The Best Outdoor Activities in Montana

Discover the best hiking, camping, backpacking, fitness, and more.

Hike to Soak in the Boiling River

Montana / Boiling River Hot Springs

Boiling River Hot Springs is an awesome year-round place to experience the geo-thermal energy of Yellowstone in a more personal way.

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Hike Grinnell Glacier in Glacier NP

Montana / Grinnell Glacier Trailhead

The Grinnel Glacier Hike begins at the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead just past the Many Glacier Lodge. A fee of $25 is required to enter Glacier National Park for a seven-day pass.

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Hike to Glacier National Park's Hidden Lake

Montana / Logan Pass

One of Glacier National Park’s most accessible gems, the overlook for Hidden Lake is just a short distance from the Logan Pass Visitors Center, but the views along the way make this perhaps the best .

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Hike to Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park

Montana / Iceberg Lake Trail

The 9.7-mile out-and-back trail starts in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park, near the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.

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Backpack to Cracker Lake

Montana / Many Glacier

It’s sometimes called “The Crown of the Continent,” and if you’ve been to Glacier National Park, you know it deserves that superlative. If you haven’t been yet, get on it.

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Relax at Potosi Hot Springs

Montana / Potosi Campground

Rain filled the air and fog hung low. It was to dreary to do much, but the idea of soaking in a natural warm springs beneath the peaks of the Tobacco Root mountains was too tempting to stay in side.

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Hike to Cracker Lake

Montana / Many Glacier

The 6.1 mile (12.

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Hike to Hidden Lake Overlook

Montana / Hidden Lake Trail, MT

The trail starts at the Logan Pass Visitor Center, which is right in the middle of Going-To-The-Sun Road.

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Hike the Highline Trail, Glacier National Park

Montana / Highline Loop Trailhead

Starting at the top of Logan Pass at the visitor's center, walk across the street to the well marked Highline Loop Trailhead.

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Hike to Avalanche Lake

Montana / Trail of the Cedars Trailhead

This is a 4.5 mile hike with a total elevation gain of 730 feet. The hike to Avalanche Lake begins from the Trail of the Cedars trailhead. Be prepared for a lot of incline.

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Paddle Middle Fork Flathead near West Glacier

Montana / West Glacier Put-in

Begin your trip at the bridge at West Glacier, there is parking in town and you can walk to the water, or just passed the bridge there are a few spots.

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Relax at Fairy Lake

Montana / Fairy Lake

Have a day to kick back and relax? With just a short drive of under an hour (from Bozeman), you could be enjoying the outdoors at a scenic alpine lake.

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Backpack to Little Rock Creek

Montana / Little Rock Creek Trailhead

Little Rock Creek is one of the Bitterroots' best kept secrets. In late spring, the glacier lilies are in full bloom, and sprinkle the valley floor.

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Hike to Turquoise Lake

Montana / Glacier Creek Trailhead #690

From Hwy 83 in the Swan Valley, south of mile marker 38, turn west onto Kraft Creek Rd also called Forest Service Road #561, the trailhead is about 11.5 miles at the end of the road.

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Crazy Peak Scramble

Montana / Half Moon Campground

Do you like high alpine scrambles? Climbing exposed spires? Partying on a mountain top? If you said yes to any of the above, head to Big Timber Montana and prepare for a great time.

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Hike to Morrell Falls

Montana / Morrell Falls National Recreation Trail

From the town of Seeley Lake, travel 0.5 mile north on Highway 83.

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Explore Avalanche Creek

Montana / Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Creek is one of Glacier National Park's easiest features to access and also one of its most unique.

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Photography on Logan Pass

Montana / Logan Pass

Disclaimer: Glacier National Park has closed any off-trail activity in this area. The majority of the photos can be taken on-trail. Please be sure to adhere to the park's policy.

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Ride the Route of the Hiawatha

Montana / Hiawatha Trail, East Portal

Located on the Idaho Montana border, this highly popular "rails to trails" mountain bike trail was modified from the Milwaukee Railroad route through the Bitterroot Mountains.

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Summit Hyalite Peak

Montana / Hyalite Peak Trail

Hyalite peak is one of my favorite hikes. Named after the canyon it sits in Hyalite peak as 360 degree views, an offers and escape from the crowds of Hyalite Canyon due to the length of the hike.

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Backpack the Continental Divide in Glacier NP

Montana / Red Eagle Trailhead

Park your car at the Two Medicine North Shore Trailhead, and take a National Park Shuttle (if they are running during the season--they stop around Labor Day in September) or set up a private shuttle .

