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Niobe Burden-Austere

One of my first hikes in the Garmish area. Absolutely beautiful gorge that winds into the mountains. We had bikes and rode to the beginning of the gorge which made it more pleasant. This is likely one of the most popular hikes in Garmish so start early. Also at the end of the gorge there are hiking trails that take you further into the mountains or to your left and up is a trail that circles back to the beginning above the gorge which is a great option to return. It gives you a different perspective peeking down into the gorge and admiring the overhanging trees....and much fewer people!

Agree with Leigh-Anne completely about "perfect weather means LOADS of tourists".....this is not an off-the beaten path spot. But it is beautiful and even better when the weather isn't perfect and the scenery is vibrant and fewer people are inclined to be there. Another tip would be to rent a row boat in Konigsee for a few hours and row along the shoreline....the scene is magnificient!