Scramble Thompson Peak

This adventure begins at the Canyon Creek Lakes in the Trinity Alps wilderness. Park at the Canyon Creek Trailhead near Junction City and hike the well-maintained and easy-to-follow trail for 8 miles.

45 Saves

Backpack to Garnet Lake

Although this trip specifically describes how to get to Garnet Lake, there are several other pristine alpine lakes (Shadow Lake and Thousand Islands Lake) along this looped trail, only a few short mi.

180 Saves

Hike the Canyon Rim Route in Butano State Park

Located deep within the Santa Cruz Mountains, Butano State Park boasts a large redwood canyon with many miles of hiking trails as well as campsites.

202 Saves

Camp at Trillium Lake

The reflection of Mt. Hood on the lake makes this trip definitely worth the visit. Try to arrive during the day so you can watch the sunset.

497 Saves

Photograph Moraine Lake

Showing up at Moraine Lake before dawn is a must as to avoid the multitude of tours busses. The morning sun is subtle and magical.

594 Saves

Camp at Upper Siffleur Falls

The trail begins at the Siffleur Falls staging area, off the David Thompson Hwy (11) 210km west of Rocky Mountain House. The trail consists of an upper, middle, and lower falls.

188 Saves

Hike the Plain of Six Glaciers

Starting from the parking lot on the east end of Lake Louise, there are a few options you can take to get to the Plain of Six Glaciers.

561 Saves

Hike to Bow Glacier Falls

The trailhead begins directly behind the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge on km 37 of the Icefields Highway. The trail is well marked and winds along the shore of Bow Lake for the first 1.2km of the hike.

267 Saves

Hike the Emerald Lake Circuit

Emerald Lake is without a doubt one of the most beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies and is the jewel (see what I did there...) of Yoho National Park.

183 Saves

Hike to Big Beehive

The hike to Big Beehive begins at the base of Lake Louise. From the parking lot, hike along the paved trail on the northeastern shore of Lake Louise.

228 Saves

Hike to the Lake Agnes Teahouse

Towering peaks, glaciated valleys and crystal clear water draws thousands of visitors a year to the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park.

347 Saves

Hike to Healy Pass

Head up to Healy Pass in late September or early October to check out the beautiful larch trees in their golden glory.

65 Saves

Hike the Cory & Edith Pass Trail

Going west from Banff, take the first exit for Highway 1A (Bow Valley Parkway). Take the first right up to the fireside picnic area and begin your hike here.

74 Saves

Hike to the Opabin Prospect

Located in Yoho National Park, Lake O'Hara is said to be the crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies (rightly so!).

130 Saves

Hike to Hidden Lake Lookout

Be careful when heading up this 4.5 mile trail since there can be snow coverage into the summer. When you start the trail, you'll get a little tree coverage as you start climbing up.

1011 Saves

Hike Helitrope Ridge

Starting at the marked Heliotrope Ridge parking lot of FS Road 39, just 8 miles out of the quaint town of Glacier, Washington, you begin your ascent to the glacier viewpoint.

266 Saves

Hike Kendall Peak

Kendall Peak is an easily accessible summit hike just off of Exit 52 of I-90 that offers spectacular 360-degree views of the entire Snoqualmie range.

60 Saves

Camp Along the Shore at Sparks Lake

Just a quick 26-mile drive from Bend you'll find Sparks Lake, where shallow water, amazing lakeside camping grounds, and the possibility of catching a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis make for some of .

431 Saves

Backpack to Bays Lake

Starting at the Whitewater Trailhead, the path begins in a gorgeous old growth Douglas Fir forest. The first 1.

248 Saves

Backpacking to Russell Lake

This hike begins 7.5 miles down Whitewater Road at the Whitewater Trailhead, about 10 miles east of Detroit Lake. The road is bumpy, but can be navigated at slow speeds, even without four-wheel drive.

741 Saves

Explore Athabasca Falls

Athabasca Falls is not the biggest waterfall in the area but it is one of the most powerful when it's at a full flow and attracts many visitors in the peak visiting months (late spring - early fall).

418 Saves

Explore Cavell Lake In Jasper National Park

The hike down to the lake is relatively short, less than .5km each way.

214 Saves

Swim at Jasper National Park's Horseshoe Lake

Best explored on a sunny summer day, this horseshoe shaped lake has crystal clear water that is green turquoise in colour and is surrounded by cliffs.

384 Saves

Hike the Valley of the Five Lakes

Getting There: The beginning of the trailhead is super easy to find, with the parking lot for the hike located directly on the Icefields Parkway.

53 Saves