218 Saves

Paddle McDonald Creek, Glacier National Park

Montana / Apgar Loop, West Glacier, MT 59936, USA

Begin your trip by dropping your car (or bike) at Quarter Circle Bridge just inside Glacier Park.

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Summit Storm Castle Peak

Montana / Storm Castle Trail

Storm Castle (or Castle Mountain) is a rocky peak that rises to an elevation of 7,280 ft on the east side of the Gallatin Canyon overlooking Beckman Flats.

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Hike to Granite Park Chalet via Highline Trail

Montana / Highline Loop Trailhead

The trailhead for the Highline Trail is located near the west side of Logan's Pass.

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Kayak Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

Montana / Saint Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park, one of the United States' finest national parks, is home to some of the most spectacular glacially carved lakes in the country.

196 Saves

Explore Two Medicine Lake

Montana / Two Medicine Lake

Two Medicine Lake sits in the southeastern part of Glacier NP away from the more popular Going-to-the-Sun Road.

195 Saves

Camp at Sprague Creek Campground on Lake McDonald

Montana / Sprague Creek Campground

Ten miles long and nearly 500 feet deep, Lake McDonald, the largest lake in Glacial National Park.

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Hike to Sperry Glacier Basin, Glacier NP

Montana / Sperry Trailhead

Starting out at the Sperry Trailhead adjacent to Lake McDonald Lodge, climb 9 miles up the trail to Comeau Pass.

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Capture Sunrise or Sunset at Lake McDonald

Montana / Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald doesn't offer the close-up views of glaciers and mountains like some of the other spots in Glacier NP, but it does offer sweeping views of park's west side.

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Hike to Scenic Point in Glacier National Park

Montana / Scenic Point Trailhead

Park at the trailhead and begin the hike. The trail starts out relatively flat until you reach a small waterfall. Then, hike up the switchbacks for about 4 miles while gaining around 2300 feet.

178 Saves

Hike to Summit of Mount Aeneas

Montana / Mount Aeneas Trailhead

This hike can easily be overlooked since it is in such a geographically rich area, with Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness so close, but it is absolutely a hidden gem that doesn't .

170 Saves

Backpack to Rainbow Lake via the East Rosebud Trail

Montana / East Rosebud Trail

Also known as "The Beaten Path", the East Rosebud Trail is a highly traveled and well maintained trail with amazing views and a handful of lakes along the route.

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Hike to Sacajawea Peak, MT

Montana / Fairy Lake Campground

Gorgeous views of the Hyalite range to the south and an overview of the Bridger range as well. While this peak is a spectacular sight, the trail is used often by hikers as well as their dogs.

160 Saves

Hike to Cataract Falls

Montana / Elk Creek Trailhead, Lewis and Clark National Forest

Located in the Lewis and Clark National Forest on the Rocky Mountain Front, this hike will give the best bang for your buck -- it's about as easy as they come but still boasts outstanding views.

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Hike to Golden Trout Lakes

Montana / Portal Creek, Gallatin Canyon

The Golden Trout lakes offer a scenic getaway just out of the Gallatin Valley Canyon. To access the trail head, turn east onto Portal Creek Road #984 and continue southeast for 6.8 miles.

158 Saves

Hike Sypes Canyon

Montana / Sypes Canyon

Sypes Canyon Trail is a gorgeous hike to a scenic lookout over Bozeman, MT. The trail only lies 20 minutes north of Bozeman and offers the perfect after work exercise.

157 Saves

Hike to Lava Lake

Montana / Lava Lake Trail

The 6 mile round trip to Lava Lake is a steady climb that runs beside Cascade Creek through the Lee Metcalf Wilderness.

154 Saves

Climb Mount Gould

Montana / Mount Gould Approach

The climb to the summit of Mount Gould begins at the "Big Bend" on the Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park.

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Ski and Snowboard Whitefish Mountain Resort

Montana / Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort is located on Big Mountain, just a 10 minute drive from downtown Whitefish.

146 Saves

Hike the Johnson Lake Loop

Montana / Middle Fork Trailhead 9

Day 1: After pulling into the Middle Fork parking lot, there will be two trailheads. Sign in at either one, but I started at TH 28 to head directly to Johnson Lake.

145 Saves

Walk the Swiftcurrent Nature Trail, Glacier National Park

Montana / Swiftcurrent Nature Trail

Walking in either direction, the trail is easy to follow.

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Photograph The National Bison Range

Montana / National Bison Range Visitor Center

The Bison Range is open year round, however, the road is mostly closed in the winter months, so the best times are the spring, summer or fall.

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Summit Beehive Peak

Montana / Beehive Basin Trail

Beehive Basin has it all, a mini playground for outdoorsmen. My first visit was during the winter one year ago.

