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RN who loves the outdoors, exploring, and appreciating what mother nature offers us. Into The Office, sustainability, reading, traveling, and spending time with my loved ones.

Awesome beach! If you have a friend w military credentials you can get in all week long. Beautiful beach! Plenty of space to walk around or just lay on the beach! Not a ton of parking, would guess it fills up quick on weekends.

Perfect beach to spend a half day/ full day at! I love half moon bay and this beach was wonderful!

I don’t think a bad beach exists on Kauai! This one is beautiful! Plus it’s in a fun town/city to explore!

This is a wonderful stop! Cool area to explore, plus the Octupus Tree is a lot of fun. Love the Oregon coast!

Haven't camped here, but spent some time here. It's a nice state park. Beautiful lake. Did a fun hike here. You hear horror stories about what people do in the lake during spring break (poop, etc..). But, it's still beautiful!

Loved this hike. Beautiful and once you got past the popular falls there are minimal people. Quiet, scenic, and fun!

Did this hike with a few family members and had an awesome time. The views are unreal!! We did not see any whales, but sure had a nice hike.

We had a family vacation that was right here and we had a fabulous time. It had always been a desire of mine to have a beach bonfire and you are allowed to do that here! Beautiful beach. We were here during the summer and it was very often cold and windy, but we still had a wonderful time!

Had a ton of fun hanging out at this beach. Learned about Dory boats and Three Capes Scenic Route. Beautiful and lots to explore! Dunes, rocks, a drive up beach, and so much more!

Famous and it doesn't disappoint! Gorgeous beach. Oregon Coast is something else! Vast beach, plenty of space to wander. Easy to photograph

Outstanding views! Great spot for some photos and a picnic (tables there)! The drive to the park is also beautiful!

Unique experience. Rent the gear (dry pants, neoprene socks, waterproof boot, etc..) depending on the time of the year. We went Oct. 2016 and were very happy to have the dry stuff from waist down. Also were happy to have their walking/hiking stick. We already had a dry bag, so brought that with. We had such a great time. It's beautiful and an incredible experience. The further into the Narrows you get, the less people. Take your time, soak it all in, and rent the recommended gear!

Easy, pretty hike. It's a short one in Zion, so it's popular and filled with people. I would compare it to a crowded hike in Yosemite. Nice hike to do if you arrive into Zion with only a few hours to explore on your first day!

Beautiful spot for a sunset! Insane views all around, then a sunset to top it off! Can't get much better than this!

Sunrises and sunsets are something else in this part of Utah! This is an awesome spot for the sunset; it does get crowded so get there early.

Just like the description says: this hike has it all - beats the crowds of Zion, insane views, and a good spot for a picnic! it's a long one, but so beautiful!! Bring food and plenty of water. My husband and I each had one trekking pole and we were glad for that. Loved this hike!

Was happy to find this suggestion on Outbound for something to do on a day off in Palo Alto! Decent view, plenty of parking, and easy to get to!

I love all of Moe's suggestons here. This is a beautiful drive! So many pull offs and insane views. A must do in Yosemite.

We got quite wet, worth it. It's beautiful! A must stop in Yosemite, even with the crowds. Quick, easy walk from the parking lot. Obviously, it will be wet/slick, so wear good shoes.

Went in 2017 when the other grove was closed, so came here instead and enjoyed it! Gorgeous trees. Less crowded part of Yosemite too when we were there.

Did this as a hike, not on bikes. We had a great time. Views are spectactular. Does get awfully windy in Half Moon Bay so wear layers!

Beautiful valley filled with flowers and then the ocean is right there! Worth the easy stroll down to explore and soak in the views!

Great beach! Quieter depending on the time of year. Beautiful views, cute town. Lots of room for strolling and enjoying the coast!

Devil's Lake is a gem! The hiking trails, views, and lake are fabulous! This is a great hike with outstanding views!