnson
838 Saves

Hike Munra Point

Oregon / Wahclella Falls Trail

This hike starts at the Wahclella Falls trailhead, but does not use that trail. Instead, walk back towards the freeway and take a left onto the Columbia River Highway Trail.

John Chau
810 Saves

Hike to Tunnel Falls

Oregon / Eagle Creek Trailhead

This hike begins at the Eagle Creek Trailhead. This is the same trailhead that goes to popular Punchbowl Falls. The trail to reach Tunnel Falls is 12 miles roundtrip on an out and back trail.

Michael Matti
763 Saves

Hike to Wahclella Falls

Oregon / Wahclella Falls Trail

This is a very short and fairly easy, 1 mile in – 1 mile out, hike with a little bit of elevation gain.

Vic Garcia
720 Saves

Hike to Tumalo Falls

Oregon / Tumalo Falls

The viewpoint is only footsteps from the parking area, and gives the best view of the 89-foot falls. A half mile trail leads visitors up to the upper viewpoint, right next to the falls.

Dan Moe
708 Saves

Hiking to the Tamolitch Pool

Oregon / Tamolitch Pool Trailhead

The hike out to Tamolitch Pool, or "Blue Pool," is 2 miles each way and follows the McKenzie River to a lava flow pool.

Richard Bacon
688 Saves

Explore Crater Lake

Oregon / Rim Village Visitor Center, Crater Lake NP

Crater is a short 20min drive up Highway 62 off of the 97. We were chasing sunset and caught the last glimmers of twilight. Just driving around the west rim is amazing.

Eric Johnson
686 Saves

Hike to Marion Falls

Oregon / Marion Lake Trailhead

This hike explores an off-trail trip to one of my favorite waterfalls in Oregon. To kick off this hike, you'll start at the Marion Lake trailhead.

Richard Bacon
673 Saves

Hike to Proxy Falls

Oregon / Proxy Falls Trailhead

This is one of the most amazing waterfalls in Oregon.

Whitney Whitehouse
663 Saves

Explore Cannon Beach

Oregon / Cannon Beach

Start your adventure by heading to Cannon Beach, Or. Either head west on Highway 26 from Portland, OR. or Highway 101 south from Aberdeen Wa.

Kyle Szegedi
657 Saves

Photograph Downtown Portland From Pittock Mansion

Oregon / Pittock Mansion Parking Lot

Pittock Mansion offers a one of kind view of downtown Portland. This is a historic site that allows public access throughout the day and night.

Jameson Jones
650 Saves

Soak in the Summer Lake Hot Springs

Oregon / Summer Lake Hot Springs

From Bend drive 32 miles south on Highway 97, through La Pine to Highway 31 (2 miles south of La Pine). Turn left (east) on Highway 31 and continue for 92 miles.

Aaron Selig
650 Saves

Hike to Sahalie and Koosah Falls

Oregon / Sahalie and Koosah Falls Trailhead

This loop might be on the shorter side, but the hike is more than worth it for the scenery.

Eric Johnson
649 Saves

Hike and Camp at Smith Rock

Oregon / Bivouac Campsite Area

Park your vehicle in the bivouac parking area and hike 200 yards west to the tent campsites. Set up your home away from home at one of the undesignated cliff side campsites overlooking the park.

Explore Cathedral Park

Oregon / Cathedral Park

Located right underneath the St Johns Bridge, Cathedral Park is hard to miss. It was given its name due to the Gothic looking arches that sit above the park.

Gorton Creek Falls Hike

Oregon / Wyeth Campground Day Use Area

The Gorton Creek Falls hike provides an excellent challenge for those who are searching for a bit of adventure.

Jhamil Bader
630 Saves

Hike the Multnomah-Wahkeena Loop

Oregon / Multnomah Falls Parking Lot

The Multnomah-Wahkeena loop is a classic hike in the Columbia Gorge. Few hikes take you by as many waterfalls, and the tree cover makes it a great hike in the rain.

Lorene Voskinarian
628 Saves

Hike the Horsetail Falls Loop

Oregon / Horsetail Falls Trail

Start off on this loop from Horsetail Falls Trailhead. It never hurts to start a hike with a view of Horsetail Falls. This 2.

Scott Kranz
610 Saves

Hiking Up Oregon's Saddle Mountain

Oregon / Saddle Mountain Trail

Saddle Mountain is a pretty stellar spot if you are looking for a beginner/intermediate hike with incredible views close to Portland. The trail is a 5.

Erik Sanders
607 Saves

Soak in Umpqua Hot Springs

Oregon / Umpqua Hot Springs

When you arrive at the hot springs you'll see a bathroom and large dumpster in a small gravel parking lot.

Aaron White
581 Saves

Catch the Sunrise from Rocky Butte

Oregon / Joseph Wood Hill Park

Joseph Wood Hill Park is another under the radar gem right in the heart of the city.

Ty Rauber
576 Saves

Backpacking to Russell Lake

Oregon / Whitewater Trailhead

This hike begins 7.5 miles down Whitewater Road at the Whitewater Trailhead, about 10 miles east of Detroit Lake. The road is bumpy, but can be navigated at slow speeds, even without four-wheel drive.

Erik Sanders
574 Saves

Photograph Cedar Mill Falls

Oregon / Cedar Mill Falls

This waterfall is easy to find. A trail bridge was built is recent years making it easily accessible. You can see the wooden walkway from the road.

Hannah Kemp
567 Saves

Hike the Upper Salmonberry River Trail

Oregon / Upper Salmonberry River Trailhead

If you are craving adventure and exploration in a unique hiking setting, then you have come to the right place! This is a hike where every time you turn a corner your eyes light up with excitement an.

Jeffrey Green
551 Saves

Explore Cape Kiwanda

Oregon / Cape Kiwanda Natural Area

Cape Kiwanda is part of the Three Capes Scenic Route. It offers sea stack rock formations, beautiful beaches, sand stone cliffs, and if you are lucky enough, amazing wildlife.

Kimberley Kacho
546 Saves

Swim at Three Pools

Oregon / Three Pools Parking Area

To get there from Salem, Follow Hwy. 22 east to Mehama. Turn on Little North Santiam Road (FS 2209) and proceed for 12 miles to Three Pools Day Use Area.

Hike to Elowah Falls

Oregon / John B. Yeon Trailhead

Multnomah Falls, which is about 5 miles from Elowah takes a large portion of the crowd due to its visibility from the highway.

Scott Kranz
536 Saves

Hike Broken Top Mountain

Oregon / Broken Top Trailhead

The hike takes you along a glacial lake and to unbeatable mountain views at the end. It’s a hidden gem! The trail isn’t marked and the best way to get there is know someone that’s been before.

Whitney Whitehouse
534 Saves

Hike to Coffin Mountain Fire Lookout

Oregon / Coffin Mountain Trailhead

Coffin Mountain Fire Lookout is a beautiful day hike that takes you to its summit at 5771 feet elevation, covering roughly 1070 feet elevation gain. To get to the Coffin Mt.

Jeffrey Green
526 Saves

Explore Mount Tabor Park

Oregon / Mount Tabor City Park

Sitting 400 feet above the city with views of Mt. Hood and Portland doesn't sound to bad right?? Mount Tabor is located in Southeast Portland and is a once active volcano.

Hike the Devil's Rest-Wahkeena Falls Loop

Oregon / Angel's Rest Trailhead

This loop takes advantage of the western Columbia River Gorge's vast network of trails - hidden behind the roadside waterfalls - to allow you to visit several popular attractions without fighting tra.

Michael Graw
489 Saves

Explore Salt Creek Falls

Oregon / Salt Creek Falls Trail

Located off of the 58 Freeway, Salt Creek Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Oregon. The powerful cascade pours into a scenic canyon below, with beautiful surrounding views.

Richard Bacon
486 Saves

Explore the Woodburn Shoe Tulip Farm

Oregon / Woodburn Shoe Tulip Farm

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is open 9am-6pm and offers the public a chance to see their 40 acres of Tulips for a limited time during the year.

Jameson Jones
476 Saves

Hike to Ramona Falls

Oregon / Ramona Falls Trailhead

I'd been wanting to do this hike for quite a while, and when I found work taking me to Portland, I made my return trip through the Mt. Hood wilderness area.

Mike Hathenbruck
474 Saves

Photograph Trillium Lake

Oregon / Trillium Lake Picnic Grounds

Trillium Lake is a popular camp spot at the base of Mount Hood. It's known for it's scenery, abundant recreational activities, and is family friendly.

Angela Service
469 Saves

Hiking the Ridge Trail in Forest Park

Oregon / Springville Trailhead, Forest Park

This is a great option for a quick hike when you don't have time to get out of the city but need to satisfy your craving to get outside and escape the noise of bustling Portland.

Dan Moe
466 Saves

Hike to the Boca Cave & Triangulation Peak

Oregon / Triangulation Peak/Boca Cave

Triangulation Peak, Spire Rock and Boca Cave TH #3372 The trail starts on level ground where you travel east along the top of the ridge.