135 Saves

Backpack to Waterton Lake

Montana / Bowman Lake Campground

Our trip started on Thursday evening, spending the night at the Bowman Lake campground. You can park your car here and it's where the hike will start and end.

132 Saves

Backpack the Beartooths via the West Rosebud Trail

Montana / West Rosebud Trail

The West Rosebud Trail functions as one of the major routes to Granite Peak, the highest point in Montana.

132 Saves

Hike to Upper Two Medicine Lake

Montana / Two Medicine Lake Parking

I did this trip during the end of autumn, and was pretty much the only person on the entire lake. With it being so serene and so quiet, I had the perfect nature getaway.

131 Saves

Photograph the Falls at Lost Creek State Park

Montana / Lost Creek State Park Parking Area

Drive along the park road until the road loops back near the campground. Park in any available space. From here, the falls are a short, 200 yard walk down a paved trail.

130 Saves

Blodgett Canyon Overlook

Montana / Blodgett Overlook Trailhead/Canyon Creek Trailhead

The drive up forest service road 735 can be a little sketchy. Caution is advised during winter months or if the road is wet or muddy.

129 Saves

Hike the Rocky Point Trail, Glacier NP

Montana / Fish Creek Campground

From the trailhead, just past Fish Creek Campground on the North Fork Road, begin strolling along the trail towards Rocky Point.

129 Saves

Hike and Climb Mt. Oberlin

Montana / Logan Pass

To get to the trailhead you'll have to drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road through Glacier NP, which if you haven't done, is amazing in and of itself and you'll basically start this hike at the base of L.

129 Saves

Hike to Bear Creek Falls

Montana / Bear Creek Trail

The trailhead is well established with a small campground and bathroom facilities. The hike begins in dense forest and slowly climbs over Bear Creek through a canyon.

129 Saves

Hike to Skookum Butte Lookout

Montana / Forest Road 16110

The hike begins on an old jeep road and has no amenities. It crosses through a marshy field and quickly starts climbing upward with switchbacks.

128 Saves

Camp at Bowman Lake

Montana / Bowman Lake Campground

Bowman lake is the 3rd largest lake in Glacier National Park and one of the most remote areas accessible by car.

126 Saves

Hike to Baring, St. Mary, and Virginia Falls in Glacier NP

Montana / Sunrift Gorge Parking Area

This 5.4 mile out-and-back hike will take you to Baring, St. Mary, and Virginia Falls.   Start your hike at the Sunrift Gorge parking area. Hike down the stairs on the south side of the road.

124 Saves

Hike to Swiftcurrent Lookout

Montana / Swiftcurrent Pass Trail

Take this beautiful hike up Swiftcurrent Mountain to the Fire Lookout (8436 ft). The hike is 7.1 miles one-way from from the Swiftcurrent Inn parking lot trailhead.

124 Saves

Hike Mount Siyeh

Montana / Siyeh Bend Trail

Once the Going-To-The-Sun Road has opened fully, this massive peak is accessible by driving to Siyeh Bend on the east side of the Logan Pass Visitors Center. Plan on a sun up to sun down adventure.

124 Saves

Hike Reynolds Mountain, Glacier NP

Montana / Logan Pass Visitor Center

Reynolds Mountain stands high above the Logan Pass Visitors Center. Because of it's easy location, be prepared to get caught in the heavy rush of tourists on the way up.

120 Saves

Backpack from Glacier NP to Waterton Lakes NP

Montana / Backpackers' Roost

Day 1: This gorgeous backpacking adventure begins at the Packer's Roost trailhead, which is almost halfway between West and East Glacier on the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

118 Saves

Summit Hardscrabble Peak

Montana / Hardscrabble Peak, Bridger Mountain Range

Located in the Bridger Mountain Range, Hardscrabble Peak offers a scenic hike just outside of Bozeman, MT.

117 Saves

Hike to Dawson Pass

Montana / Dawson Pass Trailhead

This is a somewhat strenuous but extremely rewarding hike in Glacier National Park. It is much less crowded than the more popular Logan Pass and High Line trails, and in my opinion, more rewarding.

114 Saves

Hike to Grinnell Lake

Montana / Grinnell Glacier Trail

The hike to Grinnell Lake begins at the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead, approximately 0.5 miles past Many Glacier Hotel in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park.

114 Saves

Backpack the Warren Pass Loop

Montana / Carpp Lake Trailhead

Often overlooked due not to its lack of scenery, but rather because of its proximity to both Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness in southwest Montana is a haven fo.

