Michael Pierson

Relaxing and awesome for a group of friends

Decided to travel two hours east to check this place out. It’s been about a year ago now. 7 of us piled into a 5 seat SUV with a cooler full of water, sodas, and snacks. We had to ask a couple strangers about where to park and where to find the cliffs but luckily they were easy to find. Just look for the obvious gate and signs that just about scream at you “$500 fine” and “Don’t do this.” After about an hour of all of us trying to work up the courage to plummet to my shallow water death, I finally took the initiative and bounced off the cliff to set an example for my friends. Everyone bailed off next and had a great time except for Logan who walked away with scorched feet and the breath knocked out of him from landing face first from 30 Feet. 8/10 though. I enjoyed it a lot. He didn’t.