Zak Stone
461 Saves

Hike to Mirror Lake

Oregon / Mirror Lake Trailhead

I was out doing the Ramona Falls hike, and I decided that I needed to find a lake that provided me with a great view of Mt Hood.

Mike Hathenbruck
457 Saves

Cliff Jumping at High Rocks

Oregon / Cross Park

In the town of Gladstone, just before the Clackamas converges with the Willamette, you’ll find one of Portland’s most popular swimming holes.

Run Along Waterfront Park

Oregon / Tom McCall Waterfront Loop

Looking for a quick run along the water in the heart of Portland? Look no further. This relatively flat 2.

Lorene Voskinarian
444 Saves

Hike to Battle Ax Mountain in Oregon

Oregon / Elk Lake Junction Trailhead

With no officially marked trailhead, this hike begins slightly west of Elk Lake in Marion County. Take Highway 22 to Detroit, OR.

Jeffrey Green
443 Saves

Camp in Silver Falls State Park

Oregon / South Falls Lodge Trailhead

If you're thinking of hiking the Trail of Ten Falls Loop and staying overnight, there are 42 tent campsites (available from April – Oct) as well as 14 rustic cabins.

Austin Jackson
438 Saves

Hike to Mossy Grotto Falls

Oregon / Ruckel Trail Parking Area

This newly discovered waterfall has become a favorite for photographers – even so, it has yet to receive an official name.

Chase Dekker
435 Saves

Hike to Triple Falls

Oregon / Oneonta Trailhead

This hike, starting at the Oneonta Trailhead is a 3.2 mile roundtrip.

Brodie Fisher
431 Saves

Explore Samuel H. Boardman State Park

Oregon / Natural Bridges Pull-Off

Enjoy 12 miles of rugged, steep coastline with many hidden & secluded beaches and coves. Difficulty varies from beginner to advanced depending on your desired hike.

Dan Loch
431 Saves

Explore the Devils Punchbowl Arch

Oregon / Devils Punchbowl Parking Area

Devils Punchbowl State Park is located just off of Highway 101.

Lorene Voskinarian
427 Saves

Hike the Cooks Ridge Trail at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Oregon / Cape Perpetua Scenic Area Campground

If you've set up camp at Perpetua Campground, head out toward the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center, head east along the Cooks Ridge Trail. After 3.

Dan Moe
421 Saves

Hiking to Chush Falls

Oregon / Chush Falls

Just outside of Sisters, Oregon, near Bend, is a beautiful hike to a picturesque waterfall.

Richard Bacon
421 Saves

Hike to Boyd Cave

Oregon / Boyd Cave

Located 20 miles southeast of Bend, Boyd Cave is a well preserved lava tube stretching close to a mile. To get there, take Highway 97 South through Bend and turn left on China Hat Road.

Richard Bacon
420 Saves

Hike to Drift Creek Falls

Oregon / Drift Creek Falls Trail

This hike down to Drift Creek Falls is more of an easy stroll. But before you reach the trail head, if coming from the north, make sure to stop at Oregon's oldest covered bridge off Bear Creek Rd.

Tara Warolin
410 Saves

Camp at Lost Lake

Oregon / Lost Lake Resort & Campground

When the temperature starts to creep up in the summer, Lost Lake is the perfect escape.

Austin Jackson
410 Saves

A Quick Escape to Sauvie Island

Oregon / Sauvie Island

During those summer days when you’re desperately seeking some sand between your toes, open space to soak up the sun, and nature to play around in…Sauvie Island is calling your name.

Photograph Wahkeena Falls

Oregon / Wahkeena Falls, Oregon

This Waterfall is located along the Colombia River Gorge and is surrounded by many other, much more trafficked waterfalls so it gets a lot fewer visitors.

Eric Bennett
401 Saves

Hike to the Gold Butte Fire Lookout

Oregon / Gold Butte Trailhead

Gold Butte Fire Lookout is a real gem in the Willamette National Forest.

Jeffrey Green
395 Saves

Backpack the Obsidian Area

Oregon / Frog Camp Trailhead

The Obsidian area is at least six miles from the closest trail head and 1800 feet of elevation gain. The best way to see the area is to plan a multi-day backpacking adventure.

Chris Anderson
393 Saves

Hike to Shellburg Falls

Oregon / Shellburg Falls Trailhead

The two unique features of Upper Shellburg Falls are moss covered arches leading to an observation deck at the basin of the falls and a large carved out cavern that runs behind the falls.

Jhamil Bader
391 Saves

Photograph the Painted Hills

Oregon / John Day Fossil Beds - Painted Hills Unit

The Painted HIlls is the most dramatic of the three units that make up John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.

Lorene Voskinarian
391 Saves

Hike the Mount Tabor Loop

Oregon / Mount Tabor City Park

Mount Tabor City Park is located in the heart of southeast Portland and is situated atop an extinct volcano.

Brian Heifferon
388 Saves

Climb Tom Dick and Harry Mountain

Oregon / Mirror Lake Trailhead

Looking to score those iconic photos of Mt. Hood? Climb the well-graded trail to Tom Dick and Harry Mountain, one of the most accessible summit hikes to Portlanders, and see where they were all taken.

Dan Moe
388 Saves

Walk the Valley of the Giants

Oregon / Valley of the Giants

From the parking area, the Valley of the Giants trail crosses the Siletz River and passes a tranquil picnic spot before beginning a 1.

Dan Moe
387 Saves

Hike McDowell Creek County Park

Oregon / McDowell Creek County Park,

GPS coordinates Lat: 44.46389 Long: -122.

Zak Stone
381 Saves

Camp at Todd Lake

Oregon / Todd Lake Campground

Todd Lake is a beautiful yet small lake just 24 miles West of Bend. Its location is perfect for accessing Broken Top Mountain, and even better for the view of Mount Bachelor.

Talia Touboul
374 Saves

Explore the Triangle Lake Rock Slides and Lake Creek Falls

Oregon / Triangle Lake Rock Slides

Triangle Lake Rock Slide/Lake Creek Falls can be found off Highway 36, about a mile west of the small town of Triangle Lake, or approximately 26 miles east of the junction of Highways 126 and 36 in M.

Zak Stone
371 Saves

Soak in Terwilliger (Cougar) Hot Springs

Oregon / Terwilliger Hot Springs

Soaking in Terwilliger (otherwise known as "Cougar") hot springs is a great way to relax and wind back while exploring the Cascades.

Elliott Kramer
370 Saves

Drive to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint

Oregon / Rowena Crest Viewpoint

If you're looking for a minimal effort pit stop on the drive through the Columbia River Gorge with huge bang for your buck, this is the spot.

Tiffany Nguyen
370 Saves

Hike McNeil Point

Oregon / Top Spur Trailhead

The hike to McNeil Point begins at Top Spur Trailhead, in the Mt. Hood National Wilderness. Follow signs for McNeil Point along the Pacific Crest and Timberline Trails heading north.

Dan Moe
370 Saves

Catch the Sunset at Thor's Well

Oregon / Thors Well, OR

First check out the tide books and find out when low tide is. At low tide, head to Cape Perpetua State park about 2 miles South of Yachats.

Jeffrey Helbling
367 Saves

Hike to the Watson Falls

Oregon / Watson Falls

Watson Falls hurtles over a cathedral amphitheater wall of basalt, crashing into a long talus slope covered in moss and vine maple. At 272 feet, Watson Falls is the 3rd tallest waterfall in Oregon.

Eric Johnson
367 Saves

Night Sky Shooting at Vista House

Oregon / Vista House

The Vista House located in the Columbia River Gorge offers those looking to photograph the night sky without traveling long distance from Portland the opportunity to do so.

Jameson Jones
367 Saves

Hike to Linton Falls

Oregon / Alder Springs Trailhead

Hiking to Linton Falls accounts for the two larger waterfalls on the cascading Linton Creek.

Elliott Kramer
365 Saves

Camp at Trillium Lake

Oregon / Trillium Lake Winter Pull-Off

The reflection of Mt. Hood on the lake makes this trip definitely worth the visit. Try to arrive during the day so you can watch the sunset.

Kyle Szegedi
365 Saves

Hike to Black Butte

Oregon / Black Butte Trail

Just outside of Sisters Oregon is the stunning and popular day hike to the summit Black Butte (Elevation 6,436 feet).

Jeffrey Green
364 Saves

Photograph the Golden Hours at Smith Rock

Oregon / Rim Rock Trail

Most of you may know Smith Rock as a climbing mecca.

Hike to Henline Falls

Oregon / Henline Falls Trail, Opal Creek Wilderness

The trail is a washed out, old mining road making its way through a lush forest with a mix of ferns, moss covered trees, and towering Douglas Firs with trees blown over from wind storms lining both s.