111 Saves

Hike Montana's Swan Crest Trail

Montana / Swan Crest Trailhead

Getting There: Coming from Seeley Lake, take the road towards Bigfork. Continue until you get to mile marker 27 and turn right into the Morrell/Clearwater turn off.

107 Saves

Hike to Running Eagle Falls

Montana / Running Eagle Falls Trailhead

Running Eagle Falls is located just 1.1 miles west from the Two Medicine entrance in Glacier National Park.

104 Saves

Hike to Emerald and Heather Lake

Montana / Emerald Lake Trail, MT

Once in Bozeman, Take 19th Ave. south to Hyalite Canyon Rd. Turn left and continue past Hyalite Reservoir; when the road splits, take the left fork toward Palisade Falls.

104 Saves

Camp at Many Glacier Campground in Glacier National Park

Montana / Many Glacier Campground

Enjoy one of Glacier National Park's best campgrounds, Many Glacier Campground, which you can reach on the east side of the Continental Divide.

104 Saves

Capture Sunrise at St. Mary Lake

Montana / St. Mary Lake Pullout

One of the more popular spots to photograph this lake is from the Wild Goose Island pullout. However, I prefer to get off the beaten path a little bit and avoid the crowds.

100 Saves

Explore The Rimrocks

Montana / Swords Park

The Rimrocks (also known as the "Rims") are geological rimrock sandstone formations that outcrop in Billings, Montana.

97 Saves

Climb the Great Northern Mountain

Montana / Great Northern Mountain Trailhead

From Columbia Falls, head East on U.S. Highway 2 past the town of Hungry Horse and turn right to Martin City.

92 Saves

Hike Dragon's Tail Ridge

Montana / Logan's Pass

Starting from Logan's Pass, make your way along the boardwalk that leads to the Hidden Lake Overlook.

91 Saves

Exploring Terry Badlands

Montana / Scenic View, Terry Badlands

Terry, Montana is a quaint little Southeastern Montana town of about 600 with great food and friendly people.

89 Saves

Hike Numa Ridge Lookout

Montana / Numa Ridge Lookout Trailhead, Bowman Lake Campground

Begin the hike at Bowman Lake Campground. The trail wanders along the West side of the lake for the first mile or so, and then begins a gradual climb to the lookout. The total distance is 5.

89 Saves

Lake McDonald Backcountry SUP Camping

Montana / Lake McDonald, Parking Pull-out

Paddle across gorgeous Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park to a secluded rocky beach for the day, or stay the night at the backcountry camp site just 20 steps from the water.

89 Saves

Hike to Bond Lake

Montana / Bond Lake Trailhead

From Kalispell, head south towards Swan Lake along Highway 83 until a sign for Bond Creek Trailhead is located on the east side oft the road near mile marker 71.

89 Saves

Hike the Bowman Lake to Quartz Lake Loop

Montana / Bowman Lake Campground

The trail to Quartz lake begins on southend of the Bowman Lake beach. I recommend going in a clockwise direction and getting the steep bit out of the way, but the 12.

88 Saves

Hike to Ptarmigan Tunnel

Montana / Ptarmigan Tunnel

This amazing 11 mile hike with 2,300 feet of vertial gain begins behind the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn cabins.

88 Saves

Walk Among the Ross Creek Cedars

Montana / Ross Creek Cedars

The Ross Creek Cedar area is a really cool area in Northwest Montana that houses some monstrous Western Red Cedar Trees (some of which have a diameter of over 12 feet and over 500 years old!).

87 Saves

Hike to Lower and Upper Seymour Lakes

Montana / Lower Seymour Lake Trailhead

There are so many wilderness areas to choose from in Montana, it can be quite overwhelming. But try this on for size: the Pintlers are essentially Glacier National Park, without the people.

85 Saves

Hike to Snyder Lakes, Glacier NP

Montana / Sperry Trailhead

Starting out at the Sperry Trailhead, adjacent to Lake McDonald Lodge, climb along the trail until you see the branch off to your left for Snyder Lakes.

83 Saves

Hike Piegan Pass, Glacier NP

Montana / Siyeh Bend Trail

Beginning the hike from the Siyeh Bend Trail, off of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, follow the signage through a few forks in the trail toward Piegan Pass.

81 Saves

Explore Ewam Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

Montana / One Thousand Buddhas Parking Area

Situated just north of Arlee, MT; the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is not only extremely relaxing and absolutely beautiful, but it also aligns positive properties of the physical world in a sacred .

80 Saves

Backpack West Fork - Lake Fork of Rock Creek Trail

Montana / West Fork Trailhead

Start out at the West Fork trailhead west of Red Lodge and begin on an epic backpacking trip.

