Camp in the Flåm Valley

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A small town situated on the edge of the Aurland Fjord, this valley is filled with waterfalls and great views. Spend a night or two while exploring what the town has to offer (which is a lot, might I add).

With a river running straight through town, there are several places to camp, and even more the farther you travel up Flåmsdalsvegen, the main road running up through town and up into the mountains. A beautiful harbor from the stresses of the real world, you'll melt down into this valley with ease. Make sure you have your provisions taken care of, however. There is only a small grocery in town that runs out of food pretty quickly. When prepared for a hike, walk up Flåmsdalsvegen and it'll turn into a gravel road that takes you through twists and turns featuring small satellite villages and communities. Or, ask some locals about the trails that surround the fjord. For camping, there are no permits required, but there is a fee. Check out their website for more details.


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