Zak Stone
358 Saves

Hike to Tamanawas Falls

Oregon / East Fork-Tamanawas Trailhead

This easy trail in the Mt Hood National Forest has a journey just as lovely as the destination.

Lorene Voskinarian
353 Saves

Hike to Larch Mountain's Summit

Oregon / Multnomah Falls Parking Lot

Done as a loop or one way shuttle (in summer/fall), the full Larch Mountain experience starts at the large (but still always full) Multnomah Falls parking lot.

Ted S
350 Saves

Basecamp at Green Lakes

Oregon / Broken Top Trailhead, OR

This 8.5 mile roundtrip hike to Green Lakes basecamp gains elevation gradually as it meanders along beautiful Fall Creek with numerous small cascades.

Dan Loch
347 Saves

Backpack to The Wallowas' Mirror Lake

Oregon / Two-Pan Trailhead

Mirror Lake, one of the most photogenic and peaceful lakes in the area, is accessible via the Two-Pan Trailhead, off of Upper Lostine Road.

Roark Nelson
345 Saves

Hike to Iron Mountain

Oregon / Iron Mountain Trailhead

There are a couple of different routes to the summit of Iron Mountain. This adventure article focuses on the shorter but more strenuous 2.4 mile hike to the summit of Iron Mountain.

Jeffrey Green
340 Saves

Take a Stroll to Tunnel Beach, Oregon

Oregon / Oceanside Beach Parking

The main beach is located adjacent to Oceanside Beach State Park, which can be accessed via Cape Meares Loop/Netarts Oceanside Hwy.

Jason Horstman
334 Saves

Climb to the Top of Mount Defiance, OR

Oregon / Mount Defiance (Columbia River Gorge)

This hike starts at the Starvation Creek Rest Area. After parking, head west back along the shoulder of the freeway, where you’ll see a wooden sign stating “Mt. Defiance Trail.

John Chau
330 Saves

Exploring Oregon's Cape Lookout

Oregon / Cape Lookout SP

Cape Lookout is a two-mile long peninsula that juts into the Pacific Ocean from Oregon's rugged coastline.

Dan Moe
330 Saves

Explore Ecola State Park

Oregon / Ecola State Park

Oregon is full of state parks. Ecola is one of the easiest parks to capture amazing views. It's $5 to get in and it's well worth the money.

Backpack around Broken Top

Oregon / Tam MacArthur Rim Trailhead

This loop trip around Broken Top is one of the premier backpacking loops in Oregon.

Michael Graw
329 Saves

Hike to the Dry Creek Falls

Oregon / Dry Creek Falls

This is a 4.4 mile out and back hike with only 710 feet in elevation gain.

Jameson Jones
327 Saves

Hike to Steelhead Falls

Oregon / Steelhead Falls Trailhead

Following along the Dechutes river for half a mile you will see where the river progressively gets more aggressive.

Shawn Ford
314 Saves

Explore White River Falls

Oregon / White River Falls State Park

White River Falls is perfect for those looking for an easy hike with great rewards.

Hillary Murphy
312 Saves

Hike to Upper Bridal Veil Falls

Oregon / Upper Bridal Veil Falls Pull-Off

At the parking lot for Angel's Rest, turn left uphill on to Palmer Mill Road.

Austin Jackson
310 Saves

Run the Maple Trail Loop

Oregon / Maple Trail

The Maple Trail loop lies in the heart of Portland’s Forest Park, at 5,100 wooded acres, it’s the largest forested natural area within city limits in the United States.

Brian Heifferon
306 Saves

Hike to Diamond Creek Falls

Oregon / Salt Creek Falls Trail

The beginning of this trail starts at the parking lot of Salt Creek Falls, right off of the 58 freeway. During the winter months, there's a gate blocking the road to the parking lot.

Richard Bacon
304 Saves

Short Hike to Upper Butte Creek Falls

Oregon / Upper Butte Creek Falls

From Scott Mills Follow Crooked Finger RD NE for 13.3 Miles to the Upper Butte Creek Trailhead. The last 2-3 miles or so is gravel road with some potholes but most cars shouldn't have a problem.

Jameson Jones
303 Saves

Hike to Alsea and Green Peak Falls

Oregon / Alsea Falls Trailhead

This is a great and easy day hike that features two waterfalls - Alsea Falls and Green Peak Falls - amid beautiful Oregon Coast Range scenery.

Michael Graw
300 Saves

Snow Hike to Wahclella Falls

Oregon / Wahclella Falls Trail

The wooden bridges, Munra Falls, beautiful canyon walls, and the mossy grotto at the end of the canyon itself would be enough of a draw for this hike, but you round the last corner and 65 foot Wahcle.

Angela Service
298 Saves

Camp Along the Shore at Sparks Lake

Oregon / Sparks Lake Boat Ramp

Just a quick 26-mile drive from Bend you'll find Sparks Lake, where shallow water, amazing lakeside camping grounds, and the possibility of catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis make for some of .

Eric Johnson
297 Saves

Watch the Sunrise at Crater Lake

Oregon / Rim Village Visitor Center, Crater Lake NP

Drive to the overlook at Crater Lake well before sunrise. Actually, you should probably just sleep in your car for a bit to make sure you're not late for this incredible sight.

Kyle Frost
293 Saves

Hiking for Waterfalls on Peter Skene Ogden Trail

Oregon / McKay Campground

Before I go into the detail of this specific hike, I'd like to mention there are several ways to explore this trail, all which have different entry points and lead to different areas.

Richard Bacon
285 Saves

Hike the Clackamas River Trail

Oregon / Indian Creek Trailhead

To complete the whole almost 8 mile hike you will want to park a vehicle at each trailhead. You can start at either Indian Creek Trailhead or Fish Creek trailhead.

Hannah Kemp
284 Saves

Boat-In Camping at Sparks Lake

Oregon / Sparks Lake Boat Ramp

Looking for the beauty and serenity of a backcountry campsite, but with the convenience of car camping? These 20+ secluded paddle-in campsites along the shoreline of Sparks Lake are just for you.

Whitney Whitehouse
281 Saves

Climb Squaw Mountain

Oregon / Twin Springs Trailhead

On a clear day, this short, secluded hike offers breath-taking views of Mt. St.

Dan Moe
281 Saves

Hike to Short Sands Beach

Oregon / Short Sands Beach Trail

It is located just off the side of highway 101 north of Manzanita and south of Cannon Beach. To get here, you need to just pull off into the Oswald West parking lot on the ocean side of the freeway.

Daniel Brittain
280 Saves

Photographing Benham Falls

Oregon / Benham Falls Parking Area

There are 2 starting points to access Benham Falls. The first is off of the Cascades Lakes Highway west of Bend, Oregon where, after 6.5 miles, you'll turn down Forest Road 41. After 3.

Richard Bacon
275 Saves

Hike Tomlike Mountain

Oregon / Wahtum Lake Trailhead

Beginning at the Wahtum Lake trailhead, follow the Wahtum Lake Express trail down to the shore and head east (right) around the lake.

Dan Moe
271 Saves

Climb the Mt. Hood Summit

Oregon / Timberline Lodge

Starting at 6,000 ft of elevation at Timberline Lodge, start your climb up the south side of Mt. Hood.

Nolan Smith
269 Saves

Hike the Deschutes River Trail

Oregon / Deschutes River Trail

There are quite a few urban trails along the Deschutes River, but my favorite runs just South of the Old Mill District near the Farewell Bend Park.

Lindsey Banks
267 Saves

Hike Pilot Butte

Oregon / Pilot Butte Trailhead

Get stunning views overlooking Bend. This 1.7 mile roundtrip hike is in the middle of town and is easily accessible as a quick before or after work adventure.

Richard Bacon
266 Saves

Explore the Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Oregon / Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The Yaquina Head Natural Area is home to the historic 93 ft tall Yaquina Head lighthouse, built in 1872.

Jhamil Bader
264 Saves

Hike around Clear Lake

Oregon / Clear Lake Resort

Once you arrive at Clear Lake, I suggest to start the relatively flat hike around the lake. You'll walk through a beautiful forest with peek-a-boo views of the stunning lake.

Hillary Murphy
264 Saves

Camp and Hike Chinidere Mountain

Oregon / Wahtum Lake Trailhead

The easy version of the Chinidere Mountain hike starts Wahtum Lake Trailhead.

Seth Whelden
261 Saves

Night Photography at the OMSI Dock

Oregon / OMSI

Starting at OMSI, walk towards the Hawthorne bridge, and away from the Tillicum bridge. After about a tenth of a mile, you will see a dock and the Hawthorne bridge.

Austin Jackson
256 Saves

Hike to Mill Creek & Barr Creek Falls

Oregon / Mill Creek Falls Parking Area

Mill Creek Falls is a lesser-known gem in Southern Oregon. At 173 ft it is one of the tallest in the area, and Barr Creek Falls, plunging 240 ft, is less than a quarter mile further down the trail.

