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Unfortunately my phone broke a day after this and I never uploaded my photos, but I will remember this day forever. I had never been snorkeling before and I had so much fun. It was quite crowded and yes you have to pay to get in, but a lot of Hawaii is free, so I considered it very worth it. It wasn't so crowded in the water that I was kicking people all of the time, but the beach was quite crowded, but thankfully I spent most of my time in the water! Good changing rooms. -Smart that if you have been here before (in the past year) you don't have to sit through the video and presentation another time, you just have to add your name to a list.

I was fortunate enough to stay within walking distance to this beach when I came here for vacation. It wasn't super crowded and the water is insanely beautiful. I spent several days relaxing here. Great views!

Definitely wear water shoes, basically have to walk on rocks to get out anywhere. Shallow areas for younger kids. It wasn't too crowded on a weekday during the day.

Didn't see this was already on here, so wrote my own adventure of it: Ehukai/Sunset Pillbox Hike on Oahu’s North Shore This hike starts behind the Sunset Elementary School. It took my friend and me about 1 hour to do the entire thing and then hike back down. There are 2 pillboxes. I am pretty sure the 2nd pillbox is technically on private property so I won’t go into getting to that one; people do hike to it though. This hike gives way to several unobstructed views of Ehukai Beach and the North Shore coastline. It feels like the blue is endless; the colors of the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii are mesmerizing! During this hike you will encounter a lot of tree roots and rocks. If it’s rained recently, I would think this would get ugly due to the inclines and mud. Sometimes there are ropes along the route to help you not slip around as much. You start in a wooded setting and quickly make your way up. Eventually, you’ll arrive to a picnic table; take a break and soak in the views! Start back at it and you’ll get to the pillbox (on your left). You can walk right onto the first pillbox and you can walk into the old military bunker too. Directions/tips: Set GPS to Sunset Elementary School. Park there and the trail will be on your left. There are bathrooms across from the start of the hike. Wear trail shoes or hiking boots. If you are like me and love all frozen things, be sure to check out https://matsumotoshaveice.com/ while you are on the North Shore. It’s world famous and delicious! Be ready for a long line though.

Very much worth a visit; insanely beautiful backdrop. Quick stop, we probably only spent 30 minutes or so here, but it was a good place to learn a few things, take in views, and be reminded of different culltures.

Probably my favorite hike I did on Oahu! Woke up early and did it for sunrise; bring a headlamp/light if you do this. Insane views. Parking was a bit of a pain, go early and on a week day if you can! Lots of people, but so worth it!

This used to be less well known, but because of "stay at home" and covid, it's much more popular since people are exploring their own backyards again, which I guess is a good thing, but makes for more crowds! The first time I came here I couldn't believe the color of the water, it looks like you are in the Caribbean! It's beautiful, there are monarchs flying all around you, and it's an easy hike.  If you come here just for this hike take the time to drive into Cedarburg and wander around their downtown. It's really cute! Lots of options for coffee or a meal, including Fiddleheads Coffee!

I hosted my sister's bachelorette party here years ago; we camped, hiked and did a homemade scavenger hunt. I love this park. We did the Stephens' Falls Trail, which is a super quick hike that features a pretty waterfall.   Summer in WI means bad bugs, especially near water.  Lake is nice to swim in!

Devil's Lake is one of the best (but also most crowded) state parks in WI. The views on this hike are wonderful, but like I said before, the park and this hike are crowded. Wear good shoes. Soak in the views! Insanely beautiful in the fall. Once I did the hike with a friend who had a medium sized dog and sometimes the dog had to be lifted because of the large rocks.