Marybeth Isley

Short Easy Hike

This short easy hike is exactly as described. There is a neat little nook you can hike up to at the height of the falls that is perfect for a small picnic!


This hike is mainly on a dirt road. We only saw two other people (both in trucks passing us) and no cattle. We took our dogs and they had a great time roaming. The views from the ridge line were pretty great, down into the town of Clyde and across the valley. As stated above, the wind is pretty mighty up there (60 degree day and I had to put on a sweatshirt when we sat down for a snack). We are just dusting off our hiking shoes after the winter and found the "intermediate" rating to be pretty truthful, the uphill hike is strenuous, but not undoable! One tip, it is exit 106 not 108. But we had no problem finding it!

Neat Place

A neat little area to explore. There is a lot of grass and we took the dogs with us to run around too. The drive down to the valley has a neat overlook to check out too, so look for that!