Dan Loch
252 Saves

Snap Photos at the Dee Wright Observatory

Oregon / Dee Wright Observatory

On your way to Proxy Falls from Bend? Stop by the Dee Wright Observatory to take some photos of the gorgeous mountains.

Eric Johnson
252 Saves

Short Hike to University Falls

Oregon / University Falls Trailhead

The 0.3 mile hike to University Falls seems longer than it is because you'll be stopping to take pictures every step of the way.

Dusty Klein
251 Saves

Photograph Jonsrud Viewpoint

Oregon / Jonsrud Viewpoint

The view from this spot is definitely worth the drive, if you're visiting Portland or the Columbia River Gorge area I highly recommend taking the time to stop here.

Kyle Szegedi
251 Saves

Soak at Breitenbush Hot Springs

Oregon / Breitenbush Hot Springs

This hot springs are run by a collective, The Breitenbush Community, who run the conference center and lodging as well as maintain the hot springs.

Hike the Neahkahnie Mountain Trail

Oregon / Neahkahnie Mountain Trail (North Trailhead)

This hike can be done as either a loop or an out-and-back beginning from either the North or the South trailhead, both located off Route 101.

Jennie Sprigings
248 Saves

Hike to Sandy Glacier Caves

Oregon / Top Spur Trailhead

The hike to the caves begins at Top Spur Trailhead. The hike to McNeil Point is 5.4 miles one way, and 2200 feet of elevation gain.

Kyle Glidden
247 Saves

Explore the Lava River Cave

Oregon / Lava River Cave

Located just 12 miles South of Bend and 5 miles Northeast of Sunriver in the Deschutes National Forest, the Lava River Cave is a unique experience the whole family can enjoy.

Lindsey Banks
245 Saves

Hike Cape Falcon in Oswald West State Park

Oregon / Cape Falcon Trailhead

Cape Falcon is one of two major hikes within Oswald West State Park, fifteen minutes south of Canon Beach on the Oregon Coast. Park in the lot at the trailhead off Highway 101 and head in.

Seth Whelden
243 Saves

Summit Mt. Thielsen

Oregon / Mt Thielsen Trailhead

It may look quite intimidating from the base and surrounding areas but this hike/climb to the summit is quite straightforward and the standard route is non-technical.

Dan Loch
235 Saves

Hike to Sparks Lake

Oregon / Atkeson Memorial Trail

Sparks Lake is the perfect place to bring the whole family for a hike and to see the beauty of the Cascade Mountains reflecting on the water.

Richard Bacon
233 Saves

Explore the International Rose Test Garden

Oregon / International Rose Test Garden

The International Rose Garden located in Washington Park near downtown Portland is a must stop on your visit to the Rose City. The City of Roses, as Portland as known, won't let you down.

Alex Anderson
231 Saves

Hike Cooper Spur

Oregon / Cloud Cap Trailhead

Cooper Spur is located on the north east side of Mount Hood. This is the hike to do if you want to get up close and personal with the mountain.

Isaac Koval
227 Saves

Summit South Sister via Devil's Lake Trailhead

Oregon / Devil's Lake Trailhead

Not only is South Sister a stunning image and visible from hundreds of miles throughout Central Oregon, but it is a great beginner climb to introduce hikers to high altitude mountain life.

Rachel Davidson
226 Saves

Backpack Three Fingered Jack

Oregon / Santiam Pass Trailhead

Begin this 2-3 day backpacking trek at the Santiam Pass trailhead off Highway 20, 31 miles east of Detroit and 21 miles west of Sisters, Oregon.

Chad Torkelsen
225 Saves

Hike to Green Lakes

Oregon / Green Lakes Trailhead

Park your vehicle at the Green Lakes Trailhead, grab your gear and head for the trail.

Randy Gordon
224 Saves

Backpack the Painted Canyon Loop, Honeycombs Wilderness

Oregon / Painted Canyon Loop - Honeycombs Wilderness Area

The Honeycombs Wilderness Area is one of those top secret spots that backpackers don't like to talk about in fear of it being revealed. The thing that makes this trip special is just that: isolation.

Dusty Klein
224 Saves

Explore the Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Fort Stevens SP

Oregon / Peter Iredale Parking Area

At the northwestern-most point of Oregon sits Fort Stevens State Park. Located 3 ½ hrs from Seattle and 2 hrs from Portland, the park sits closest to the city of Astoria.

Michael Gabbert
218 Saves

Hike or Snowshoe to Tumalo Mountain

Oregon / Tumalo Peak Trailhead

There is an official trail to the summit that begins just North of the Dutchman Flat Sno-Park parking area. The trail is signed and states 1.5 miles to the summit.

Hike Herman Creek to the Pinnacles

Oregon / Herman Creek Trailhead

From the trailhead, hike up the trail for a little over a half mile until you reach the junction with the Herman Bridge Trail. At the junction, make a right and head down to the Herman Creek Bridge.

Explore the Beaches of Bandon

Oregon / Bandon Beach

Bandon, Oregon, located on the Southern Oregon coast, is about 90 miles north of the California border and about five hours south of Portland.

Mark Handy
216 Saves

Hike to Niagara Falls, OR

Oregon / Niagara Falls

Getting There Get onto Highway 101. Between Tillamook and Lincoln City at the town of Beaver, turn east near mile marker 80 onto a paved road toward upper Nestucca River. Follow this scenic road 6.

Melanie Ahrens
211 Saves

Night Sky Photography at Crater Lake

Oregon / Rim Village Cafe, Crater Lake

Whether you're a photographer just starting to try your hand at night sky images or already an expert, Crater Lake is a great place to shoot for the stars.

Hike to Dome Rock via the Upper Trailhead

Oregon / Dome Rock Upper Trailhead

From Highway 22 at the Breitenbush River Bridge, in Detroit, turn north on to French Creek Rd. Drive up French Creek about 7.7 miles to the Upper TH #3379/3381 to Dome Rock and Tumble Lake.

Zak Stone
209 Saves

Hike the Salmon River Trail

Oregon / Salmon River Trailhead

Largely Flat Trail4.4 Miles out and BackOld Growth ForestRiver Scouting Opportunities There are seven trailheads all off to the right of E. Salmon River Road.

Sam Shikuski
209 Saves

Hike to Clearwater Falls

Oregon / Clearwater Falls Parking Area

This has to be one of the most overlooked waterfalls in Oregon. It doesn't get a lot of publicity, and it's tucked away in south-central Oregon. As such, many people don't pay it much attention.

Mark Handy
208 Saves

Hike to Paulina Lake Hot Springs

Oregon / Little Crater Campground

Starting at Little Crater Campground, head north toward the hot springs (43.730, -121.247).

Run Leif Erikson Drive

Oregon / Leif Erikson Drive

Leif Erikson Drive is a wide dirt road running through the heart of Forest Park that is closed to motorized vehicles…making it a magnet for those looking to add some relatively easy and scenic distan.

Rachel Davidson
206 Saves

Hike to Spirit, Moon, and Pinard Falls

Oregon / Spirit Falls TH, Umpqua National Forest

Spirit Falls is the first stop on this adventure. From the parking pull-out walk a short distance of 0.4 miles to the 40 foot fan falls.

Melanie Ahrens
205 Saves

Relax at Bigalow Hot Springs

Oregon / Bigalow Hot Springs

Unlike many other springs you'll find, this pool has basically no barriers to entry – it is accessible via a short hike, has no fee, and is available year-round.

Shawn Grenninger
203 Saves

Backpack the Hurricane Creek Trail

Oregon / Hurricane Creek Trail

This very gradual, easy trail that ends at the Lakes Basin, which is comprised of many lakes such as Mirror Lake, Sunshine Lake, and Moccasin Lake.

Roark Nelson
200 Saves

Kayaking the Lower Tualatin River

Oregon / Tualatin River Boat Ramp

The Tualatin River runs from Hagg Lake, near Forest Grove, then travels through many small towns before it empties into the Willamette River at Willamette Park.

David Schelske
200 Saves

Explore Mt. Jefferson

Oregon / Breitenbush Trailhead

I went for a quick overnighter. The end of August is great for weather, very little bugs, and perfect time to meet and chat with PCT through hikers.

Andy Best
197 Saves

Hike Lost Lake Butte Trail to Mountain View

Oregon / Lost Lake Butte Trailhead

This is a great hike for those who are visiting Lost Lake. There's a steady 1200ft elevation climb all the way to the summit, so the hike will give you a good workout, but is worth it in the end.

Jameson Jones
191 Saves

Hike to Crescent Beach

Oregon / Ecola State Park

Head off the 101 to Ecola State Park and drive to the large main car area. From here the trailhead is located just above the restroom facility and is well signed, you can't miss the huge placard.

Brandon Baker
191 Saves

Hike the Wilson River Trail

Oregon / Elk Creek Trailhead

This long trail provides hikers with great views of the corridor in the Coast Range.

