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Michael Johnston

Instagram: @michaeljamie Photographer from Springville, UT. Lover of kayaking, hiking, backpacking, camping, and mountain biking.

The Mirror Lake Highway contains so many adventures and it is definitely one I highly recommend!

This is right off the road by about 20 minutes. Avoid the weekends as it can get crowded, and the spring runoff can really affect the falls a great deal. Definitely recommend if you're in Payson Canyon!

Quick and easy hike to Battlecreek falls. This has been a favorite since I was young. The real treat lies in continuing past the falls and up into the beautiful green meadows farther up behind Mount Mahogany.

The hot springs were quite crowded when we went on the weekend. They were fairly warm, and you had to trek through mud to get there, but it was worth the drive. I'd recommend trying a weeknight and going out to see the stars!

A couple people said to simply "ignore the warning signs" and just go on up to the falls. This is NOT OKAY. A handful of people die at these waterfalls every summer. It is very tragic. You CAN go to the falls, just be wary that once you cross past those signs, there is a likely chance that you will be struck by a falling rock or boulder. Be wary of this if you choose to continue past the signs, be safe, and wear good shoes on the slick rocks.

I absolutely LOVE snowshoeing to Lake Blanche each winter. There's a lot of wildlife to be seen and the views of Sundial Peak are always breathtaking. Check out the cliffs to the east to see the mountain goats sunbathing in the winter. It's quite the treat!

Love this hike!