79 Saves

Climb Stanton Mountain

Montana / Howe Ridge Trailhead

To climb Stanton Mountain, begin at the Howe Ridge Trail on the Northwest shore of Lake McDonald. The trail climbs swiftly 2.

79 Saves

Backpack to Lincoln Lake

Montana / Lincoln Lake Trail, MT

It's a 1600 ft slow increase in elevation. You can walk around the loose rocks going around the lake for an additional 2 miles of hiking.

79 Saves

Kayak Lake McDonald

Montana / Lake McDonald

Rent kayaks at the shore of Lake McDonald and take them out for the day. Make sure to start early to get a full day in and leave yourself enough time to stop for lunch.

78 Saves

Hike to Garnet Mountain Lookout

Montana / Garnet Mountain Fire Lookout Trailhead

Starting in Bozeman, travel south of Gallatin Gateway about 5 miles on Hwy 191 and turn left on to Storm Castle Creek Road. Follow this road for about 3.5 miles until the road ends.

75 Saves

Hike to Redrock Falls

Montana / Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead

The hike to Redrock Falls begins at the Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park.

75 Saves

Hike to Apikuni Falls at Glacier National Park

Montana / Apikuni Falls Trailhead

From the parking lot follow the trail to the left to Apikuni Falls.

71 Saves

Hike to Bear Creek Overlook

Montana / Bear Creek Overlook Trailhead

At the start of your hike, stay to left and meander your way through a shaded forest of Douglas fir and lodgepole pine.

70 Saves

Hike to Apgar Lookout

Montana / Apgar Lookout Trailhead

Precursor: I completed this hike in November, hence the snow in the photos. Due to a lack of tree coverage, this hike is best suited for a cool summer day, or in the late spring and early autumn.

70 Saves

Mountain Bike Big Mountain

Montana / Big Mountain Trailhead

Biking Big Mountain is a must-do when traveling to the scenic Flathead Valley. After leaving the town of Whitefish driving North, turn onto Big Mountain Road (big sign can't miss it).

69 Saves

Camp at South Meadow Creek Lake

Montana / South Meadow Creek Lake

To access the lake, take South Meadow Creek Road that exits US 287 at McAllister, MT.

68 Saves

Explore Kootenai Falls

Montana / Kootenai River Historical Marker

Kootenai Falls is accessed via short dirt trail from the parking lot on Highway Two between Troy and Libby.

68 Saves

Climb the Bozeman Pass

Montana / Bozeman Pass

Bozeman Pass is a great crag just out side of Bozeman. It offers limestone sport climbing ranging from 5.6-5.13.

67 Saves

Backpack the Sweeney Creek Trail

Montana / Sweeney Creek Trail

The hike into Duffy Lake was approximately 7 miles with ~2600' gain.

67 Saves

Hike Pitamakan Pass

Montana / Two Medicine Lake Campground

This gripping, 16 mile round trail reveals adventure at every turn. Nestled behind Pray Lake in Glacier National Park, the Pitamakan Pass hike will begin at the North Shore Trailhead.

67 Saves

Kayak Swiftcurrent Lake

Montana / Swiftcurrent Lake

Swiftcurrent Lake is easily accessed along the shores of Many Glacier Hotel where ample parking is available.

66 Saves

Backpack Granite Peak

Montana / East Rosebud Trail

There are a few ways to approach Granite Peak. The most popular route is the Mystic Lake trail in West Rosebud. It lies primarily on opinion as to which route is the best, easiest, or most scenic.

66 Saves

Hike the First Peoples Buffalo Jump Loop

Montana / First People Buffalo Jump State Park

While the trail doesn't offer the typical scenery of a Montana hike, the views are spectacular.

62 Saves

Hike to Fourmile Basin Lakes

Montana / Fourmile Basin

Distance: 8 miles round-tripTime: 4 hoursDifficulty: Easy to ModerateTrailhead: 46.135170, -113.207803 From MT-1, follow the signs for Trail 44 along Twin Lakes Creek Road until it ends.

62 Saves

Backpack to the Beartooths

Montana / East Rosebud Trail

We stood there, against the wind, looking at 3-4 pitches. The line appeared too good to be true.

61 Saves

Ice Climb in Hyalite Canyon

Montana / Genesis Area, Bozeman

Hyalite Canyon in Bozeman, MT is one of North America's premier places to ice climb. From easy ice climbs to difficult mixed routes, Hyalite has something for everyone.

60 Saves

Backpack the Triple Divide Pass Trail to Red Eagle Lake

Montana / Cut Bank Trailhead

A couple of notes to keep in mind before you start...

