Meagan Tool

about 4 years ago

Beautiful Falls

This fall is actually my profile picture on here. It was an easy hike once getting over the log jam which is somewhat slippery but everyone helps everyone it seemed like to me. The falls was absolutely beautiful and the gorge as well. There was even a spot to the left of the falls that you could jump off of if you wanted to and it wasn't shallow(I went in mid-late July). Overall I would definitely recommend this hike to all ages and all hiking levels!

Must Do!!

I've rafted down the John Day River many times before but last year was my first time on the Rogue. It was VERY beautiful with many many picture opportunities if that's what you like to do. There was tons of historic points along on the river that were fun to learn about also. Although I only did it once, rock climbing was a blast and many people in our group did it on many different points. In our group we had two people who also went along on two kayaks if that's something that would interest you. As there are many higher class rapids, I would recommend experience when it comes to rowing. My grandfather who had never been on the Rogue but has rowed for years and even been a guide had a hard time getting through one or two of the rapids so experience would definitely be important. Overall the Rogue is a beautiful, fun, and relaxing trip that I would definitely go again and recommend!