The Best Outdoor Activities in Ohio

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Hike & Camp in Hocking Hills, Ohio

Ohio / Hocking Hills Visitor Center

If you find yourself in Ohio, you must stop in Logan and visit the Hocking Hills. This place seems to consistently find itself on lists for the best hiking in the country - and for good reason.

Shanon Wise
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Hike to Brandywine Falls

Ohio / Towpath Trail

CVNP only has one designated camping area with five sites, located behind the Stanford House.

Rachel Miller
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Hike to Blue Hen Falls

Ohio / Blue Hen Falls Trailhead

Within Cuyahoga Valley National Park lies an amazing little waterfall known as Blue Hen Falls. There are few parking spots at the given address but there is an overflow lot right across the street.

Cameron Kennedy
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Hike to Old Man's Cave

Ohio / Hocking Hills State Park Visitor Center

Take the Rim Trail in Hocking Hills State Park, which descends into the deep gorge and takes you alongside a stream as you head towards a number of cascades and interesting rock faces.

Hike the Ledges Trail

Ohio / Ledges Trailhead

Drive and park in the area shown on the map. If you are in the parking lot near a big open field, you made it to the right place. There are two ways to take the trail from here, south or north.

Andrew Gacom
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Camp at Kiser Lake

Ohio / Kiser Lake State Park

This pet-friendly park has some great sites for lakeside camping, all on the east-end of the lake, giving campers a great view of the sunset.

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Hike to Cedar Falls

Ohio / Cedar Falls Trailhead

Located on Queer Creek in Hocking Hills State Park, the popular 50 ft-Cedar Falls still tends to be less crowded than Old Man's Cave.

Hike the Gorge at Conkle's Hollow

Ohio / Conkle's Hollow State Nature Preserve

Starting from the parking lot, cross the small foot bridge before coming to where the trail splits. You will have 3 options (straight, left or right).

Matt Huber
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Hike the Bridal Veil Falls and Tinkers Creek Loop

Ohio / Bridal Veil Falls Parking Lot

This popular waterfall and gorge in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park are linked by an easy, well-maintained trail.

Hike up Brandywine Creek to Brandywine Falls

Ohio / Brandywine Falls Trailhead

You first park in the Brandywine Falls picnic area shown there on the map. There are three ways you go can go right off the start. You want to take the trail to the left named the "Stanford Trail.

Andrew Gacom
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Hike the Scout Trail at Oak Openings Preserve

Ohio / Oak Openings Preserve Metropark

The Scout Trail at Oak Openings Preserve Metropark in Swanton, Ohio is an easy hike that covers a lot of beautiful ground! I love this hike and do it several times each season (REALLY recommend the f.

Rachel Miller
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Explore Ohio Caverns

Ohio / Ohio Caverns

Ohio Caverns is a locally owned private establishment with guided tours through the cave system that lies beneath the rolling farmland of Central Western Ohio.

Dan Barr
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Hike Towpath Trail, Cuyahoga Valley NP

Ohio / Towpath Trailhead

The trail starts just south of Indigo Lake along the Towpath Trail near Akron. Head north on the cinder towpath towards Indigo Lake and past the beaver marsh all along the Cuyahoga River.

Mallory McCrea
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Hike the Gorge Trail Loop

Ohio / West Gorge Trail

This is a lovely 2 mile hike along Mill Creek. We parked by Lake Newport and started off on the West Gorge Trail toward the Mill.

Adam Ryan
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Hike to Cedar Cliff Falls

Ohio / Indian Mound Reserve Parking Lot

Starting from the Indian Mound Reserve parking lot, follow the private drive back until the signs indicate to follow the trail through the woods to the right, about 1/4 mile.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Pleasant Hill Lyons Falls Loop

Ohio / Pleasant Hill Trailhead

To get to this trail you can go to the Dam that is a part of Pleasant Hill Lake and there is a parking area across the street.

Kristie Reisig
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Explore Ash Cave

Ohio / Ash Cave

Getting to Ash Cave is extremely easy with a short quarter-mile hike from the parking area; there's also a rim trail above the cave that adds 90 feet of elevation and some extra distance.

Jason Hatfield
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Hike Clifton Gorge

Ohio / Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve Parking Lot

The entirety of this hike is within the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve, a protected park with strict restrictions on off-trail travel with pets prohibited.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Shawnee Ridge Trail

Ohio / Great Seal State Park

Starting at the northern parking lot, head south along the Shawnee Ridge Trail. Several spur and loop trails intersect the trail along the 10 mile out-and-back hike.