56 Saves

Hike to Mill Creek Falls

Montana / Mill Creek Trail

The trailhead is easily visible from the parking area and ascends into a narrow canyon surrounded by dense forest.

55 Saves

Summer Skiing "The Great One Couloir" in the Northern Bridgers

Montana / The Great One Couloir Parking Area

The Great One Couloir in the Northern Bridgers is a classic summer ski adventure, perfect for a day trip. Walk up the trail towards Sacajewea Peak – it is marked on a sign and easy to find.

51 Saves

Hike to Sun Point

Montana / Sun Point Nature Trail

With panoramic views of St. Mary Lake and it’s surrounding peaks, Sun Point is the perfect spot to chill/relax in Glacier National Park.

51 Saves

Hike to Kenelty Mountain Lookout

Montana / Kenelty Trailhead

Starting from Kalispell, take Hwy 2 west towards Libby. Follow the highway for 62.5 miles until mile marker 57 and turn right in 0.3 miles on to a cut across road for 0.3 miles.

51 Saves

Kayak Bowman Lake, Glacier NP

Montana / Bowman Lake Campground

The lake is located in the northwestern portion of Glacier National Park, about 32.5 miles from the west entrance and 30 miles from the Canadian Border.

49 Saves

Backpack to Logging Lake

Montana / Logging Lake Trail

Backcountry camping is the best plan if you’d like to visit Logging Lake, and the primitive campsites lay at the end of a four and a half mile hike through some of the most unspoiled sections of the .

49 Saves

Summit Arrow Peak

Montana / Arrow Peak Parking

Starting in Livingston, MT, take Hwy 89 for 16 miles and take a left on Mill Creek Road. A junction with Road 540 will be reached.

47 Saves

Hike to the Mt. Brown Lookout

Montana / Sperry Trailhead

The trail is accessible (though sometimes covered in snow) year-round because the trailhead lies in the lower elevation area of the park.

45 Saves

Hike the Skyline Experience

Montana / Cracker Lake Trailhead

The route starts from Many Glacier at the Cracker Lake Trailhead, about 5000 feet. Hike the trail about 2 miles until you come to a fork, stay right here to keep your approach hike a little shorter.

44 Saves

Camp Out at the Hornet Lookout

Montana / Hornet Trail 349, Hornet Mountain, Mt

Reservations for Hornet Lookout are obtained via, and can be made up to six months in advance.

43 Saves

Backpack Glacier's North Circle Route (North East Section)

Montana / Iceberg Lake Trail

Planning & Preparations As amazing as this trek is, it's certainly not without its challenges, and the first one you will run into is obtaining a backcountry permit for camping.

43 Saves

Backcountry Snowshoe and Snowboard near Lolo Pass

Montana / Crooked Fork Road

For this trip, you want to head towards Lolo Pass, which is the landmark of the Idaho/Montana border on Highway 12.

43 Saves

Hike to the Natural Bridge Falls

Montana / Natural Bridge State Monument Parking

Although this recreation area is at minimum 30 minutes out from any town, the road leading to the location is amazing and allows for some sweet views.

42 Saves

Hike to Comeau Pass

Montana / Sperry Trailhead

Your hike will being at the Sperry Trailhead adjacent to the Lake McDonald Lodge. As you get moving on the hike, you'll pass the Sperry Chalet. If 17.

41 Saves

Bike Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park

Montana / Going-to-the-Sun Road

Every Spring (May - June) Going-to-the-Sun road remains closed to cars long after the snow has been plowed and melted.

38 Saves

Hike to Two Medicine Pass

Montana / Two Medicine Lake

Starting at the South Shore trailhead on Two Medicine Lake (parking available), you'll follow the lake through alternating forest and meadows and eventually cross a small suspension bridge.

37 Saves

Climbing Alpine Ice at Emerald Lake

Montana / Emerald Lake Trail

From the East Fork parking lot in Hyalite Canyon hike 4 miles gaining an easy 1,500 feet to Emerald Lake. Surrounded by mountains, Emerald Lake is a beautiful destination in itself.

36 Saves

Paddle North Flathead Lake

Montana / North Flathead Launch (Somers, MT)

Flathead Lake is huge, and gorgeous. It's the biggest lake in Montana and certainly one worth spending some time on. The water is surprisingly warm, and the views are amazing.

36 Saves

Backpack to Cosley Lake

Montana / Chief Mountain Customs

The hike goes through different wooded areas, open fields, and passes by the ranger's ranch.

34 Saves

Backpack to Black Lake

Montana / Camp Misery

Begin at Camp Misery (elev. 5,717 ft). This is a total misname by the way! It should be titled Camp On The Way To Awesomeness! Anyway, head .6 miles on Trail 8 to the intersection of trail.

