Mike Wilmington

It’s still amazing at terwillager hot springs!

Went last last week of September . This place in recent years has survived the collapse of the cave where the springs emitted. A giant boulder that landed in the upper pool and most recently a forest fire. I was scared that all was lost, however I found a beautiful oasis. Cleaned every Thursday Am and closed. at that time and open otherwise dawn to dusk. Do not leave car in lot after dark the ticket is over 200 dollarPrice is 7 dollars and ok to be Nude on hike to springs. The attendants will let each person know as they enter that it is a clothing optional environment. Other names for clothing optional are naturism or Europe it’s called FKK. It is absolutely ok to bring families and for folks of all ages to be Nude. Etiquette of no photography has always been the norm with each visit. I have gone for almost 20 years and have not had a bad experience except when a ton of awkward college student showed up. No shaming allowed

Naturism FKK

Nudity is called naturism in America and FKK - in Europe which is everywhere. Just wanted to note that it safe. Children are to scared or have PTSD from it. 75 percent of 11 year olds are being exposed to porn. Celebrate your beautiful bodies in a natural experience and model a shame free state of mind. That is the greatest gift you can give your kids