Matt Costa

Great Beginner Trip

This was the first trail I packed at age 12. I have packed it five times since and it never disappoints. The trail is easy to follow, there are several available options if you want to venture off to another lake, and the camping at Vernon is priceless.

It Was Tough, But Awesome!

We hiked “backwards”, from White a Wolf to Tuolumne Meadows in September 2017. The hike down to Pate Valley was tough on the knees and devoid of water until you hit the river at the bottom. Bridges were washed out from the heavy winter that year. The climb up and out of the valley had some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever experienced. Waterfall after waterfall after waterfall... absolutely wonderful. 31 miles in total and my feet felt them all. It can be done in three days, but I recommend four or five to enjoy the scenery.