Micah Farley

Totally worth it

Tip: You can get great pics away from the crowds towards the middle of the park. Most of the crowds are towards the entrances to the park.


almost 5 years ago

View Is 'meh'

View is 'meh', but it is kind of cool to see where the Appalachian trail starts. Took me approx 1 hour to get to the top from the parking lot. Warning: getting to and from the parking lot can be difficult due to the crazy roads! Service isn't feat at the top, so when I was leaving my Google maps went haywire and I got lost for over 2 hours trying to leave. That in itself wasn't the worst though. Some of the roads around there are terrible for vehicles not designed for off-roading like my poor Honda Civic. Don't rely solely on your GPS if you have AT&T. Be aware of how you came in and follow that exact route on the way out! Overall, I would just go visit if you're itching to see where the AT starts.

Steps Galore

Cool spot, but get ready for step master for 45+ mns. I started from the very top of the falls and worked my way down the steps and that probably took at least 20mns. If you have the whole day and want an exercise, then it would be reasonable to start near the bottom. However, if you want to be efficient with your time then I would advise just starting at the top like I did and going down as far as you'd like to soak in the falls. Also, the lodge at the top of the mountain is a great spot to relax and enjoy the mountain view. It has a restaurant too if you'd like to eat there. Overall, cool place to check out!

Go To The Top

This is a strenuous climb, but if you make it to the top the view is totally worth it (I took a picture with a suit at the summit on Instagram if you want to see what the view is like = micahtotherescue). First off, make sure you find he official trail head. There will be clearly marked signs. I took Google Maps and just typed in Yonah Mountain and it took me to the other side of the mountain and I hiked for like 15 mns before realizing the mistake 😅 Secondly, this is not an easy hike. A good portion of it is purely uphill. It took me roughly about two hours to get to the top. To be fair, I was carrying a suit along with my other gear to the top though 😃 Thirdly, bring plenty of water and food. I barely had enough of both and ran out just before getting back to the bottom of he mountain. Fourthly, watch out for snakes. I saw a huge black snake along the trail that hissed at me! Lastly, if you make it to the top, make sure to spend enough time up there to absorb it all in. It's one of the best views I've seen in Georgia because Yonah is an isolated mountain and you can see for miles.


about 5 years ago

Scenic view if you're close

This spot gives a nice view of part of Chattanooga. It's a short, rocky walk from parking lot to overlook. We probably spent 20mns total and felt that was enough. I wouldn't advise visiting unless you're in the area. Also, I wish the view showed more of 'downtown' Chattanooga where the city-proper is located.

Fun spend the night

Overall, falls were awesome and camp site was good. Camping: we stayed in the mixed camp site area which had RVs and tents. Each site had table, fire pit, water and electricity access, and access to bathrooms with showers. Bathrooms had a lot of bugs but that's normal for these types of camp grounds. Unfortunately, we camped next to loud kids and they woke us up pretty early in the morning. If you go, try to request area away from others. Hiking and Falls: Falls look really amazing. However, if you want to get up close, it requires a lot of vigorous traversing. We also encountered a snake climbing to get close! I believe it's worth it though. Conclusion: highly suggest going if you want to get up close and personal with the falls. You could do most of the activities in a day. If you like camping or live far away, then camping is your ticket.

Hidden gem

Overall, very fun trip that captures a lot of the beauty of GA. Took a 2 day trip to camp and hike. Wouldn't suggest spending more than 2 days here. The road there crosses a small creek and my Honda Civic barely made it across after it swelled from a short rainfall. I believe there are two roads to get there though if you don't feel like risking crossing the river :) . There are camp grounds near the beginning of the trail, but if I had do to it over again, I would definitely suggest hiking about 20 mns to the camp grounds closer to the falls. The falls: Blue Hole Falls is pretty cool, but High Shoals Falls definitely overshadows the two. Takes about 1 - 2 hours to hike to see both falls. You will hit Blue Hole first and then High Shoals further down. It is a moderate hike and hiking poles helped me a lot! Conclusion: Definitely worth visiting, especially since there relatively unknown and therefore you don't have to contend with a huge crowd. Went on a Thur/Fri and saw only a handful of people. Also, you could totally make this a day-trip if you started off early.