Backpack to El Altar

Local Ecuadorian outdoorspeople constantly tout El Altar as the best place in Ecuador for outdoor adventure.  Ecuador’s 5th highest peak, El Altar (17,451 ft.

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Discover an Andean Playground at Tierra del Volcán

UPDATE: as of August 2017, Cotopaxi is open again to climbing.Though only Ecuador’s second-tallest peak, Cotopaxi (19,347 ft.), the world’s tallest active volcano, is certainly its most iconic.

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Climb Volcan Cayambe

Cayambe is Ecuador’s third tallest peak and is often recommended as an excellent mountain for first-time mountaineers looking to gain glacier travel and high-altitude climbing experience.

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Backpack to Grand Park in the Olympics

The beauty of many of the north coast trails in the Olympic Peninsula is that your car does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

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Hike to Humes Ranch

When Whiskey Bend Road turns off of the fabled US-101 along the remote Olympic Peninsula's northern coast, it climbs along the Elwha River--an incredible testament to nature's restorative abilities.

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Hike the Pipestone Canyon Rim Trail Loop

The Methow Valley in north-central Washington is magical for myriad reasons—the dry powder and bluebird days of winter, the hot high-desert days of summer, stunning views of the North Cascades Mounta.

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Ski Washington Pass

Because the North Cascades highway usually closes from November to May due to heavy snow and huge slides that bury the road, few people expend the energy to get there, meaning it's one of the only pl.

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Backpack to North Lake via Independence Lake

North Lake is everything you could want in a subalpine lake: emerald green hues, cold, clear water, lots of brook trout and far from cell-phone reception.

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Backpack the Cutthroat Lakes

Along the Mountain Loop Highway, past the crowds crawling over Mt. Pilchuck, lies the muddy, unkempt Walt Bailey Trail into a verdant subalpine basin speckled with tiny tarns.

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Winter Backpack on Mt. Roothaan

The Selkirk Mountains in northern Idaho don’t see nearly as many visitors as neighboring ranges in Washington and Montana, but it’s not for a lack of scenery and rugged backcountry. Mt.

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Summit Mount Ellinor

Hikers who reach the summit of Mount Ellinor are treated to a rarer view of Olympic National Park, one that is notably more immersive, rugged and dynamic than the common vista from Hurricane Ridge.

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Backpack the Chisos Mountains

Most people don’t know that there are 8,000-foot peaks in Texas, but in the exceptionally remote southwest corner of the Lone Star State, Big Bend National Park’s Chisos Mountains soar high over the .

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Winter Backpack to Lake Anne Ridge

Arrive at the upper ski resort parking lot (approx. 4300 feet elev.) and snowshoe, skin, or split board up.

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Hike to Summit Lake

Summit Lake, nestled in a small basin just north of Mt. Rainier National Park in the Clearwater Wilderness, has everything a hiker could want in a day-hike or easy overnight backpack.

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Hike Through History Along the Elwha River

The Elwha River Trail cuts south into the heart of Olympic National Park along a densely forested valley, following the same route taken by some of the earliest explorers of the Olympic Peninsula at .

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Backpack Spider Gap to Buck Creek Pass

Backpacking the Spider Gap to Buck Creek Pass Loop in the Glacier Peak Wilderness is no easy task, but yields some of the most spectacular views found in Washington.

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Adventuring in the Frenchman Coulee

Occupying a cluster of desert canyons and mesas perched atop the cliffs overlooking the eastern bank of the mighty Columbia River, the Frenchman Coulee is a rock climber’s paradise.

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Backpack to Lake Angeles

Lake Angeles is, rightfully, a popular day hike and overnight backpacking option, as its one of the larger, more accessible lakes in Olympic National Park.

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Backpack the High Divide and 7 Lakes Basin

A day spent plying the trails of the High Divide in Olympic National Park changes an outdoorsman.

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Winter Hike to Gothic Basin

Start out hiking from Barlow Pass. The first mile begins on an old logging road that passes along the Sauk River.

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Hike to Blue Lake, WA

Blue Lake is a fantastic alpine lake along a moderate trail in the sawtooth North Cascades, featuring views of some of the most impressive peaks in the range. A 4.

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Hiking Patterson Mountain

The Patterson Mountain loop is the perfect way for a beginner to intermediate hiker to get acquainted with the arid eastern slope of the North Cascades. This 3.

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