Dan Moe
189 Saves

Backpack the Lakes Basin and Summit Eagle Cap

Oregon / Wallowa Lake Trailhead

The Location: With 360,000+ acres and 534 miles of trails, the Eagle Cap Wilderness is Oregon’s largest wilderness area.

Dan Loch
189 Saves

Hike to Tenas Lakes

Oregon / Tenas Lake Trailhead

Starting from Scott Lake in the Willamette National Forest, take the Benson Lake Trail head that starts at the end of the road. This climbs gradually up to Benson Lake, a large, deep, cold lake.

Jaryn Lute
188 Saves

Hike the Salmonberry Train Track Trail

Oregon / Salmonberry River Parking Area

Beware, there is no actual trailhead! This trail (Lower Salmonberry River Hike) starts on Lower Nehalem Rd (Foss Rd) where the Salmonberry River and the Nehalem River meet.

Emily Maybee
187 Saves

Paddle Around Ross Island

Oregon / Sellwood Riverfront Park

This is a great little adventure for those looking to get on the water, but who don’t have time to escape the city. Paddle the loop around Ross Island for a scenic workout and a relaxing picnic.

Ty Rauber
187 Saves

Photograph the St. John's Bridge

Oregon / St. John's Bridge

To begin, park on North Pittsburg Ave and walk down to the river. Then, turn left and walk down the short less than a quarter mile until you see a spot where the beach is bigger than in other areas.

Austin Jackson
184 Saves

Hike the Champoeg SP Loop

Oregon / Champoeg SP Parking Area

Champoeg was the first town to be settled in the Willamette Valley and the site of the formation of the first government in the northwest.

Andrew Conway
183 Saves

Explore Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint

Oregon / Heceta Head Lighthouse & Beach

At the mouth of Cape Creek sits a beautiful cove with one of the best views in Oregon.

Jason Hatfield
181 Saves

Explore Skylight Cave

Oregon / Skylight Cave

The hardest part about getting to Skylight Cave is the drive. Start by coming from Sisters, Oregon, and use the Google Maps pin below to find Skylight Cave.

Brian Fulda
181 Saves

Camp at Timothy Lake

Oregon / Hoodivew Campground, Timothy Lake

Timothy Lake is one very large, man-made lake in the heart of Mt. Hood National Forest, and can be considered one of the best summer camping spots in the area.

Talia Touboul
178 Saves

Explore Youngs River Falls

Oregon / Youngs River Falls

Youngs River Falls is a scenic 50-foot waterfall on Youngs River, about 15 minutes outside of Astoria.

Kimberly Farrell
178 Saves

Hike through Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area

Oregon / Golden and Silver Falls Parking Area

Getting here was half the adventure. Google led us in quite the wrong way. Whatever you do, approach this park from Allegany, outside of Coos Bay. From Allegany there are signs to the park.

Melanie Ahrens
176 Saves

Hike along Short Beach, Oregon

Oregon / Short Beach

Hike: The trail is basically a handmade wooden staircase that takes you all the way down to the beach, so once you locate it, just keep following the stairs all the way down until you've reached the .

Jason Horstman
176 Saves

Sunrise Hike at Tumalo Mountain

Oregon / Tumalo Peak Trailhead

Start by parking at Dutchman Flat Sno-Park, which is located just opposite to the base area at Mt. Bachelor.

Pierce Klinke
175 Saves

Surf Smuggler Cove

Oregon / Smuggler Cove

The beach in Oswald West State Park is one of the more secluded beaches on the Oregon coast. Most tourists tend to stay by Canon Beach and Seaside, Oregon, so this little gem gets much less traffic.

Hike to Little Zig Zag Falls

Oregon / Little Zig Zag River Parking Lot

The hike along Little Zig Zag River is definitely one of Oregon's hidden gems.

Jhamil Bader
172 Saves

Photograph Shepperd's Dell Waterfall

Oregon / Shepperd's Dell

There isn't a parking lot for this waterfall unlike many others along the gorge, however there is a large amount of room to pull off beside the sign on the side of the road.

Hannah Kemp
172 Saves

Snowshoe to the Tilly Jane A-Frame

Oregon / Tilly Jane Sno-Park

Built in the 1930's, the Tilly Jane A-Frame sits on the North side of Mount Hood at around 6,000ft.

Sarah Vaughn
170 Saves

Explore the Rogue River Gorge

Oregon / Rogue River Gorge Viewpoint

This 500 ft. long gorge carved out of an old lava tube sits right along highway 62 near Crater Lake.

Jason Hatfield
168 Saves

Summit Black Crater

Oregon / Black Crater Trail

The Black Crater Trailhead parking lot is accessed off the McKenzie Pass (Hwy 242). The trailhead starting elevation is 5,040ft. (using the iPhone app "Topo Maps". Great app) with a 3.

Zak Stone
160 Saves

Ride to the Top of Mary's Peak

Oregon / Sky High Brewing

This ride takes you from the banks of the Willamette River at the Corvallis waterfront to the top of Mary's Peak, 26 miles and 4,000 vertical feet away.

Michael Graw
160 Saves

Backpack to Hunt's Cove

Oregon / Pamelia Lake Trailhead

This loop through the Pamelia Lake Limited Entry Area is one of the premier backpacking trips in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness.

Michael Graw
157 Saves

Explore Indian Beach

Oregon / Indian beach

Just about an hour west from Portland in Ecola State Park you'll find Indian beach. It's a 5 dollar fee to get into the park, but that fee also keeps the crowds out.

Photograph Wallowa Lake

Oregon / Wallowa Lake

Located just outside of Joseph, Oregon, Wallowa Lake offers a view of breathtaking mountain tops.

Jameson Jones
149 Saves

Hike to the Summit of King's Mountain, Oregon

Oregon / Kings Mountain Trailhead

King's Mountain may be one of the most consistent hikes in the greater Portland area gaining 2,500 vertical-feet over 2.5 miles almost evenly the entire time.

Ted S
149 Saves

Starvation Ridge Loop Hike

Oregon / Starvation Creek State Park

Starvation Creek Falls is an impressive 190 ft. waterfall just a few feet from the parking lot. If you don't know it's there, you'll miss it.

Angela Service
148 Saves

Explore Starvation Creek Falls

Oregon / Starvation Creek Falls Parking Area

The Starvation Creek Falls drops 141ft down into a naturally formed bowl, cascading past a wooded picnic area and onto the Columbia River.

Jhamil Bader
144 Saves

Hike and Climb Pilot Rock

Oregon / Pilot Rock Trailhead

Pilot Rock is one of the most prominent features in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and is visible from over 40 miles away in the Shasta Valley of northern California and the Rogue Valley of S.

Dan Loch
143 Saves

Explore the Hug Point Waterfall and Cave

Oregon / Hug Point State Park

Hug Point is located just 4-5 miles south of the famous Cannon Beach along HWY 101 and is a must stop on any travel along the Oregon coast.

Alex Anderson
143 Saves

Camp at Cape Blanco State Park

Oregon / Cape Blanco State Park

Perched atop the cliffs of Cape Blanco, this is a small state park that features big views of the beautiful southern Oregon coastline.

Hiking Bessie Butte

Oregon / Bessie Butte Trailhead

Just a mere 15 minutes outside of Bend, Oregon the Bessie Butte Trail is a wonderfully scenic hike to overlook Bend on one side and the Deschutes National Forest on the other.

Roark Nelson
141 Saves

Capture the Coast at Night from Rockaway

Oregon / Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Clear nights on the Oregon Coast can be hard to come by, and your best bet to grab night time photos of the coast is in the Summer.

Mark Pratt-Russum
140 Saves

Camp and Fish at Crane Prairie Reservoir

Oregon / Crane Prairie Reservoir

Crane Prairie Reservoir is one of the top-producing rainbow trout fisheries in Central Oregon.

TJ Orton
139 Saves

Explore Shaniko's Ghost Town

Oregon / Shaniko, OR

Heading south from Wasco, the scenery trades off between new farms and old abandoned homesteads.

Missy Fant
137 Saves

Photograph Fern Rock Creek Falls

Oregon / Fern Rock Falls Pull-Off

This photogenic waterfall is right off of the Wilson River Highway. There is no sign for the falls, there is just a large gravel pullout for vehicles leading right to the waterfall.

Hannah Kemp
137 Saves

Hike Grizzly Peak

Oregon / Pamelia Lake Trailhead

After leaving your car at the Pamelia Lake trailhead, hike 2.3 miles along the trail following Pamelia Creek.

Sean Fair
137 Saves

Explore the Finley Wildlife Refuge

Oregon / Finley Refuge Visitor Center

Starting at the visitor center, the trail begins west heading into the forest where you’ll only gain around a couple hundred feet of elevation.

Austin Marlia
137 Saves

Hike the Garfield Peak Trail

Oregon / Garfield Peak Trail

Crater Lake is one of the most visited natural wonders in the U.S. Anyone who has gone will tell you, it strikes a magic chord.

