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Matt Klemsz

Wannabe professional wanderer attempting to capture the beauty of the outdoors.

With this trailhead becoming more popular the limited amount of parking fills up quickly each morning, so the sooner you arrive the better, or you have to extend your trek to Skibowl. Hiking early also grants you with crisp views before the heat of the day causes a haze to occur. There's a great viewpoint at the top just a stone throw east of the true summit where you can see Mirror Lake before the face of Hood. Always a great hike!

As this trail becomes more and more popular you would expect to see more people on the trail as well, however once you begin the hike you are secluded enough to make it feel as though you are the only one hiking. The rock outcroppings prove to be great places to stop and eat a snack or get a view of the volcanoes as you make your way towards the top of Silver Star. Wildflowers are in full bloom and show no signs of stopping!

We started hiking just after noon in order to capture the best lighting on the face of the mountain. We were not disappointed! The abundance of wildflowers right now adds just another reason to make the drive to this trailhead.

This time of year has been perfect in order to capture a perfect reflection of Hood upon the lake. Even better, the cool night temps bring a soft layer of fog, bringing in a unique dimension to a commonly photographed location.

I've been to this spot many times and each one is more amazing than the last. It's truly one of the most surreal waterfalls around. I was saddened though as my last attempt to go was blocked by a police officer who was pounding private property and no trespassing signs into the ground by where you park. Not sure if it's a permanent thing, but hoping it won't be.