Dan Barr
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Hike to Irish Run Natural Bridge

Ohio / Archer's Fork Trailhead

To begin, park next to the cemetery located on T-411 in Wayne National Forest. The trail begins on the north side of the cemetery and leads into the woods from there.

Dan Barr
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Explore the Rock House

Ohio / Rock House Parking Lot

From the Rock House parking lot, follow the trail for 0.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Cantwell Cliffs Loop

Ohio / Cantwell Cliffs Parking

Cantwell Cliffs is one of the more northern units of the overall Hocking Hills State Park Region. Located off of OH SR 374, a short 0.

Dan Barr
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Kayak Put-in-Bay

Ohio / Oak Point State Park

This is a fun, short trip.  Could be completed in about 30 minutes and rentals are available if you cannot supply your own kayaks.  The island is small, with adequate cliffs.

Andrew Bidwell
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Hike the Salt Run Trail

Ohio / Salt Run Trailhead, Pine Hollow

The Salt Run Trail, which passes through alternating woodlands, meadows, and hills, tends to be less crowded than other popular hikes in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Hike Chippewa Creek

Ohio / Chippewa Creek Gorge Overlook

Park at the Chippewa Gorge Scenic Overlook and then take the trail south into the woods. About 1/4 mile in just past the covered picnic tables, there will be a slope to the left.

Andrew Gacom
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Hike the Overlook-Dripping Rock Loop

Ohio / Highbanks Metro Park

Starting at the nature center near the entrance of the park, the 2.5 mile long Dripping Rock Trail heads off in two directions, to the south and to the west.

Dan Barr
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Hike through Scioto Grove Metro Park

Ohio / Scioto Grove Metro Park

New in May 2016, the Scioto Grove Metro Park has about 600 acres of land in Grove City, OH. There are more than 7 total miles of connecting trails as well as picnic areas and jungle gyms.

Matt Huber
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Hike the Sagamore Creek Loop

Ohio / Alexander Bike Lot and Trailhead

This hike features a small waterfall, as well as views along and above the creek. The trail involves one creek crossing. A trail map is available here. Photo Credit: Ken Lund

Hike Nelson Kennedy Ledges

Ohio / Nelson Ledges Parking

Starting at the the parking lot off of OH SR 282, cross the road and you'll arrive at the base of the conglomerate cliffs that give the park its name.

Dan Barr
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Hike to Linda Falls

Ohio / Alexander Bike Lot and Trailhead

Start out on All Purpose Trail, then take Buckeye Trail to the falls. The trail will lead alongside the ravine before reaching Linda Falls.

Hike the Buckeye Towpath Loop

Ohio / Boston Store Visitor Center

Plan to park at the Boston Store Visitor Center.

Rachel Miller
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Hike the North Rim of the Little Miami River

Ohio / John Bryan Lower Parking Lot

Starting at the lower parking lot, follow the signs that direct you to the trails near the shelterhouse. Within 0.

Dan Barr
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Explore the Teegarden-Centennial Covered Bridge

Ohio / Teegarden-Centennial Covered Bridge

History behind Teegarden-Centennial Covered Bridge: Teegarden-Centennial Covered Bridge was built in 1876. It was in use until 1992 and then later restored in 2003.

Cameron Kennedy
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Fossil Hunt at Caesar Creek

Ohio / Caesar Creek State Park Spillway

The location of the fossil hunt is within the emergency spillway of the Caesar Creek Dam. Once there, simply look at the ground and at any rocks in the vicinity.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Darby Creek Trail

Ohio / Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Parking at the Whispering Oaks Picnic Area on the west side of the park, start on the Darby Greenway Trail and follow it north across the river until you reach the beginning of the Lake View Trail.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Headland Dunes

Ohio / Headland Dunes Parking Area

From the parking lots at the far eastern end of Headlands Beach State Park, head to the sign for the Headland Dunes State Nature Preserve, and follow the trail marked with white painted T-posts.

Dan Barr
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Camp at Morgan's Riverside Campground

Ohio / Morgan's Campground

The camping spots at Morgan's are right along the Little Miami River, making it a peaceful and beautiful place to camp. There are more than 50 sites to camp at.