Gaby Colletta
136 Saves

Snowshoe to Umbrella Falls

Oregon / Mt Hood Meadows Ski Resort

Just 66 miles east of Portland, and 35 miles south of Hood River the infamous Mt Hood breaks through the clouds for all to see.

Matt Klemsz
136 Saves

Hiking McCall Point

Oregon / McCall Point Trail, Mosier, OR 97040, USA

The trail begins at the Rowena Overlook on the Old Columbia River Highway between Hood River and the Dalles. Park at the Rowena Overlook, and you find the trail on the south side of the area.

David Schelske
135 Saves

Winter Backpack Trip to Russell Lake in Jefferson Park

Oregon / Breitenbush Trailhead

The trail starts at Breitenbush Trailhead and if you're doing a little extra research, can be found online as the Jefferson Park Via Park Ridge Hike. It is 11.

Robby Edwardsen
135 Saves

Day Hike in Timber Gulch

Oregon / Timber Gulch Trail

Leslie Gulch, a canyon on the border of Oregon and Idaho, is full of almost surreal rock formations made up of tuff from volcanic eruptions 15 million years ago.

Melanie Ahrens
132 Saves

Camp at Big Lake

Oregon / Big Lake Campground

The crystal clear waters of Big Lake sit at an elevation of 4,600 ft. in the Willamette National Forest, on the western slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range. The Big Lake Campground (N 44 22.

Zak Stone
132 Saves

Hike to Upper McCord Creek Falls

Oregon / John B. Yeon Trailhead

Starting at the John B Yeon Trailhead parking lot, begin to walk into the forest.

Austin Jackson
130 Saves

Snowshoe to Tamanawas Falls

Oregon / Tamanawas Falls Trail

Starting at the Sherwood Trailhead, follow the sign towards Tamanwas Falls. You will walk through the woods towards the river, and cross it on the log bridge.

Austin Jackson
128 Saves

Backpack Ruckel Ridge

Oregon / Ruckel Ridge

This ridge is one of the lesser known paths from the Eagle Creek Trailhead. Instead of taking Ruckel Creek Trail, find the trail leading up Ruckel Ridge.

Patrick Cole
128 Saves

Hike Canyon Creek Meadow and 3 Fingered Jack

Oregon / Jack Lake Trailhead

This hike is truly spectacular from the moment you step foot out of your car. Jack Lake lies at the beginning of the trail, and provides a beautiful sample of what's to come.

Seth Whelden
128 Saves

Explore White River Falls State Park

Oregon / White River Falls State Park

White River Falls is located 35 miles south of The Dalles and 4.5 miles east of Tygh Valley. With only a short walk from the parking area to the viewing area and trails leading down to the water.

Aaron Selig
127 Saves

Soak at Belknap Hot Springs

Oregon / Belknap Hot Springs

This is a popular, family friendly spot, complete with two pools, indoor lodging, RV and tent camping, and hiking trails.

Backpack to Hidden Lake

Oregon / East Eagle Creek Trailhead

The Wallowa Mountains are one of Oregon's best-kept secrets, and this overnight backpack into the Eagle Cap Wilderness will deliver you into the heart of the range.

Michael Graw
126 Saves

Backpack to the Matthieu Lakes

Oregon / Lava Camp Lake Trailhead

Begin your hike at the Lava Camp Lake Trailhead. The trail winds through a forest flush with hemlock and fir while opening up into black lava flows.

Isaac Desautels
126 Saves

Hike to Pheasant Creek Falls

Oregon / Niagara Falls Trail

Hike: The hike to Pheasant Creek Falls is just short continuation of nearby Niagara Falls.

Jason Horstman
126 Saves

Camp and Fish on East Lake

Oregon / East Lake

East Lake is located in a very scenic part of Central Oregon about 30 miles East of the town of La Pine. At 6,400 feet in elevation, the lake is fed by snowmelt and underground springs.

TJ Orton
125 Saves

Hike to Warren and Lancaster Falls

Oregon / Starvation Creek Falls Parking Area

The hike along Mt.

Jhamil Bader
125 Saves

Backpack the Mark. O Hatfield Wilderness Via Eagle Creek

Oregon / Eagle Creek Trailhead

This is a somewhat incomplete report because we did not venture too far into the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness.

Katie and Kevin
125 Saves

Backpack to Bays Lake

Oregon / Whitewater Trailhead

Starting at the Whitewater Trailhead, the path begins in a gorgeous old growth Douglas Fir forest. The first 1.

Aaron White
124 Saves

Take a Boat Tour of Crater Lake & Hike to the Top of Wizard Island

Oregon / Wizard Island, Oregon

Wizard Island is located in the middle of Crater Lake National Park. In order to get out to there you have to book a tour through the commercial concierge.

Jess Curren
124 Saves

Walk the Painted Cove Loop Trail

Oregon / Painted Cove Trailhead

To get to the trailhead, use the US highway 26 which is the only way you can go to the Painted Hills Unit. Make a turn when arriving at Burnt Ranch Rd junction.

Hike through Pinnacles Valley at Crater Lake NP

Oregon / Pinnacles Overlook

These needle-like formations of rock, called fossil fumaroles, projecting from the Sand Creek Canyon floor, were formed under sheets of volcanic pumice that preceded Mazama's collapse.

Cassidy Walker
122 Saves

Explore Whitehorse Falls

Oregon / Whitehorse Falls

In June of 2015, I visited as many remote waterfall locations in Oregon as I could find. Whitehorse Falls, located along the Clearwater River in Douglas County, was one of those on my list.

Mark Handy
122 Saves

Run Along Terwilliger Blvd

Oregon / Terwilliger Boulevard

This is really nice urban run that travels along Terwilliger Boulevard’s runner-friendly, extra-wide sidewalk. The tree-lined path and the expansive views along the route make this run.

Snow Hike Munra Point

Oregon / Wahclella Falls Trail

Please do not attempt this hike if you are not comfortable with hiking in a lot of snow and ice.

Hannah Kemp
121 Saves

Kayak Camping at Waldo Lake

Oregon / North Waldo Campground

Waldo Lake is at the top of most Oregon paddler’s lists for a late-summertime adventure.

Brian Heifferon
120 Saves

Camp at Clear Lake

Oregon / Clear Lake Campground

Located just 1.5 Hours from Portland and on the east side of clear lake, this campground offers multiple water activities such as Kayaking, SUP, Fishing, and Swimming.

Jameson Jones
119 Saves

Camp at Elk Meadows

Oregon / Hood River Meadows Trailhead

This is a great trip for those who are new to backpacking.

Jenn Z
119 Saves

Explore Lavender Valley

Oregon / Lavender Valley

Lavender Valley is a beautiful 6 acre hidden gem just 30 minutes south of Hood River, Oregon. Drive south on Hwy 35 for 12.6 miles to Woodworth Rd. Turn right/west onto Woodworth Rd.

Alex Anderson
117 Saves

MTB on Phil's Trail Single Track

Oregon / Phil's Trail

The Phil's Area Trail System is the go-to trail system for mountain biking in Bend.

Ty Rauber
113 Saves

Snowshoe to Todd Lake

Oregon / Nordic Lodge

It’s so peaceful to be out snowshoeing through the Cascade Mountains. There are views of Mt. Bachelor, the South Sister and Broken Top on a clear day.

Whitney Whitehouse
112 Saves

Backpack to the Base of Mt. Thielsen

Oregon / Mt Thielsen Trailhead

The Trail begins at Mt. Thielsen Trailhead/Sno Park and takes you up through a vast forest of pines. As you ascend, Diamond Lake will slowly start to peak through. Continue straight at mile marker 1.

Talia Touboul
110 Saves

Hike to Sweet Creek Waterfall

Oregon / Sweet Creek Waterfall Traiilhead

Make sure you add this hidden gem to your waterfall chasing plans on your road trip to Oregon. This underrated Oregon waterfall is the perfect hike for the entire family.

Alex Anderson
108 Saves

Hike to the Summit of Mt. McLoughlin

Oregon / Mt. McLoughlin Trailhead

This is not an easy hike, but every step is more than worth it. Unlike Mount Thielsen to the north, this summit requires no scrambling/climbing; it's just a long, steep hike.

Chaney Swiney
108 Saves

Hike Spencer Butte

Oregon / Spencer Butte Parking

Getting There Searching Spencer Butte Trailhead Parking Lot on Google Maps will direct you to exactly where you need to go. From downtown Eugene/ UO you'll drive south on Willamette St.

Emily Schrick
107 Saves

Explore Government Cove

Oregon / Government Cove

From downtown Portland follow I-84 East for about 50 miles until you reach mile marker 51.

Hike the Middle Pyramid

Oregon / Middle Pyramid Trailhead

The Three Pyramids, half as tall as the better-known Three Sisters, are beautiful U-shaped glacial valleys, remnants of the Ice Age.

