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Marli Hughes

The hike down can be a bit slippery especially if it’s raining and you have to swim a tiny bit to get to the cave, but definitely worth seeing. However if your aim is to see the turtles you have to go at night. I went around 10 pm and there were at least 6-7 turtles there sleeping. Bring a headlight but try your best to not disturb them as they are protected endangered animals.

Cliff jumping into the ocean is so ideal here

Hiked it in the summer so the vegetation was pretty dry and dead, beautiful height and view of Anacapa and the ocean. The beach on the other side is pretty but all rocky and the waves makes snorkel visibility difficult.

There are at least 3-5 cool sea caves to check out with crystal clear visibility in the water. Just try to go when the wind is calm because it’s hard to fight the wind. Go to the left of the dock first so you don’t have to fight the wind and waves coming back

This was such a nice little get away, easy walking distance from the ferry dock but still quiet and feels remote. The campgrounds have a ton of the cutest foxes who will get pretty close to you but also will try to swipe your food, which is also adorable. Beautiful views from the cliff hikes and the best snorkeling I’ve seen in California. Went during the dry season so the hike to the other side of the island was pretty barren and hot but still nice.