Katie Johnstone
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Hike into Hell Hollow

Ohio / Hell Hollow Parking Lot

From the trailhead, follow the Beech Ridge Loop Trail to the stairs for a 1/4 mile to the stairs that descend down into Hell Hollow.

Dan Barr
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Hike to Ansel's Cave

Ohio / The West Woods

The beginning of the hike to Ansel's Cave starts at The West Woods parking lot next to the visitor center. From there, follow the signs noting the Ansel Cave Trail.

Dan Barr
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Hike Lake Hope's Peninsula Trail

Ohio / Lake Hope Parking

Situated in the long-forgotten coal and iron country of Ohio, Lake Hope is a beautiful combination of Ohio's rugged Appalachian foothills and tranquil shoreline.

Dan Barr
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Rock Climb at John Bryan SP

Ohio / John Bryan State Park Climbing Parking

If you are new to climbing, someone who really enjoys toprope climbing or if you live in west central Ohio and are looking to climb somewhere within a reasonable driving distance, John Bryan State Pa.

Katie Johnstone
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Photograph Honey Run Waterfall

Ohio / Honey Run Parking Lot

Getting to Honey Run Falls is incredibly easy! There are two parking lots for the park, one on the west side of the road for the Honey Run Highlands, and one on the east side of the road in the fores.

Dan Barr
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Bike along the Cuyahoga River via Lock 39 Trailhead

Ohio / Lock 39 Trailhead

The best way to tack the Towpath Trail along the remains of the Ohio and Erie Canal is by peddling it.

Michael Wigle
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Photograph Clear Fork Gorge

Ohio / Mohican State Park Gorge Overlook Parking Lot

The hardest part of this adventure is finding parking, especially on a late October afternoon.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Darby Creek Greenway

Ohio / Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

Starting your hike from the Cedar Ridge Picnic Area, head north along the Darby Creek Greenway, a well-maintained gravel path that is a multi-use trail alongside cyclists and trail runners.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Shoreline-Lakeview Loop

Ohio / Lake Erie Bluffs Parking Area

Starting at the parking lot next to Lake Erie Bluffs brand new 50-foot tall lakefront observation tower, follow the yellow signs noting the Shoreline Trail, a 0.

Dan Barr
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Hike to Rose Lake

Ohio / Hocking Hills Visitor Center

Starting at the main parking lot for Old Man's Cave and the Hocking Hills, follow the Gorge Overlook Trail from the Visitor's Center, staying on top of the rim. About 0.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Quarry Rim-Chestnut Trail

Ohio / Blackhand Gorge Parking

Starting at the eastern trailhead off of Gratiot Rd, follow the paved Blackhand Trail for 0.2 mile till you arrive at the sign of the Quarry Rim Trail, a 0.

Dan Barr
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Photograph Mt. Jeez

Ohio / Mt. Jeez Overlook

While it might not seem like much, Mt. Jeez stands 1,310' feet above sea level, making it one of the higher "peaks" in Ohio.

Dan Barr
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Bike the Blackhand Trail

Ohio / Blackhand Gorge Parking

Both the eastern and western trailhead have ample parking and access to the Blackhand Trail, which winds its way along the banks of the Licking River for a 4.3 mile one way trip.

Dan Barr
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Hike to Ramona Lake

Ohio / Creekside Meadows Parking Lot

Starting at the Creekside Meadows Parking Lot, follow the Creekside Meadows Trail for 0.3 of a mile until it forks into two trails.

Dan Barr
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Run the Ironweed Trail in Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Ohio / Glacier Ridge Metro Park

From the main entrance on the north side of the park, the Ironweed Trail connects the northern, more wooded section of the park with the wetlands to the south. This 2.

Dan Barr
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Visit Campbell Hill

Ohio / Campbell Hill Parking Lot

One of the easiest of the 50 State Highpoints in the United States to visit, Campbell Hill sits just outside Bellefountaine (pronounced Bell-fountain), Ohio.

Dan Barr
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Hike the Pew Island Trail, Indian Lake

Ohio / Pew Island Trailhead

I hiked this trail on a very cold, blustery day. A winter storm was blowing in across the ice and temperatures were downright frigid.

Bernadette John
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Hike to Contour Falls

Ohio / Station Road Bridge Trailhead

This hike begins at the trail-head of Cuyahoga National Park. Once arrived, you will cross a bridge overlooking the Cuyahoga River.

Zakk Sheehan
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