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Mike Servedio

Hiker, backpacker, and photographer based out of Philadelphia.

Great trail with fantastic views down the PA Grand Canyon. Views from Barbour Rock and near the Bradley Wales Picnic Area were some of my favorites. Fairly easy hiking as most of the trail is along the rim. Water levels on streams get low during dry periods.

I think this might be one of, if not the best, views in Pennsylvania. You get +180 degree view of the West Branch Susquehanna River Valley and surrounding mountains. I've never been to see the hang-gliders but would love to watch some day. Camping at nearby Hyner Run State Park is nice as well.

This might be the most popular hike in Pennsylvania. The views from the Pinnacle and the Pulpit are fantastic. Best to hike early in the morning (sunrise hike is amazing here) though because the trail does get crowded. Very rocky trail (average for PA) makes for healthy snake population on the mountain.

I've done this hike a number of times in all seasons. Three really nice views, one of the Delaware looking toward Mt. Tammany and more from toward the top of Mt. Tammany itself and then looking south down the Delaware. Once saw a huge black bear cross the trail in front of me coming down the fire road at dusk.

We stopped here quickly on the last day of our week long northern California road trip last June. Falls had a really good flow and we had the place all to ourselves at about 8 am on a Friday morning.

I did this hike by myself on a trip to the Cascades last September. I saw a handful of other hikers but had the trail mostly to myself. The views are amazing throughout (starting at the parking lot) but the view from the pass was the best and worth all five million switchbacks. Even saw pikas in the rocks close to the pass.

I like hiking at Ralph Stover. While the areas close to the vistas tend to be crowded, a short walk down one of the trails toward the creek will often provide some solitude. The trails here are poorly labeled but it's almost impossible to get lost.

Stopped here on my way home from a trip to Vermont/Western Mass. in February. There had been a quick warm up and it melted a bunch of snow, so the falls was raging. We had the place mostly to ourselves on a cold Sunday afternoon.

I did this hike on a grey, showery day in September and it was beautiful. Flow was good but not as high as I've seen in others pictures. If you can manage, the hike down to the bottom of North Falls is worth it and a great perspective.