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  • New Zealand

    One of our favorite places on the planet, New Zealand's beaches, mountains, fjords and plains will leave you speechless any time of year. The Southern Alps are home to some incredible hiking and trekking (or tramping, as the locals say). On the north island, find world class surf in Raglan, volcanic trekking on Tongariro, and emerald water in Coromandel.

    Top Spots in and near New Zealand

    • Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

      Climb to the Top of Eldrig Peak

      The track to the Eldrig Peak tops begins from a small parking area on the Borland Road a few kilometers above Borland Lodge. The Borland Road is normally open in summer but it is best to call the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre to confirm - 03 249 7924. The road is dirt and gravel but a tw...
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    • Fox River, New Zealand

      Hike to the Ballroom Overhang

      6.2 mi
      The first part of the walk is the same as the Fox river caves. You'll find a great description in this adventure: Hike to the Fox River Caves.As you don't go in the caves, our journey begins at the big river crossing. Of course, you'll need to be careful and use your own judgement when you cross ...
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    • Picton, New Zealand

      Mountain Bike Punga Cove to Anakiwa

      27.7 mi / 1476.4 ft gain
      The easiest way to get to Punga Cove to start this ride is parking in Picton and getting a water taxi for you and your bike out to Punga Cove. From there you will be able to pick up the track and start riding. At the end of the trip, after you reach Anakiwa, there is a water taxi there that can g...
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    • Sandymount, New Zealand

      Hike the Sandymount Circuit

      1.6 mi / 341.2 ft gain
      NOTE: Track is closed September 1 to October 15 for the lambing season. If you're one of the lucky ones that have time to squeeze Dunedin into your adventure packed road trip around New Zealand... then you obviously have to make time to visit the Otago Peninsula! Sandymount is a stunning reserve ...
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    • Stewart Island, New Zealand

      Backpack the Rakiura Track

      19.9 mi / 656.2 ft gain
      Of the nine Great Walks in New Zealand (will be ten at the end of 2019), two are a loop and the Rakiura Track is one of them. That makes planning a huge portion of the trip much easier since you don't have to worry about a ride back to your car. The best part about this Great Walk is that you can...
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    • Kinloch, New Zealand

      Day Hike the Routeburn North Branch

      To access the Routeburn North Branch, you start out from the Routeburn Shelter and head along the Routeburn Track towards Routeburn Flats Hut (6.5km). At the hut, cross the wide but shallow North Branch to pick up the poled route on the other side that leads through the last of the Routeburn flat...
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    • Wellington, New Zealand

      Te Ahumairangi Hill

      A short 20min walk up Te Ahumairangi is worth it to see the fantastic views from the viewing platform. Great spot for running too. Track doesn't get too much use so it's perfect for a little escape from people despite being so close to the CBD.
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    • Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

      Winter Mountaineering in Arthur's Pass

      Several mountaineering routes start right off the road in Arthur's Pass making it a great alpine training ground with nearly endless opportunities. Many of the routes are just hiking routes in summer, but in winter snow piles up to transform them into steep, exposed and exciting climbs. I will ou...
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    • Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand

      Hike the Mount Robert Circuit

      5.6 mi / 1902.9 ft gain
      Nelson Lakes National Park is famous for the overnight trip to Lake Angelus Hut, but without the right experience it is a dangerous track. So a simpler alternative is the Mount Robert Circuit which can be done as a day tramp or turn it into an awesome backpacking trip by staying at Bushline Hut. ...
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    • Aramoana, New Zealand

      Hunt for Mussels in Aramoana

      Starting from Dunedin, take highway 88 toward Port Chalmers. Once there, take a left to Macandrew road, which will eventually become aramoana road. This drive takes you past a few bays, drive all the way right up to the end of the road, past Heyward Point. The drive itself is quite windy with sha...
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    • Puponga, New Zealand

      Hike the Beaches of Farewell Spit

      2.5 mi / 131.2 ft gain
      Although the drive seems to be taking you to the end of the earth, reaching the Farewell Spit is just a 2 hour drive north of Nelson, and just an hour past Motueka. The aptly named Farewell Spit Cafe was a good starting point, with a great vista of the sand spit and information on tracks and trai...
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    • Glendhu Bay, New Zealand

      Hike the Skyline Track

      11.8 mi / 4000 ft gain
      The Roys Peak carpark is an accessible trailhead 10 minutes outside of Wanaka that rewards anyone willing to spend a few hours slogging their way uphill with EPIC views of Lake Wanaka, the surrounding mountain ranges, and Aspiring National Park in the distance. For those who are interested in som...
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    • Rotorua, New Zealand

      Experience the Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley in Rotorua

      Geyers and hot springs and silica formations, oh my! Te Puia is the site where you can see these amazing wonders up close (but not too close!), while learning about the location history, Maori culture and scientific details.  Great experience for the adults and kids alike, and the nature walk...
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    • Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

      Visit Mt. John Observatory

      This is a 1032m peak with amazing scenery is surrounded by the beautiful Lake Tekapo. Keep in mind that it gets very windy the higher you go. There is an entry fee for vehicles and tours of the observatory are available. 
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    • Fox Glacier, New Zealand

      Heli Ice Climb on Fox Glacier

      2.5 mi / 980 ft gain
      Fox Glacier is one of the most remote, yet awesome places to visit on New Zealand's wild west coast of the South Island.  The weather here is extreme; it changes daily and the heavy rainfall paves the way for incredible green landscapes and native birds. The glacier rises above the township and i...
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    • North Block Road, New Zealand

      Hike to Sunrise Hut

      6 mi / 2200 ft gain
      While on my trip in New Zealand I hiked to many of the amazing mountain huts. I loved them all for comfort, stunning views, and great experience. Most overnight trips require either reservation on doc.govt.nz website, some are first come first serve basis, as long as you have the ticket with you....
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