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Mia Bee

An easy hike that takes about 40 minutes there and back to see the beautiful falls

I used to go to Forks of Credit every year with my family when we lived in Canada. It was a tradition to go at fall. I must say I think it's the most beautiful at that time because when you get to certain points of the trail, you get a great view of the sea of trees around and you can see the autumn colours. There are so many breathtaking sites as you hike along the trail. It is definitely an all day trip for there is a lot to see. The falls are certainly a must-see! I highly recommend visiting Forks of Credit if you are in the area or willing to make the drive up. It will not disappoint.(especially at fall!)

This park consists of a few short and easy trails around a big pond. There are many trees so it's shady all the way around! There is also an amphitheater where they have local musicians perform weekly. Very nice :)