Zak Stone
104 Saves

Drive the Steens Mountain Loop

Oregon / Steens Mountain Loop

Steens Mountain makes you feel like you are on top of the world. At nearly 10,000ft in elevation and not being well known, the Steens will make you to feel like you’re in a truly remote place.

Jameson Jones
102 Saves

Relax at East Lake Hot Springs

Oregon / East Lake Hot Spring

This 100-120 degree pool is located along the south shore of the lake, with great views of the water. It's not likely to be crowded, although it does have a strong sulfur smell.

Hike to Substitution Point

Oregon / Foley Ridge Trailhead, Oregon

This is a viewless hike until you reach Substitution Point. You are then rewarded with an amazing view. From the trailhead (#3511) you will travel 4.

Zak Stone
102 Saves

Explore Fort Rock State Park

Oregon / Fort Rock

There's a great beginners hike inside the rock crater itself, and if you drive on the dirt road on the south side of the rock you can get to some great vista points and photography spots.

Ryan Blake
100 Saves

Explore Wah Gwin Gwin Falls

Oregon / Wah Gwin Gwin Falls

This tall waterfall can only be seen from above. In order to see the waterfall from the bottom of the falls, you would either need to be on a boat or go along the railroad tracks (not recommended).

Hannah Kemp
100 Saves

Fly Fishing the Metolius

Oregon / Camp Sherman Store

If there were a river in heaven it would be the Metolius. This gem located near Sisters Oregon offers year-round fly-fishing (only) to anyone who wishes to do so.

Jameson Jones
98 Saves

Camp at Scott Lake

Oregon / Scott Lake Campground

Scott Lake Campground is truly a hidden gem off the McKenzie Pass Scenic Drive.

Elliott Kramer
98 Saves

Raft or Kayak the Wild & Scenic Rogue River

Oregon / Wild & Scenic Section Rogue River

The Wild and Scenic Section of the Rogue River is a hidden secret in the Pacific Northwest. This virtually untouched 34-mile section boasts some of the most pristine and secluded scenery in Oregon.

Dan Loch
98 Saves

Backpack to North Lake

Oregon / Wyeth Campground Day Use Area

Park at the Wyeth Trailhead parking lot and start hiking south along the old road bed.

John Chau
98 Saves

Backpack Wallowa River Loop

Oregon / Wallowa Lake Trailhead

This trip begins at the Wallowa Lake Trailhead at the south end of the lake. Permits are free and self-issued at the trailhead. Parking is also free! Follow the West Fork Wallowa Trail (#1820) for 3.

Theresa Silveyra
97 Saves

Bike the Timothy Lake Trail

Oregon / Timothy Lake Loop Trail

Located about 2 hours outside of Portland, Timothy lake is a great home base to adventure from.

David Schelske
96 Saves

Hike Mount Scott

Oregon / East Rim Trail, Crater Lake

The summit of Mount Scott is supposedly the only place where you can fit all of Crater Lake in one camera view! It's the tenth highest peak in the Oregon Cascades, but with it's well-maintained trail.

Amy Lin
96 Saves

Hike to God's Thumb

Oregon / Roads End State Park Parking

From Road's End State Park, map your way to the end of NE Port Street and park on a pull off next to the described gate: on your right you'll see the gate with three skinny trees to the right of it.

Brianna Clark
95 Saves

Photograph Ruckel Creek Falls

Oregon / Eagle Creek Trailhead

Park at the Eagle Creek Trailhead, and backtrack out towards the highway. Take the path to the right and walk alongside the highway for nearly a half mile.

Austin Jackson
95 Saves

The Sisters to Smith Rock Ride

Oregon / "Old West" Sisters

Starting in the "Old West" town of Sisters, Oregon and ending at Smith Rock State Park outside the small town of Terrebonne, this route takes riders past a variety of historical sites, shows the gent.

Michael Graw
94 Saves

Hike Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion

Oregon / Macleay Park Trailhead

Lower Macleay Park is one of most easily accessible trailheads in the city, especially during one of Portland’s rare snow years where even driving up to 500 feet of elevation can challenge your car.

Rachel Davidson
94 Saves

Snowshoe or Cross-Country Ski to Trillium Lake

Oregon / Trillium Lake Winter Pull-Off

Starting at the parking lot for Trillium Lake located right off of Highway 26, go past the locked gate and begin walking downhill. After about a mile, you will see a fork in the road.

Austin Jackson
94 Saves

Backpack to Burnt Lake

Oregon / Burnt Lake Trailhead

After getting your back country permit from a park ranger, you can park your car and head up zig zag mountain. There's a tiny 'parking lot' (lot of dirt) where you park that's right by the trailhead.

Angela Clarke
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Camp at Olallie Lake

Oregon / Paul Dennis Campground

Nestled in the foothills of Mt. Jefferson, Olallie Lake is an awesome summer get away.

Aaron White
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Snowshoe Mt. Hood's White River

Oregon / White River West Sno-Park

The White River West Sno-Park is a hub of winter activities at Mt. Hood. At 4200', this area is easily accessed directly off of Route 35.

Mountain Biking the Deschutes River Trail

Oregon / Deschutes River State Recreation Area

The Deschutes River Trail—an old smooth road really, with a mix of dirt, sand and gravel—is a great mountain bike ride or hike for beginners and experts alike.

David Schelske
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Catch a Sunset at Del Rey Beach

Oregon / Del Rey Beach

Less than 2 hours from Portland, set the GPS to Gearhart, and drive out onto Del Ray Beach for the sunset with your significant other.

Chelsea Gribbin
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Backpack to Devil's Peak and the Seven Lakes Basin

Oregon / Seven Lakes West Trailhead

Starting at at elevation of 5250 feet, the trail climbs steadily from the trailhead for approximately 3.3 miles to pass at 6900 feet.

Abbey Reddy
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Bike around Crater Lake

Oregon / Rim Village Visitor Center, Crater Lake NP

I forgot how large Crater Lake was. Wikipedia said it was only 6 miles in diameter, multiply X 3.14 or C = πd and boom its only 18.84 miles around, that's cake, or pie.

Colton Jacobs
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Hike to Hobart Bluff

Oregon / Hobart Bluff Trailhead

Hobart Bluff is part of the Western Cascades, a range of weathered volcanic mountains that are much older than the High Cascades that most people think of today, the range of Shasta, Rainier, and Hoo.

Chaney Swiney
80 Saves

Mountain Bike the McKenzie River Trail

Oregon / McKenzie River Trail

Mountain biking the McKenzie River Trail should be on every serious mountain biker's to-do list, since this trail has repeatedly been cited as the best mountain biking in the United States.

Michael Graw
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Hike Misery Ridge Loop

Oregon / Smith Rock Parking Area

This hike takes you on a tour of the park, starting out with a steep climb up to the top of the formations and then back down past Monkey Face and to the canyon floor.

Sarah Horn
80 Saves

Hike to Plaikni Falls

Oregon / Plaikni Falls Trailhead

Starting on the Crater Lake East Rim Drive near the Phantom Ship Overlook, take the Pinnacles Road 1.2 miles until you see the Plaikni Falls trailhead on your left.

Lindsey Banks
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Snow Camp at Smith Rock

Oregon / Smith Rock Parking Area

Just 140 miles southeast of Portland, and 27 miles north of Bend, lies a clustering of rocks more prominently referred to as Smith Rock.

Matt Klemsz
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Hike to Moraine Lake Beneath South Sister

Oregon / Moraine Lake Parking, OR

The lake is less than 3 miles from Devils Lake. Starting from the Trail head along Cascade Lakes Highway you gain 1,476 feet of elevation.

Sara Welge
78 Saves

Run or Hike the Outer Loop of Tryon Creek

Oregon / Tryon Creek Nature Center

Tryon Creek State Park has a fantastic, well-maintained trail system that’s a great alternative to Portland’s downtown Washington Park and Forest Park.

Rachel Davidson
76 Saves

Mountain Bike Lava Lands Blackrock Trail to Benham Falls

Oregon / Lava Lands Visitor Center

Blackrock Trail starts at the Lava Lands Visitor Center, which is about a 5-mile drive south of Bend on Highway 97.

Lindsey Banks
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Soak at Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Oregon / Crystal Crane Hot Springs

There are six pools at Crystal Crane, including the well-maintained 100-foot diameter soaking pool, which is kept at 102 degrees ($3.50 day fee), and a number of private tubs ($7.50/hr).

Short Hike to Munson Creek Falls

Oregon / Munson Creek Falls Parking

Located just outside of Tillamook, Oregon, Munson Creek Falls is a must do if you're in the area.

Jameson Jones
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Hike to Wildhorse Lake

Oregon / Steens Summit Trailhead

From a parking area just below the summit of Steens Mountain, this 2.5-mile hike (1.25 each way) descends 1200 feet into a cirque at the head of Wildhorse Canyon to the shores of Wildhorse Lake.

