6 YouTube Videos that will Spur Your Desire to Adventure

By: Merritt McKinney + Save to a List

Nothing makes me more restless to explore the world or pick up a new outdoor hobby than a well-made, adventurous YouTube Video.

I'm obsessed with YouTube. Every night before I go to bed, I check my subscriptions to see what's new from my favorite content creators. I follow a massive number of YouTubers across most genres, but my favorite videos always come from the adventurers. Their drive to go explore the world, bring heavy camera gear with them in order to get the best shots, then spend their nights editing just to do it all over again the next day is something I wish I could emulate. They work nonstop because they truly enjoy the outdoors and want to share their passion for adventure with those of us who have jobs, school, or other obstacles preventing us from continual travel. Every once in a while, I'll watch a video that affects me in a special way. These special videos stick with me for a long time and inspire me to take more trips, go on more adventures, seek out new places, and become a better videographer. Most likely you will not be able to book a trip to Greenland or go whip a double backflip on a mountain bike after watching these videos, but, it will get your brain moving in that general direction. So, if you're anything like me, sit down, grab a [healthy] snack, and be prepared to feel your jaw drop. Here are my favorite 6 adventure-themed YouTube videos that will inspire you to fulfill your sense of adventure. 

Sam Kolder - My Year 2016

Sam is a world-traveler who always keeps his camera by his side and is one of the most creative videographers I've ever seen. I was completely stunned by the visuals in this year-end recap.

Ben Brown - Arctic Visual Vibes

Ben Brown is a YouTube veteran. Ben used to create daily adventure vlogs, but now takes larger expeditions, like this one to the Arctic, to make more cinematic content.

Candide Thovex - One of Those Days 2

Candide Thovex is a professional skier who creates unreal ski edits with stunts that only he can think of. "One of Those Days" is his most popular series that currently contains three editions.

Danny MacAskill - Cascadia

Like Thovex, Danny MacAskill is a professional athlete. He often teams up with sponsors such as GoPro and Redbull to create some heart-stopping stunts in beautiful locations.

Philips - Darklight

This video is shamelessly sponsored, but I don't think anybody really cares after watching it. All I have to say is downhill mountain biking at night lit by flares and neon lights.

Sam Evans - The Beauty of Now

Sam Evans may be one of the hardest working, passionate adventure videographers on social media. Evans was recently in a serious accident and was forced to take time off. With new perspective, his first YouTube video back is straight inspiration.

If you think creating videos like this is easy, think again. I've been making videos similar to these my entire life and let me tell you first hand, the amount of work that goes into one video like this is unbelievable. It may look like all fun and play (which if you love it like I do, it is), but countless hours goes into preparation, shooting, and editing of these videos. So give these guys a follow for creating such epic content for our enjoyment and be sure to check out their other videos as well. If you'd like to binge watch all six of these videos, I have created a playlist.

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