Melissa Nooney

Lots Of Steps!

I traveled to Sri Lanka last March. This was one of my favorite memories. Start hiking up at around 10pm/11pm! I got there at around 4:30am, just prior to sunrise and it was so beautiful. Pay your respects to Buddha while up top, and ring the gong. Lots and lots and lots of steps... so be prepared.

Beautiful Hike

This hike was relatively easy and the reward is insane. The most beautiful waterfalls I've seen in a long time!

Perfect Hike!

This hike was so amazing! Crossing the creek was fairly easy (March). I went through the creek however there were numerous rocks and boulders for people to cross over. The views are impeccable. I recommend this to everyone! Do it!

Great Hike!

This hike is not for the inexperienced, but the views are incredibly worth it. I went in February, so traffic was lite. Lots of switchbacks and elevation. Bring lots of water and pace yourself! Enjoy!