Nina Trdan

Unike nature

I love Bled's unique nature, especially the one of kind island with it's recognizable little church. It's a pity you get around the lake so fast. The paths are also great for biking or rollerblading. The most annoying thing is that there are many peope during sunny days. During summer is great to take a ride with a boat as it's sad above, if you really want to feel the tradition of Bled, you should take the traditional Pletna boat.

Beat of the wild

The nature at Plitvice is amazing! You can really feel the beat of the wild. If you can manage to avoid the crowd and listen with your ears and eyes it's also possible to see some of the wildlife, like water snakes or rare birds. There are so many possible paths to walk around, it can last for hours. Definitely worth a visit!