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This is my favorite hike in Glacier National Park... Not only is swfitcurrent lake one of the most photogenic scenes in the park, but lake josephine and grinnel lake are uniquely beautiful too... the icebergs floating in grinnel lake are pretty tough to beat!

This little hike will give you all the best of northern arizona landscape in one spot!

The hike is closer to 1/2 mile, from the trailhead sign on the road to the outlook on top of Pulpit Rock. Definitely a must do if you're even close to Talladega National Forest!

Such an incredible and exotic area! I came away with some really great shots just from driving around the area and really had no idea what the place was called until I found this adventure write-up haha!

I did the upper loop trail around Taranaki and loved it! You're presented with epic views of the iconic mountain the entire way, and can see incredibly far in the distance once you're near the top. Be careful of the season, because it can still be very snowy on the upper trail even if it's hot at the base. The huts are fantastic and should definitely be made use of!

Explored this area during fall while the colors were popping and the wildlife was roaming! Excellent experience and there's even some really great camping spots nearby in the Teton National Forest.

If you have the time and the energy, definitely make this hike into a "loop" and go down to Lost Man Lake and reservoir. Independence lake is probably the best part of this hike, but the trail on the other side down to Lost Man trailhead is very beautiful and serene. If you decide to do the "loop" however, you'll need to set up a car at the other end or hitch hike since the Lost Man Lake trail ends 4 miles down the Independence Pass road from where the Independence lake trailhead starts.

This is the perfect little spot to explore if you're in Aspen and don't have the energy for a big hike. Accessible by car this ghost town shows a very cool historical side of Aspen. Plus, you have to drive up Independence Pass to get here and that road is probably one of the best in America!

I had just arrived at Glacier National Park, and decided to make this the first stop after a long day of driving.. The hike was short and fast but with stunning views of massive mountains the entire way. When I reached the overlook I couldn't believe my eyes! The sun was setting and the light was so magical dancing across the lake. Definitely a must do!

One of the best backyards to a campground I've ever had... Walk 2 minutes from your tent to the Bowman Lake shore and be amazed! I couldn't stop looking at this amazing view and took hundreds of sunrise, sunset, and blue sky photos.. Far enough away from the main parts of Glacier National Park that if you go here at the right time, you may have the entire lake to yourself!

This is a beauty of a hike, and close enough to Aspen to get there easily, but just far enough to keep some desolation. The lake itself is absolutely stunning and serene, so make sure to set aside a good amount of time to relax here. You can enjoy views of 14ers all around you and ponder at the funky looking rock formations that resemble... a cathedral! Definitely make your way up to electric pass for epic views if you have the chance.

By far the best time to view these majestical mountains is at sunrise! The glow on the Bells is spectacular, and then watch the entire valley slowly fill with light. Plus, there are far fewer tourists at this time ;)

Steep and short, the view at the top is absolutely amazing! If you're trying to get a good photo, head up here for the sunset over Aspen since you'll be facing west.

This peak can easily be done by intermediate hikers since the path is easy to follow with a gentle slope the majority of the way, and no free climbing or sketchy rock traversing. The view from top is absolutely stunning!



Hanging lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Colorado, but I feel like it can't be appreciated with all the crowds. Either do this hike in the fall, or early spring, and if you only have the chance during the summer, make sure you get a really early start. Having this place to yourself will be worth it.

You're right to point out that it is better to use the creek trail on the west side to avoid that sudden elevation loss... This is such a beautiful hike with the magnificent Capitol Peak in sight for the majority of the way. Take your time, but get an early start so you can grab one of the few camp spots with a view.