Hike Red Bluff

3 Miles Round Trip - -360 ft gain - Out-and-Back Trail

Red Bluff Trailhead - Search Nearby - Added by Brandon Hebert

Red Bluff is much like the Grand Canyon, just smaller. The hike down the bluff to the creek and eventually into the center makes it a great day trip for many people as well as a great photography spot.

Starting about 300 or so feet up, Red Bluff offers beautiful views of a mini Grand Canyon that continues to grow with every rainfall. From the hike, to the road it has torn to shreds, or to the creek, Red Bluff offers many views to see some great aspects of Mother Nature.

On the map, the skinny road where you used to be able to drive along is now closed due to Red Bluff growing. Park on either side of the road where the barricades are and hike either on the road or along the left side of the Bluff if facing away from the Bluff. From there you can hike to the bottom and along a creek. Follow the creek and it will lead you to the center of the Bluff for some amazing views.

Some people do repel down to the middle of the Bluff as well. You can also fly drones all around the Bluff to get some great panoramic shots.

The elevation and out and back distance are both rough numbers. Not totally sure about these numbers but do give a good idea about what to expect.


Adult Beverages
Easy Parking
Family Friendly


3 Miles
-360 ft elevation gain
Out-and-Back Trail


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Morgan Dean

about 2 years ago


This is a fantastic trip. My wife and four year old and I hiked down the ridge and to the creek. The trail is a little steep in spots but was doable. Hiked up the creek and into the canyon. It was busy and you do have to overlook the trash as it isn't kept clean and has been used as a tire dump. But it really is a great spot on Mississippi. Allow a couple of hours to really get into the area.

My Go-To Day Trip

Thanks for letting me know about such a cool place! I love to climb the canyon walls and look for purple clay (really pretty) before following the trail down to Pearl River.


I used to live near the red bluffs and we would hike it all the time. If you continue over the railroad tracks and continue down the stream it lets out to a river that is a great spot to swim. Also when you get to the bottom of the bluff and head right on the train tracks there is a train wreck that is cool to explore.