The Best Outdoor Activities in Nevada

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Hike to Goldstrike Hot Springs

Nevada / Gold Strike Hot Springs Trailhead

The first mile is flat and deceivingly easy as you walk under a highway bridge and in between looming canyon walls. But don't get too comfortable -- at around the 1.

Kelly Park
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Hike to the Fire Wave

Nevada / The Fire Wave

Once a secret unmarked location The Fire Wave has quickly become a huge draw for park visitors in The Valley of Fire.

Derrick Lytle
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Exploring Nevada's Pastel Canyon

Nevada / Pastel Canyon

Pastel Canyon or Pink Canyon is part of wash no.

Derrick Lytle
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Hike Red Rock's Ice Box Canyon

Nevada / Ice Box Canyon Trailhead

Red Rock Canyon is about 30-45 minutes outside of Las Vegas and is the perfect little get away from the noise of Sin City; however, it will still be slightly infested with tourists.

Spud Groshong
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Explore Elephant Rock, NV

Nevada / Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock is a beautiful red sandstone arch right at the West Entrance of Nevada's first state park, The Valley of Fire. Elephant Rock is easy to find. From I-15 take exit 75 and travel west.

Derrick Lytle
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Photographing Rainbow Vista

Nevada / Rainbow Vista Trail

Rainbow Vista is located in the heart of Nevada's Valley of Fire State Park and only a short drive, north on I-15 out of Las Vegas.

Derrick Lytle
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Hike Calico Tanks at Red Rock Canyon

Nevada / Calico Tanks Trailhead

Enjoy a easy scenic hike in this beautiful Nevada desert hike. Great for beginners who are willing to climb a little.

Janice Robertson
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Summit Mt. Charleston

Nevada / North Loop/Trail Canyon Trail

Escape the heat and ditch the bright lights of Las Vegas and hike to the summit of Mt. Charleston.

Brenda Lin
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Camp at Wheeler Peak Campground in Great Basin NP

Nevada / Wheeler Peak Campground

Located on the Nevada/Utah border about 4 hours from Salt Lake City, it's a hidden gem! Wheeler Peak is Nevada's second highest mountain at just over 13000ft and provides the backbone of the park.

Jason Shepherd
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Hike the White Domes Trail in Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada / White Dome Trail Parking Lot

The White Domes Loop Trail is at the end of Mouse's Tank Road. Travel north from the visitor center until you get to the White Domes Parking Lot.

Jake Young
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Exploring Cathedral Gorge SP

Nevada / Cathedral Gorge SP Campground

Cathedral Gorge seems like a hidden gem. There aren't many people who visit so if you go, you should have plenty of room to do as you wish.

Zach Rogers
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Hike the Pinnacle Loop in the Valley of Fire

Nevada / Pinnacle Loop Trailhead

Pinnacle Loop is an unmaintained poorly marked trail leading to a cluster of sandstone towers, hidden close to some of the more popular areas of the Valley of Fire like Atlatl Rock and a campground.

Derrick Lytle
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Trail Running in Red Rocks Nevada

Nevada / White Rock Trailhead

Red Rocks's Nevada (officially Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area) has long been one of our favorite climbing destinations.

Matt & Agnes Hage
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Explore Nevada's Ward Charcoal Ovens

Nevada / Ward Charcoal Ovens

The Ward Charcoal Ovens are a unique photo location with some of the darkest night skies in the country.

Derrick Lytle
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Hiking Charlie's Spring in The Valley of Fire

Nevada / Charlie Spring

Charlie's Spring is a small oasis in the Valley of Fire State Park just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The unmarked trail is flat and follows a wash for 2.

Derrick Lytle
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Camp at Arch Rock Campground in Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada / Arch Rock Campground

Arch Rock Campground is first come first serve campground in Valley of Fire State Park. It is the more "primitive" of the two campsites in the park.

Jake Young
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Bike the Cowboy Trails Near Red Rocks Canyon

Nevada / Fossil Ridge Rd, NV

The Cowboy Trails offer a perfect break from climbing in Red Rock Canyon or a night on the Town in Las Vegas. You will need to be as tough as a cowboy (or cowgirl) to ride these trails.