31 Saves

Snowshoe the North Fork Area of the Flathead River

Montana / North Fork Rd. Pull Off

Starting in Columbia Falls, MT, which is 17 miles from Kalispell, MT, locate North Fork Road off of Railroad Street. Follow North Fork Road about 17 miles.

30 Saves

Hike to Willow Creek Falls

Montana / Willow Creek Falls Trailhead

The hike up Willow Creek Gorge is one of my favorites so far.

29 Saves

Hike to Crescent Lake

Montana / Glacier Lake Trailhead

An hour drive north of the town of Seeley Lake Montana is the Glacier Lake Trailhead and the starting point for your hike.

28 Saves

Snowshoe Skiumah Trail

Montana / Skiumah Creek Trail

The trailhead for Skiumah Creek Trail is located just off of highway 2, and is well marked from both directions of the road.

28 Saves

Backpack the Aero Lakes to Granite Peak

Montana / Lady of the Lake Trailhead

Granite Peak is considered one of the most difficult state high-points, for its remoteness and its climbing challenge.  Unfortunately, the access to this route is very remote.

27 Saves

Hike Sulphur Springs Trail

Montana / Sulphur Springs Trailhead

You can find the Sulphur Springs trailhead near the Morony Dam and Reservoir. There's a graveled parking lot, an outhouse and an informative story board to quell your curiosity.

26 Saves

Camp at Cherry Creek Campground at Hebgen Lake

Montana / Cherry Creek Campground

In early November we drove from Big Sky to this free campsite located on the southern part of the lake. The road is dirt but mellow. We saw no other campers the entire 2 days we were there.

26 Saves

Summit Lake Mountain and Nasukoin Mountain

Montana / Link/Nasukoin Mountain Trailhead

To reach the trailhead, travel west on US Hwy 93 for 17.9 mi. and then turn right onto Olney Crossover Rd. This road will continue for 8.8 mi. and then keep left onto NF-115 for 9.7 mi.

25 Saves

Summit Reynolds Mountain via the North Face Ascent Route

Montana / Logan Pass Visitor Center

Mt. Reynolds is a premier peak in Glacier National Park (GNP). The views from the beginning to the summit are incredible all the way around.

23 Saves

Ice Fishing Hebgen Lake

Montana / Kirkwood Marina Acess

Hebgen Lake is a beautiful lake, just outside of Yellowstone National Park. With 21 square miles of surface, there's plenty to fish.

20 Saves

Backpack to Link Lake

Montana / Link Lake Trialhead

To reach the trailhead, travel west on US Hwy 93 for 17.9 mi. and then turn right onto Olney Crossover Rd. This road will continue for 8.8 mi. and then keep left onto NF-115 for 9.7 mi.

18 Saves

Hike Glacier View Mountain

Montana / Glacier View Mountain Trailhead

Driving north from Columbia Falls, MT for 20 miles, park after the junction of the Camas Road and the North Fork Road.

18 Saves

Stay at The Montana Bunkhouse

Montana / 11510 Beaver Creek Road Moore, MT

The Montana Bunkhouse is a great place to unplug and enjoy time with friends and family.

17 Saves

Kayak to Pig Island

Montana / North Flathead Launch (Somers, MT)

Drive to the North Flathead Launch in Somers, MT (15 miles south of Kalispell). Launch the kayaks and head south towards the yacht club.

17 Saves

Backcountry Camp at Gunsight Lake

Montana / Jackson Glacier Outlook

How to Get There: Get your backcountry pass at the St. Mary visitor center and then head over to the hike, which begins from the Jackson Glacier Overlook, located 12.

17 Saves

Cross-Country Ski at Lubrecht Experimental Forest

Montana / Lubrecht Experimental Forest

Lubrecht Experimental forest is owned and managed by both the College of Forestry & Conservation and the State of Montana Department of Natural Resources.

16 Saves

Snowshoe to Holland Falls

Montana / Holland Falls TH

Drive on 83 through the swan until you reach the turnoff for Holland Lake. The lake, campground, ranger station, and trails are all very well marked throughout this adventure.

15 Saves

Hike Upper Layout Creek Trail

Montana / Upper Layout Creek Trailhead

If you park your car at the horse corral and pit toilets you will hike up a gravel road for a little bit.

15 Saves

Kayak to Wild Horse Island

Montana / Dayton Boat Launch

There are many boat ramps to access Flathead Lake, but the closest location to Wild Horse Island is Dayton, MT.

14 Saves

Cross-Country Ski at Bacon Rind Creek

Montana / Bacon Rind Creek Trailhead

The trail down Bacon Rind Creek starts along HWY 191, between West Yellowstone and Big Sky.

