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Did this in the winter and had a great time! A little harder to navigate since there was snow everywhere, but we enjoyed ourselves! It would be an awesome and tranquil place to camp!

Excellent hike and workout! Beautiful views. Plenty of variety too - rolling hills and mountains and you are in wooded areas at times too! Loved this hike!

I love cities that have huge parks right in the city! It's such a nice escape. Didn't run this, but we did walk it and had a great time. Beautiful park!

Great place to relax and watch the ocean. I love this part of CA!

Beautiful part of the park; not to be missed! So many gorgeous formations and the colors are outstanding!

We happened upon this on a road trip after looking on a map for a place to stop and are so happy we did. It's beautiful, not crowded, and a lot of fun. We even saw big horn sheep! The ranger was so nice too!

Bryce is a relatively small park, so do this. It's beautiful and a nice break from hiking. This park is something else! And underrated!

This was the 1st hike we did in Bryce and was fabulous!!! I would 100% recommend! Beautiful.

Didn't do this in the winter, but checked this place out a different season and had a great time! Awesome place to get a work out in; can't wait to someday go to a concert here!

Great views of the ocean!! I enjoyed this hike a lot! I am not from LA though, I feel like the locals don't enjoy this hike as much as I did.

This was fun and less crowded than other easy hikes in the park. Interesting part of yellowstone; easy trail to follow and easy in general.

Of course incredibly crowded (less crowded at night), but very much worth the stop. Grab gelato or a sandwich from a nearby restaurant and sit and hang out near the fountain.

A must do if you are in the Chicago area. Great people watching, beautiful view of the city skyline, and plenty of other stuff to explore!

This is scenic, easy to follow, easy in general, and breathtaking! I love this state park and this trail. The visitor center is one of the most beautiful visitor centers I have ever been in, let alone for a state park! Do this hike!

Easy hike with beautiful (and loud!) waterfalls. This is a must do in the area!

This is one of those state parks where you can't believe it's a state park and not something more! It's so beautiful. Great hike with a nice view!

Quick hike to some beautiful falls! Happy we did this and it wasn't super crowded when we were there in the early fall!

Quick walk to the falls. Conveniently located right by the Visitor Center too.

Such an interesting feature in a state park. Worth the stop for sure! Soak in the clarity of the water as you pull yourself across the lake!

Spend some time here while in Glacier, walk around, picnic, relax. This lake is gorgeous, add the mountain backdrop and it's hard to beat!

Bring some layers, it's cold up here! Sooo pretty!! Plan a few days to go to this area this depending on weather (clouds, etc..) so you can get a clear view one day!

My grandma was on this trip with us and she easily made it along this trail. Beautiful colors! Great stop.

Great hike with awesome views of this beautiful rock!

Gorrrrgeous views! And so much to do - you can hike, relax, SUP, kayak, canoe, or get a floatie and float around. So relaxing and scenic.