Olivia Bennett


I've always wanted to go here and when I got there I was speechless, it is so much better in person than in a photo. It is just so beautiful and although there was a lot of people it didn't feel crowded and I got some awesome shots with my fish eye lens. Overall a wonderful experience.


The weather wasn't the best when we went to sunset nook, it was overcast but there was a little light where the sun set. We got a little confused at first at there are lots of switchbacks and little paths but we found it in the end. The views from the nook were breathtaking and it was so peaceful. It was so lovely and I'm so glad I found this on here!

Awesome Hike

It was a good length hike with different scenery. The end of the trail was the best bit as you got to hike up the rocks, on arrival at the top, the bridge was fantastic and you could walk across it. As not many other people (we were there at around 9) were there we got some really good photos. We also hiked underneath it which was spectacular and we caught some cracking shots. Overall an excellent hike.

Wonderful Woodland Walk

This walk was so beautiful. As it is autumn/fall the colours on the trees were magnificent, the deep reds and yellows gave the perfect photo opportunity. I took the fish eye lens for my camera and the outcome was really unique. This is a stunning hike and the crossing of the river was very fun and challenging in some places! Overall a wonderful walk through a stunning woodland.

Best Hike In Sedona

I have done many hikes in Sedona and this one was my favourite. I found the climb quite fun and when you got to the top the views were breathtaking and when you took a little unmarked trail to the left the views only got better. Would recommend as it was simply stunning and the photo opportunities were endless.