Jake Young
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Hike to Mouse's Tank in Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada / Petroglyph Canyon Trail

This short hike takes you through a red sandstone canyon covered in beautiful Native American rock art.

Jake Young
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Hike the Bowl of Fire in the Muddy Mountains Wilderness

Nevada / Bowl of Fire Trail

The Bowl of Fire, tucked away in the Muddy Mountains Wilderness, is made up of the same dramatic conglomerate as that of the Valley of Fire, only almost no-one stops to visit as they blitz by on Nort.

Josiah Roe
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Hike to Pink Canyon in Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada / Valley of Fire - Pink Canyon

Valley of Fire is a place that will exceed your expectations. It’s kind of small but packs a punch.

Nicole Atkins
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Bouldering at Kraft Boulders, Red Rock

Nevada / Kraft Boulders Parking Lot and Trailhead

Drive through Calico Basin near Red Rock Canyon Conservatory Area, and park at the end of the road. (The parking lot is pinpointed above)  Once you're out of your car, you'll see the Cube.

Trevor Cox
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Camp at Boxcar Cove

Nevada / Boxcar Cove

The shoreline of "Lake" Mead is what you would expect of a large, man-made reservoir with fluctuating water levels (muddy & unpleasant), but that is not to say that the Lake Mead National Recreation .

Josiah Roe
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Summit Wheeler Peak

Nevada / Upper Lehman Creek Trailhead

Not a feat for the faint of heart. You have to want this one. Especially if you are dealing with intermittent patches of snow.

Mike Quine
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Camp at Angel Lake in the Ruby Mountains

Nevada / Angel Lake Campground

Angel Lake is a gem of a campground located just south of Wells, Nevada. Most people drive right by on I-80 on their way through but its definitely worth stopping for.

Jess Curren
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Rock Climb the Black Corridor

Nevada / Red Rocks

This is a popular area for beginners and intermediate rope climbers. The corridor is sheltered from the wind, which makes it climbable year-round (but bring a light jacket!).

Lauren Foltz
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Visit the Shoe Tree of Middlegate

Nevada / The Shoe Tree of Middlegate

Normally I wouldn't agree with thousands of shoes hanging from a beautiful tree, but the story behind the Middlegate Shoe Tree is too meaningful not to enjoy.

Alex Anderson
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Rock Climb at Red Rock Conservation Area

Nevada / Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The official address for Red Rock Conservation area for you GPS travelers is: 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161.  Head into the park, and you'll be on the one way Scenic Loop Drive.

Trevor Cox
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Hike the Prospect Trail in the Valley of Fire

Nevada / Prospect Trail

Coming from the adventure guide map you can buy at the Visitors Center, which you should do, they describe the Prospect Trail in the following: "Hikers and equestrians enjoy 5.

Jared Blitz
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Hike the Bristlecone and Glacier Trail in Great Basin NP

Nevada / Bristlecone Parking Lot

Great Basin National Park is known for its unparalleled dark skies and stunning display of ancient Bristlecone Pines.

Sarah Levant
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Hike or Trail Run White Rock to Willow Springs

Nevada / White Rock Trailhead

This hike is located along the 13 mile scenic drive in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. To enter the park you will need to pay a $7.00 entry fee per car (or $3.00 fee per bike).

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Hike to Granite Peak

Nevada / Granite Peak Trailhead

To reach the trail, drive up Hinkey Summit Road from Paradise Valley (the road is pretty rough--make sure your spare tire is inflated). The trailhead is right at the top.

Sam B
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Camp at Upper Lehman Creek Campground, Great Basin NP

Nevada / Upper Lehman Creek Campground, NV

Great Basin National Park is located just a few miles east of the Nevada/Utah border in White Pine County. This beautiful park lies approximately 4.

Mayson Algeyer
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Hike the Cathedral Gorge Loop

Nevada / Cathedral Gorge SP Campground

As you drive north up Great Basin Highway, you will pass the teeny town of Panaca before seeing the Cathedral Gorge State Park Visitor's Center on the left side of the road.

Mariah Dyer
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