14 Saves

Backpack to Clayton Lake

Montana / Camp Misery

From the Camp Misery Trailhead (elev. 5,717 ft) take the left Trail 8 for .6 miles. At the junction continue left for a 1.3 mile gently ascent into Jewel Basin.

13 Saves

Hike to Blaine Mountain

Montana / Doris Creek Trailhead

To reach the trailhead for this hike, it is about an hour's drive from nearby Kalispell. You will drive around Hungry Horse Reservoir on the West Side Road, and turn off onto Doris Creek Road.

13 Saves

Backpack the Gallatin Crest Trail

Montana / Buffalo Horn Campground

There are some different options for starting and ending this hike, but the route I did started at Buffalo Horn Trailhead and ends at the Hyalite Creek Trailhead, and is approximately 42 miles total.

13 Saves

Stand Up Paddle at Holland Lake

Montana / Holland Lake

When you turn on Holland Lake Lodge road, follow the signs towards the lodge.

13 Saves

Backpack to the Foot of Glenns Lake

Montana / Chief Mountain Trailhead, Glacier National Park

Starting from the Chief Mountain Parking Area, take the trail to the left of the bathrooms at the end of the parking lot (left of the bathrooms if you are facing the bathrooms and the main road is to.

11 Saves

Conquer the Montana Island Challenge

Montana / Half Moon Ranch Recreational Retreat

The Montana Island Challenge is held every year in August at the Half Moon Ranch located about an hour from Lewistown.

11 Saves

Hike Crown Mountain, Augusta

Montana / Crown Mountain Montana

Located an hour and forty minutes east of Great Falls Montana, Crown Mountain is a fun day hike, and you'll see few if any other people.

11 Saves

Hike Demer's Ridge

Montana / Demer's Ridge Trailhead

This trail is a point to point, so two cars are necessary. The ending point is where Camas Rd intersects the North Fork Road at the Blankenship Bridge.

9 Saves

Summit Swan Peak

Montana / Swan Lake TH

This hike is about an hour drive south from Kalispell. Follow MT-83 S for about 47 mi. towards and past Swan Lake. Take a left on NF-554 and follow the road for 1.6 mi.

9 Saves

Backpack and Summit Trapper Peak

Montana / Baker Lake TH

From Darby, MT, follow MT 473 south for 4 miles to West Fork Bitterroot River Rd. A mile past the Job Corps, at milepost 7, turn right on FS 5634 (Baker Point Rd.).

9 Saves

Hike to Howe Lake

Montana / Howe Lake Trailhead

The hike begins along the Inner North Fork road across from a small parking area.

9 Saves

Fly Fish the Madison River (Hebgen Lake to Earthquake Lake)

Montana / Madison River, Montana

The Madison River runs for 183 miles through Wyoming and Montana; however, this section of the Madison is between Hebgen Lake and Earthquake Lake.

9 Saves

Cross Country Ski at Izaak Walton Inn

Montana / Izaak Walton Inn

The Izaak Walton Inn was established in 1939 to accommodate workers and visitors from the rapid expansion of the Great Northern Railway.

5 Saves

Hike the Continental Divide Trail via Roger Pass

Montana / Rogers Pass

After driving over Rogers Pass more times than I can count, we finally made it a point to stop and check out the Continental Divide Trail No. 440 -- glad we did.

3 Saves

Hike to Dickey Lake

Montana / Dickey Lake Trailhead

*Parking for this hike is very limited, as the parking area can hold one, maybe two, vehicles.  This 5.

3 Saves

Backpack to Poia Lake, Glacier NP

Montana / Apikuni Falls Trailhead

Located in Many Glacier, the Red Gap Pass trail begins at the Apikuni Falls Trailhead located east of the Many Glacier Lodge (if you're looking to check out the falls before your hike, check out Hike.

2 Saves

Hike Sullivan's Knob Trail

Montana / Sullivan's Knob Parking Lot

Sullivan's Knob is just one mile north of the popular Devil's Canyon Overlook, so be sure to add this short hike (only 0.75 mi round trip) to your list if you're in the area.

2 Saves

Summit Bearhat Mountain

Montana / Logan Pass Visitor Center

The only easily accessible route on this mountain is the East Face Route. From Logan Pass Visitor Center, take the Hidden Lake trail as far as it goes (to the edge of the lake).

2 Saves

Hike to Ptarmigan Falls

Montana / Iceberg Lake Trail

...The hike to Ptarmigan Falls begins next to the cabins near the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn. There’s enough parking for about 10-16 vehicles in the lot next to the trailhead.

1 Saves