Chaney Swiney
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MTB the Crater Rim Trail

Oregon / Crater Rim Trail

Paulina Peak with an elevation of 7,984 feet, and is about 4,000 feet higher than the terrain surrounding the volcano. There is a gravel fire road that winds to the top.

Ty Rauber
72 Saves

Camp at Leslie Gulch

Oregon / Leslie Gulch

I think that when you decide to travel through Oregon, you anticipate a scenery that surrounds you in luscious green forests and crystal blue rivers that you cannot take your eyes off of.

Mike Sanders
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Winter Backpack to Diamond View Lake

Oregon / Trapper Creek Trailhead

Diamond View Lake is relatively unknown compared to many of the other lakes in the Oregon Cascades, yet the views it delivers of Diamond Peak are top-notch.

Michael Graw
69 Saves

Snowshoe or XC Ski to Watchman Overlook

Oregon / Rim Village Visitor Center, Crater Lake NP

Starting at the Rim Village parking area, this snowshoe/cross-country ski trip (whichever you choose) heads out on snow-covered West Rim Drive, bound for the saddle between Hillman Peak and The Watch.

Chaney Swiney
69 Saves

Bouldering on the Siren

Oregon / The Siren

This boulder is to the right of Garden Variety...if you know then you know. An excellent problem with a lot of movement. Works up the stand alone prow near Garden Variety.

Anthony Svendsen
68 Saves

Climb Rooster Rock

Oregon / Rooster Rock Parking

Head to Rooster Rock State Park off exit 25 on I-84 E in the Columbia River Gorge. Park at the west end of the park. There are multiple paths at the west end of the park heading south to I-84.

Angela B
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Visit the Lady of the Woods at Crater Lake

Oregon / Steel Visitor Center

Start your adventure behind the Steel Visitor Center, halfway between the Mazama Village entrance of Crater Lake National Park and the lake itself.

Cassidy Walker
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Photograph Stateline Wind Farms

Oregon / Gerking Flat Road

Taking a drive off the main highway that connects Umatilla, Oregon to the popular wine town of Walla Walla can lead to some very scenic views of the Stateline Wind Farm.

Roark Nelson
67 Saves

Relax at Ritter Hot Springs

Oregon / Ritter Hot Springs OR

These remote springs are managed by the adjacent hotel, and consist of four small concrete tubs and a pool at the hotel. There are showers available.

Fly Fish Crooked River

Oregon / Prineville Reservoir State Park

Head East out of Bend, Oregon towards Prineville Reservoir State Park and Highway 27, which runs along the Crooked River. It is about an hour outside of Bend.

Lindsey Banks
66 Saves

Hike Lookout Mountain via High Prairie Trailhead

Oregon / High Prairie Trailhead

Lookout Mountain should be the most popular destination in Oregon given its views to effort ratio.

Michael Graw
65 Saves

Post Canyon MTB Trail

Oregon / Post Canyon

By many accounts, Post Canyon has some of the most radical freeride action in the northwest.

Ty Rauber
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Hike the Tumalo Creek Loop

Oregon / Tumalo Falls

This Loop begins at the Tumalo Falls View Point; however, the trail continues for another 3 miles.

Sara Welge
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Hike to the Summit of Fuji Mountain

Oregon / Fuji Mountain Trailhead

Fuji Mountain has been known by mountain bikers for years, since it sits just off the circuit of popular biking routes around Waldo Lake and makes for a notoriously difficult climb on a bike.

Michael Graw
62 Saves

Hike the Summit Trail Loop at Smith Rock

Oregon / Smith Rock Parking Area

Smith Rock State Park is an iconic PNW canyon that's become one of the rock climbing capitals of the country, and known worldwide for its sport climbing routes.

Rachel Davidson
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Watch the Grey Whale Migration at Depoe Bay Scenic Park

Oregon / Depoe Bay Scenic Park

It all started when a man, in my grandad's age, initiated a conversation outside a rest stop just off the coastal highway, 101.

Gordon Li
61 Saves

Hike the John Dellenback Dune Trail

Oregon / John Dellenback Dune Trailhead

I think the greatest appeal of the John Dellenback area is its diversity.

Shannon Kalahan
61 Saves

Backpack to Square and Booth Lakes

Oregon / PCT - Mt. Jefferson Wilderness

This is an easy access, fairly short backpacking trip to a high mountain lake, which is good for kids. A super dusty, dry and smoke permeated trip to the base of Three Fingered Jack.

Chris Anderson
59 Saves

Fly-Fishing the Lower Deschutes River

Oregon / Maupin Oregon

Spending a day on the lower Deschutes is as rewarding as it gets for a fly-fisherman. The canyon is incredibly beautiful, and the fish are some of the most colorful and athletic you can catch.

Jeffrey Green
58 Saves

Sport Climb 5 Gallon Buckets at Smith Rock

Oregon / 5 Gallon Buckets

The huge huecos of 5 Gallon Buckets are often the first piece of rock that a climber touches on his or her first trip to the park. The fun and consistent 5.

Hiking and Fishing at Odell Lake

Oregon / Odell Lake

This spot in central Oregon is a beautiful, natural lake where you can combine a nice hike with an afternoon of fishing.

Mariya Dondonyan
54 Saves

Hike to Frustration Falls

Oregon / Salmon River Trail

The hike and possible rappel to Frustration Falls begins at the Salmon River trailhead right outside of Welches, Oregon. From the trailhead you follow the trail for about 3.

Chad Torkelsen
54 Saves

Snowshoe to the top of Mount Hood's Palmer Ski Lift

Oregon / Timberline Lodge

Ending just a few thousand feet shy of the mountain top, Palmer Lift doesn't start operating until most ski resorts are nearing their close.

Ted S
53 Saves

Ride the Twin Bridges Loop

Oregon / Drake Park

Starting and ending at Drake Park in the heart of downtown Bend, the Twin Bridges Loop is one of the most popular and scenic road cycling routes in Central Oregon.

Brian Heifferon
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Camp at Lava Lake

Oregon / Lava Lake, OR

Beautiful spot to set your tent up for a night or longer.

Nienna Komorebi
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Camp at at Harris Beach SP

Oregon / Harris Beach State Park

Drive north from Brookings Oregon on highway 101. You will see Harris Beach State Park on your left about 500 yards out of town. There is a campground and a day use area.

John Entwistle
53 Saves

Ski or Snowshoe to Fuji Shelter

Oregon / Salt Creek Sno-Park

This is a great and relatively easy winter overnight trip for cross-country skiiers and snowshoers alike into the crest of the Oregon Cascades.

Michael Graw
52 Saves

Winter Camp on Cache Mountain

Oregon / Cache Mountain

Cache Mountain offers amazing views of Mt Jefferson, 3 Fingered Jack, Mt Washington and the North and Middle Sisters.

Aaron Selig
51 Saves

Hike to Gifford Lake

Oregon / Lower Lake Trailhead

Set out at the Lower Lake trailhead along trail #717. After only half a mile the trail opens up to Lower Lake, with views of Olallie Butte.

Isaac Desautels
51 Saves

Summit Diamond Peak

Oregon / Corrigan Lake Trailhead

At 8,743 feet, Diamond Peak is almost as tall as the other iconic volcanoes of the Oregon Cascades, but sees just a fraction of the people.

Michael Graw
51 Saves

Hike Mt. Bachelor Sunrise to Summit

Oregon / Sunrise Lodge Trailhead

The Sunrise to Summit Trail on Mt. Bachelor is the easiest and most straightforward way for peakbaggers to reach the summit of one of Central Oregon’s classic volcano climbs.

Rachel Davidson
50 Saves

Snowshoe to the Mountain View Shelter

Oregon / Maxwell Sno Park

A short hike from the sno-park, the snow shelter is within an hour's reach of the trailhead.

Kyle Glidden
49 Saves

Backpack the Eagle Cap Wilderness Loop

Oregon / East Eagle Creek Trailhead

The top trip in Oregon's Eagle Cap Wilderness takes you in a loop around Eagle Cap, Oregon's 13th tallest peak and through three high mountain passes.

Colin Ayers
49 Saves

McKenzie River Pass Full Day Ride

Oregon / Village Green City Park

The 38 mile McKenzie Pass ride is without a doubt the most spectacular bike ride in the entire state of Oregon.

Hike Paradise Park

Oregon / Timberline Lodge

The hike begins at Timberline Lodge, which sits on Mount Hood at 6,000 feet of elevation.

Explore Fort Clatsop

Oregon / Fort Clatsop Visitor Center

Tucked in a forest within a few minutes drive of Astoria and along the Columbia River, Lewis and Clark National Historic Park is small in size but rich in history.

Jared Blitz
41 Saves

Hike to Indian Point

Oregon / Herman Creek Trailhead

Park at the Herman Creek Trailhead in Cascade Locks 2 miles from the exit. Remember to bring your Northwest Forest pass or a $5 payment to park.

Brianna Clark
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